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(edit) @13117   9 years nbd add rt2860 firmware
(edit) @13116   9 years nbd add rt2800 (probably still defunct)
(edit) @13114   9 years nbd upgrade compat-wireless to 2008-11-03
(edit) @13065   9 years juhosg [packages] mac80211: fix zd1211rw firmware location
(edit) @12996   9 years juhosg [package] mac80211: fix zd1211rw build error
(edit) @12939   9 years nbd update to latest compat-wireless version and add some new minstrel/b43 …
(edit) @12865   9 years nbd add the new compat-wireless for 2.6.27 + multi-rate retry and minstrel …
(edit) @12589   9 years thepeople fix depends, from sn9
(edit) @12397   9 years florian This patch enables the new ath5k driver. Works for me with X86 Alix board …
(edit) @12299   9 years florian Allow mac80211 drivers to work in master mode
(edit) @12147   9 years nbd mark mac80211 as broken on avr32
(edit) @11975   9 years blogic fixes download path for mac80211
(edit) @11883   9 years nbd update compat-wireless to a newer version, but leave it at the old version …
(edit) @11787   9 years blogic fixes zd1211rw compile and cleans up mac80211 Makefile
(edit) @11462   9 years noz Remove ssb headers from mac80211 to avoid conflict with in-kernel ones
(edit) @11357   9 years noz Update mac80211 to compat-wireless-2008-05-26
(edit) @11272   9 years nico remove hacks to disable modules on some targets now that we do have proper …
(edit) @10951   9 years florian Use the locally mirrored compat-wireless tarblall (#3377)
(edit) @10839   9 years nico explicitely disable a bunch of package on ar7 until we properly detect pci …
(edit) @10815   9 years nico mac80211 / compat-wireless fixes: * build in KERNEL_BUILD_DIR * only …
(edit) @10775   9 years florian Disable drivers that we do not package within the mac80211 package …
(edit) @10769   9 years nbd fix a dependency bug
(edit) @10755   9 years florian Use the 2008-04-07 snapshot, also mirrored to
(edit) @10753   9 years florian Migrate rt2x00 to the compat-wireless version
(edit) @10742   9 years florian Switch to compat-wireless
(edit) @10466   10 years mb Upgrade b43 and mac80211. This also temporarly disables hostapd support …
(edit) @9906   10 years nbd remove uninstalldev templates (no longer necessary)
(edit) @9578   10 years nbd prevent mac80211 from accidentally starting to build on older kernel …
(edit) @9554   10 years nbd fix up hostapd for mac80211
(edit) @9535   10 years nbd add b43 fixes from #2677
(edit) @9522   10 years nbd clean up mac80211 related kernel version deps
(edit) @9391   10 years nbd fix mac80211 compile
(edit) @9389   10 years nbd fix more downloading crap
(edit) @9296   10 years nbd fix nl80211
(edit) @9294   10 years nbd don't build mac80211 if the kernel version does not match
(edit) @9292   10 years nbd fix include, reduce verbosity
(edit) @9290   10 years nbd add updated mac80211 - this no longer relies on patching includes in the …
(edit) @9145   10 years ejka add minimal uci support
(edit) @9052   10 years nbd add $(STAGING_DIR) as argument to the InstallDev template and update …
(edit) @8980   10 years nico move crypto support to a seperate file, split modules into …
(edit) @8659   10 years nico move package description to a separate definition, remove it when …
(edit) @8589   10 years nico another cleanup missed from [8587]
(edit) @8575   10 years nico use a default VERSION field for kmod packages
(edit) @8502   10 years nico package/mac80211 fixes: * mark 2.6 only * only build if in-kernel …
(edit) @8369   10 years florian Fix the mac80211 installation, remove the in-kernel mac80211 package, …
(edit) @8138   10 years nbd fix mac80211 build for platforms that have led support disabled
(edit) @8126   10 years florian Make mac80211 compile even if CONFIG_LEDS_TRIGGERS is not defined in the …
(edit) @7719   10 years nbd remove bogus dependency, fix a few cosmetic bugs
(edit) @7701   10 years nbd do not attempt to compile mac80211 on 2.6.21
(edit) @7696   10 years nbd fix mac80211 build
(add) @7692   10 years noz New: mac80211 stack from the wireless-dev tree
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