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(edit) @20556   7 years nbd linux-atm: add the kernel include dir to the cflags and move the build dir …
(edit) @20555   7 years nbd linux-atm: clean up package installation into staging
(edit) @20387   8 years nico [package] linux-atm: fix compilation of 'qgen' host tool
(edit) @20233   8 years thepeople actually fix linux-atm
(edit) @20225   8 years thepeople fixup linux-atm package after the broken patch earlier
(edit) @20216   8 years thepeople [package] linux-atm: Update to stable version 2.5.1 from upstream project …
(edit) @19786   8 years lars linux-atm: Add libtool fixup
(edit) @19780   8 years hauke [linux-atm] make linux-atm depend on its kernel modul atm.ko This …
(edit) @15245   8 years nico remove 'svn:keywords' property, not needed anymore after [15242]
(edit) @15242   8 years nbd get rid of $Id$ - it has never helped us and it has broken too many …
(edit) @9906   10 years nbd remove uninstalldev templates (no longer necessary)
(edit) @9694   10 years nbd Use $(CP) instead of $(INSTALL_BIN) for binaries. Signed-off-by: Andy …
(edit) @9365   10 years nbd re-libtoolize linux-atm to fix random libname breakage
(edit) @9052   10 years nbd add $(STAGING_DIR) as argument to the InstallDev template and update …
(edit) @8968   10 years nbd only build linux-atm if it's actually selected
(edit) @8943   10 years nico remove uneeded flags, fix shared lib install
(edit) @8782   10 years florian Add support for IP over ATM
(edit) @8658   10 years nico remove automake prereq not needed anymore since [7011], use a separate …
(edit) @7011   10 years nbd upgrade to new version of br2684ctl
(edit) @6582   11 years nbd add file type autodetection for the unpack command and nuke PKG_CAT:= in …
(edit) @6580   11 years nbd add a default for PKG_BUILD_DIR and PKG_INSTALL_DIR (will use …
(edit) @6501   11 years pavlov same propset here as changeset:6500
(edit) @6154   11 years nbd pass the CFLAGS through the environment on compile and fix a few packages
(edit) @5624   11 years nbd replace lots of manual install commands with INSTALL_* variables
(edit) @5516   11 years florian Change automake-1.4 to automake (#952)
(edit) @5447   11 years florian Add automake-1.4 host tool dependency to linux-atm (#910)
(copy) @5059   11 years nbd finally move buildroot-ng to trunk
copied from branches/buildroot-ng/openwrt/package/linux-atm/Makefile:
(edit) @4855   11 years nico new (last?) attempt at standardizing Makefiles
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