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(edit) @20590   7 years hauke kernel: fix dependencies for x86 target kmod-hid and kmod-input-core are …
(edit) @20347   7 years hauke kernel: these modules are already loaded by the scsi-core package
(edit) @20346   7 years hauke kernel: x86 remove dependency on ata-core and scsi-core The x86 image …
(edit) @20323   7 years florian [package] add more usb-storage modules (#6067)
(edit) @20214   7 years thepeople fix missing nls support for 2.6.33
(edit) @19918   7 years florian [package] fix kmod-nls-base dependency with usb-core (#6753)
(edit) @19879   7 years nbd mark relevant kmod-* packages as being required for rootfs mounting (patch …
(edit) @19725   8 years jow [package] kernel: rename cp2101 driver to cp210x, has changed upstream …
(edit) @19386   8 years hauke [kernel] Fix KernelPackage/usb-net-rndis dependencies Fix bug #6589
(edit) @19347   8 years juhosg package: kmod-usb-core depends on kmod-nls-base on 2.6.32
(edit) @19292   8 years nbd remove obsolete dependencies and checks
(edit) @19271   8 years nico [package] kernel: specify kmod packages dependencies in a uniform way
(edit) @18955   8 years kaloz remove handling of older unsupported kernels
(edit) @18788   8 years florian [package] let usb-video load after video-core (#6214)
(edit) @18041   8 years acinonyx [package] usb-core: Add dependency to nls-base (#5973)
(edit) @18006   8 years florian [octeon] add support for the dwc_otg USB controller
(edit) @17898   8 years agb [kernel] modules/usb: fix usb-etrax dependencies
(edit) @17818   8 years claudio [etrax] Export USB host driver as kernel package
(edit) @17133   8 years florian [package] add usb-net-dm9601-ether, thanks groz
(edit) @17132   8 years florian [package] add usb-serial-motorola-phone, thanks groz
(edit) @16990   8 years florian [package] add support for mcs-7830 usb ethernet adapter (#3977)
(edit) @15807   8 years hauke [brcm47xx] Activate CONFIG_USB_EHCI_HCD_SSB and CONFIG_USB_OHCI_HCD_SSB …
(edit) @15695   8 years juhosg [package] kernel/modules: add ar71xx specific KCONFIG options for the …
(edit) @15289   8 years jow [PATCH] add config option for RNDIS Adds the kernel config option for …
(edit) @15258   8 years jow [PATCH] Add support for CM109 USB VoIP phone this patch adds support for …
(edit) @15242   8 years nbd get rid of $Id$ - it has never helped us and it has broken too many …
(edit) @14780   8 years hauke [kernel] extract the rfkill module to an extra package, only build rfkill …
(edit) @14721   8 years hauke [kernel] add missing symbols
(edit) @13765   9 years agb [package] kernel/modules/ hso works on 2.6.26 and later
(edit) @13151   9 years noz Change order of module startup to force USB2 before USB1.1
(edit) @12994   9 years thepeople add phidget kernel module from #4116
(edit) @12074   9 years agb [kernel] Fix broken hso kmod definition
(edit) @12069   9 years agb [kernel] net/usb: only package hso for 2.6.26
(edit) @12067   9 years thepeople try to clean up some kernel configs
(edit) @11953   9 years agb [kernel] usb-serial: Fix swapped dependencies for belkin and ch341
(edit) @11938   9 years kaloz add backported HSO driver
(edit) @11914   9 years agb [kernel] usb-serial: Add ch341 driver for 2.6.24 and later kernels. Closes …
(edit) @11898   9 years thepeople This series of patches closes the support gap on one of the explicitly …
(edit) @11549   9 years florian Add support for Connexant USB ADSL modemds (#3553)
(edit) @11307   9 years florian Fix ATM usb device selection (#3429)
(edit) @11167   9 years florian Add support for OTI6858 and ARK3116 usb serial converters (#3442)
(edit) @10894   9 years nbd add missing kmod-hid module (thx, fish)
(edit) @10719   9 years florian Make sure we will build USB hid support
(edit) @10548   9 years juhosg [package] kernel/modules/usb: add support for the cp2101 USB to serial …
(edit) @9615   10 years florian Fix AutoLoad macro typos (#2765)
(edit) @9572   10 years juhosg [packages] kernel: add a kernel module for the usbtest driver
(edit) @9047   10 years rwhitby modules/ Fixed the module autoload name for cdc_ether, and removed …
(edit) @8912   10 years nico add a kernel module for usb video devices
(edit) @8866   10 years nico oops, forgot a file in [8865]
(edit) @8833   10 years rwhitby Added support for generating the cdc-ether kernel module (used to …
(edit) @8809   10 years nico usb-atm fixes: * change dependency for usb-atm modules from kmod-atm to …
(edit) @8808   10 years nico cosmetic changes: rename submenu vars, add missing copyright headers
(edit) @8806   10 years nico various changes for kernel video support: * move kernel video related …
(edit) @8805   10 years nico change dependency on kmod-atm from depends to select for usb atm modules
(edit) @8748   10 years nico fix target names in DEPENDS (closes: #2341)
(edit) @8722   10 years nico oops, 2 typos missed from [8721]
(edit) @8721   10 years nico fix KCONFIG in packages: move back all KCONFIG from package variants to …
(edit) @8659   10 years nico move package description to a separate definition, remove it when …
(edit) @8591   10 years nico require all CONFIG_* symbols listed in its KCONFIG to be set to m in order …
(edit) @8520   10 years nico cosmetic fixes: rearrange KernelPackage definitions
(edit) @8519   10 years nico remove useless definitions
(edit) @8450   10 years florian Add usb-keyspan modules (#2229)
(edit) @8317   10 years florian Add a zyxel prestige profile for the adm5120eb target, build the hcd …
(edit) @8300   10 years florian Fix the option kernel driver dependency
(edit) @8115   10 years nbd more dependency fixes
(edit) @8094   10 years rwhitby package/kernel: Fixed typo error in usbnet dependencies which causes all …
(edit) @8089   10 years nbd fix yealink kmod compile
(edit) @8088   10 years nbd fix kmod-pwc compile
(edit) @8027   10 years nbd fix a kconfig usage bug
(edit) @8026   10 years nbd dynamically enable/disable kernel config options for kmod packages based …
(edit) @7789   10 years nbd cleanup
(edit) @7788   10 years nbd fix the path to the yealink module (#1944)
(edit) @7700   10 years nbd kernel version specific fixups for kmod packages
(edit) @7630   10 years florian Add support for Option HSDPA modems (#1890)
(edit) @7603   10 years florian Fix the pwc module path (#1885)
(edit) @7575   10 years florian Add a cellvision profile for ADM5120 IP based cameras, build several …
(edit) @7551   10 years nico rationalize (and fix) dependencies for usb modules
(edit) @7516   10 years kaloz fix last change - some pats are 2.6.22 specific, and we aren't there yet
(edit) @7507   10 years nbd upgrade a few packages to newer versions (includes patch by kaloz) - …
(edit) @7450   10 years florian Use the in-kernel pwc driver, no need to maintain it externally
(edit) @7438   10 years florian remove ueagle-atm and use the in-kernel driver, split up usb-atm
(edit) @7406   10 years rwhitby Added kernel module definitions for Kaweth and Pegasus usb ethernet …
(edit) @7378   10 years nbd fix kmod-usb-hid package build
(edit) @7360   10 years florian Add support for USB HID (#1322)
(edit) @7359   10 years florian Add yealink usb phone kernel packages
(edit) @7086   10 years florian Add support for Sierra Wireless (#1620)
(edit) @7076   10 years mbm various patches to add support for ppp over evdo or character devices
(edit) @6998   10 years nbd Improved autorebuild for kernel related stuff. - make modules_install in …
(edit) @6955   10 years florian Build usbnet modules for brcm targets (#1481)
(edit) @6869   10 years nbd add missing modules for usb sound support on 2.6 (#1535)
(edit) @6812   10 years florian Add usbnet and asix ethernet based adapters support (#1481)
(edit) @6732   10 years nbd add dependency info for linux 2.4 specific kmod package (related to #1521)
(edit) @6535   10 years pavlov split out scsi module support and add ata piix support
(edit) @6501   10 years pavlov same propset here as changeset:6500
(edit) @6364   10 years nbd fix path to usb audio module
(edit) @6363   10 years nbd fix KCONFIG for usb-audio package (#1335)
(edit) @5913   11 years florian Add Intel/VIA usb-uhci support (#1098)
(edit) @5905   11 years florian Remove usb-controller dependency (#1007)
(edit) @5532   11 years florian Use Luc Saillard's pwc driver for linux 2.6 only (#522)
(edit) @5222   11 years nbd finally kill KMOD_template - removes a big chunk of legacy build code
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