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(edit) @7929   10 years nbd sync with latest madwifi snapshot, refresh patches, add tpc fix by …
(edit) @7866   10 years nbd another madwifi update
(edit) @7864   10 years nbd update to the latest madwifi snapshot
(edit) @7440   10 years nbd madwifi update: include upstream fixes for ff handling, disable ff by …
(edit) @7425   10 years nbd clean up madwifi and sync with trunk
(edit) @7341   10 years nbd update madwifi to latest trunk - performance enhancements
(edit) @7309   10 years nbd update madwifi to latest trunk (refcount and hal- got merged) and …
(edit) @7300   10 years nbd madwifi: switch to latest madwifi-hal- snapshot as reference …
(edit) @7218   10 years nbd madwifi: remove V=1 (was only added for debugging)
(edit) @7211   10 years nbd huge madwifi update - use a madwifi-ng-refcount snapshot as base, includes …
(edit) @6582   11 years nbd add file type autodetection for the unpack command and nuke PKG_CAT:= in …
(edit) @6580   11 years nbd add a default for PKG_BUILD_DIR and PKG_INSTALL_DIR (will use …
(edit) @6557   11 years kaloz add preliminary IOP32x support, mark it broken for now
(edit) @6501   11 years pavlov same propset here as changeset:6500
(edit) @6329   11 years kaloz disable debugging stuff in madwifi - saves precious flash space :)
(edit) @6260   11 years nbd fix madwifi compile for atheros 2.6
(edit) @5889   11 years nbd nuke old madwifi init script, add new /lib/wifi handler (usable for many …
(edit) @5809   11 years nico use INSTALL_DIR variable
(edit) @5804   11 years nbd add SoC support to madwifi
(edit) @5796   11 years kaloz remove the ar531x-2.4 target, a 2.6 port will be added soon
(edit) @5720   11 years nbd update madwifi (security issues: CVE-2006-6332)
(edit) @5624   11 years nbd replace lots of manual install commands with INSTALL_* variables
(edit) @5512   11 years nbd implement target profiles in menuconfig
(edit) @5314   11 years nico use target optimization flags for madwifi tools
(edit) @5196   11 years nbd put madwifi in the right category
(edit) @5189   11 years nbd make kernel module packaging code reusable and use it in madwifi
(edit) @5168   11 years florian Do not automatically create atheros devices (#811), and potentially other …
(edit) @5128   11 years nbd init script cleanup, use /etc/rc.d/ for enabled scripts, …
(copy) @5059   11 years nbd finally move buildroot-ng to trunk
copied from branches/buildroot-ng/openwrt/package/madwifi/Makefile:
(edit) @4855   11 years nico new (last?) attempt at standardizing Makefiles
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