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(edit) @27820   6 years juhosg swconfig: fix backward compatibility swconfig fails to load uci …
(edit) @27800   6 years jogo swconfig: Add generic switch identifiers Also make switches available …
(edit) @24932   6 years juhosg package/swconfig: add sanity checks to prevent a segfault
(edit) @21956   7 years nbd remove obsolete kernel dependencies and version checks
(edit) @21477   7 years nico bump a bunch of packages updated after 10.03
(edit) @21270   7 years jow [package] swconfig: mask on brcm47xx
(edit) @20829   7 years florian [package] fix swconfig build failure on brcm63xx
(edit) @19238   7 years juhosg swconfig: show tagged port flag
(edit) @19208   7 years nbd swconfig: support providing the switch device name in an option instead of …
(edit) @17749   8 years nico add _GNU_SOURCE to CPPFLAGS required to include <bits/socket.h> on recent …
(edit) @17597   8 years jow [package] swconfig: clear ip address on the switch interface, this …
(edit) @17554   8 years agb [package] bump some revisions and update copyrights
(edit) @17387   8 years nbd move /bin/swconfig to /sbin
(edit) @16286   8 years nbd swconfig: fix kernel version dependency
(edit) @15508   8 years nbd swconfig: use libnl-tiny instead of libnl
(edit) @15328   8 years nbd automatically configure switches when swconfig is installed
(edit) @15315   8 years nbd swconfig: implement uci loading support
(edit) @15304   8 years nbd swconfig: fix up kernel dependencies
(edit) @15242   8 years nbd get rid of $Id$ - it has never helped us and it has broken too many …
(edit) @14651   8 years nico [package] replace some -I & -L flags with $(TARGET_CPPFLAGS) & …
(add) @13009   9 years nbd add new switch configuration api
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