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(edit) @20147   7 years nico [package] kernel: fix kmod-pcmcia-yenta on 2.4
(edit) @20052   7 years juhosg package: add module for the RB750 LED driver
(edit) @19879   7 years nbd mark relevant kmod-* packages as being required for rootfs mounting (patch …
(edit) @19665   8 years nbd kernel: add a package for block2mtd
(edit) @19497   8 years kaloz add kernel packages for the ixp4xx-beeper and appletalk -- closes #6618
(edit) @19292   8 years nbd remove obsolete dependencies and checks
(edit) @19057   8 years nico [package] kernel: remove even more calls to CompareKernelPatchVer
(edit) @18995   8 years florian [package] enable hso on ar71xx (#6432)
(edit) @18972   8 years florian [package] fix bluetooth and ide breakage after r18955 (#6422)
(edit) @18957   8 years florian [package] fix wrong paths after r18955.
(edit) @18955   8 years kaloz remove handling of older unsupported kernels
(edit) @18767   8 years jow [package] kernel: fix typo that prevents autoloading of the rdc321x_wdt …
(edit) @18759   8 years juhosg modules: package the leds-wndr3700-usb driver
(edit) @18634   8 years florian [package] CONFIG_RFKILL_INPUT is a boolean
(edit) @18319   8 years nbd oops, forgot the autoload
(edit) @18318   8 years nbd fix kmod-leds-alix (#6079, #6105)
(edit) @18298   8 years florian [rdc] make rdc321-wdt become a package, saves some space in the kernel
(edit) @18213   8 years blogic fixes bluetooth dependency, thx sn9
(edit) @18196   8 years blogic fixes DEPENDS of SSB module, thx sn9
(edit) @17927   8 years florian [package] add kmod-input-rb532, driver for the rb532 user button
(edit) @17752   8 years hauke small fixes mostly for kernel 2.6.31 - libsas needs symbols from …
(edit) @16935   8 years acinonyx [package] pcmcia-core: Fix missing rsrc_nonstatic module (closes #5380)
(edit) @16716   8 years juhosg Add the gpio_keys input module to menuconfig Signed-off-by: Ferenc Wagner …
(edit) @16471   8 years kaloz rfkill config cleanup
(edit) @16323   8 years juhosg [package] kernel/modules: move SPI drivers into a new submenu
(edit) @16024   8 years hauke [pcmcia] yenta is build in an other package.
(edit) @16023   8 years hauke [ssb] Remove pcmcia support from ssb.
(edit) @15837   8 years kaloz RTCs shouldn't be modules, ever..
(edit) @15786   8 years hauke [kernel] hci_usb.ko is not availably in kernel newer than 2.6.27.
(edit) @15784   8 years hauke [ssb] Add support for pcmcia to ssb. b43 will build now with pcmcia …
(edit) @15783   8 years hauke [kernel] Conditionals are not supported in Kconfig.
(edit) @15684   8 years jow Add support for pc speaker PC speaker could be very useful on platforms …
(edit) @15657   8 years florian [kernel] add missing backslash, thanks juhosg
(edit) @15648   8 years florian [kernel] add missing rtc-lib module to rtc-core
(edit) @15647   8 years florian [package] package the rtc-core and rtc-m48t86 driver
(edit) @15540   8 years hauke [kernel] The location of eeprom_93cx6.ko has chanced.
(edit) @15449   8 years nico [package] kernel: add missing kconfig symbol related to SSB
(edit) @15425   8 years nico [package] kernel: disable kmod-rfkill on UML
(edit) @15355   8 years nbd kmod-bluetooth includes hidp, which needs input-core. add the missing …
(edit) @15336   8 years hcg [kmod bluetooth] hci_usb.c has been replaced with btusb.c in 2.6.29 - …
(edit) @15295   8 years hcg [kernel modules] add joystick device support
(edit) @15294   8 years hcg [kernel package other] correct typos in titles of event device and HID …
(edit) @15293   8 years hcg [kernel package bluetooth] add hidp support
(edit) @15242   8 years nbd get rid of $Id$ - it has never helped us and it has broken too many …
(edit) @15197   8 years hauke [ssb] The ssb module in also integrated into the kernel on brcm63xx …
(edit) @14794   8 years florian [brcm63xx] package the bcm63xx-spi driver
(edit) @14780   8 years hauke [kernel] extract the rfkill module to an extra package, only build rfkill …
(edit) @14778   8 years hauke [kernel] add textsearch, NF_CONNTRACK_AMANDA and NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_STRING …
(edit) @14751   8 years hauke [kernel] Some symbols were missing or wrong. Tested with x86.
(edit) @14548   9 years mb Add CRC16 kernel module
(edit) @14465   9 years mb Port SPI-GPIO driver from 2.6.29-rc4
(edit) @14464   9 years mb Deprecate the old SPI-GPIO driver.
(edit) @14419   9 years florian [package] kmod-ssb should not be visible on 2.4 kernels
(edit) @14257   9 years agb [package] kernel: fix leds-wrap dependencies
(edit) @14255   9 years agb [package] kernel: fix leds-net48xx and scx200-gpio dependencies, closes …
(edit) @14125   9 years rwhitby select kmod-usb-core, required for hci-usb
(edit) @13933   9 years agb [package] kernel: build cs5535-gpio on olpc also
(edit) @13920   9 years agb [package] kernel: added GPIO driver for CS5535/CS5536 companion chip. …
(edit) @13565   9 years thepeople fix pcmcia build
(edit) @13500   9 years florian Finally fix the CONFIG_SSB_SILENT symbol
(edit) @13428   9 years florian [PATCH] Corrected SSB Config Signed-off-by: Hauke Mehrtens …
(edit) @13411   9 years jow split Soekris profile into 45xx and 48xx, add kernel package for required …
(edit) @13365   9 years florian ssb module config symbols fixup
(edit) @13301   9 years florian Package ssb glue code out of the kernel, and make b43 be built for …
(edit) @13281   9 years juhosg [package] kernel/modules: move ixp4xx hardware crypto module package into …
(edit) @13214   9 years florian Split out pcmcia core support from the socket drivers
(edit) @13212   9 years florian Package bcm63xx-pcmcia kernel module and fix compilation
(edit) @13115   9 years nbd split out crc-ccitt
(edit) @12598   9 years juhosg [adm5120] remove 2.6.25 specific stuff
(edit) @12458   9 years nico Fix AT91 MMC host controller path on 2.6.25
(edit) @12239   9 years juhosg [adm5120] add 2.6.26 specific files
(edit) @12133   9 years juhosg [kernel] modules/gpio_dev: move to drivers/char/ on older kernels as well, …
(edit) @12001   9 years blogic fixes ipkg dependency bug for spi modules, #3272
(edit) @11777   9 years kaloz generate package for the new IXP4xx crpyto driver
(edit) @11272   9 years nico remove hacks to disable modules on some targets now that we do have proper …
(edit) @11192   9 years matteo avr32: add watchdog driver
(edit) @11150   9 years rwhitby modules/ Enable bluetooth for atheros
(edit) @11115   9 years nico add a macro to compare kernel patch versions and use it for crypto and …
(edit) @10980   9 years juhosg [package] kernel/modules: make use the new GPIO_SUPPORT option
(edit) @10894   9 years nbd add missing kmod-hid module (thx, fish)
(edit) @10844   9 years juhosg [package] move spi_gpio driver into the kernel, clean-up SPI modules
(edit) @10798   9 years nico add missing MMC config symbol
(edit) @10766   9 years juhosg [kernel] add a polled GPIO buttons input driver
(edit) @10684   9 years thepeople fix wrong description name
(edit) @10683   9 years thepeople add sdcard support for avr32 platforms
(edit) @10675   9 years florian Create the kmod-spi package and load mmc_over_gpio after spi (#3273)
(edit) @10672   9 years florian Fix the watchdog path for the SCX200 watchdog driver Signed-off-by: …
(edit) @10637   9 years mb linux-2.6: Add a driver to run an MMC or SD card over a GPIO based SPI …
(edit) @10567   9 years blogic add new led trigger for network traffic, fixes #2776
(edit) @10403   10 years nico add a workaround for watchdog path changes
(edit) @10154   10 years juhosg [package] pcmcia-core: fix a typo
(edit) @9748   10 years nbd LED driver for PCEngines ALIX boards This patch adds a driver for the …
(edit) @9363   10 years juhosg make morse LED trigger available as a package, and fix it to compile with …
(edit) @9362   10 years juhosg [adm5120] add LEDs trigger for switch port states, thanks to Bernhard Held …
(edit) @9262   10 years juhosg [packages] add a kernel module for GPIO LEDs
(edit) @9219   10 years juhosg [adm5120] build leds-adm5120 as a module
(edit) @8983   10 years nico move hardware monitoring support in a separate (before adding …
(edit) @8980   10 years nico move crypto support to a seperate file, split modules into …
(edit) @8869   10 years nico disable another module on UML
(edit) @8865   10 years nico move kernel sound support in its own file from to, …
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