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(edit) @20717   7 years jow [package] switch: explicitely clear port mappings in unsused vlans (#7082)
(edit) @15290   8 years florian [package] fix strange LED behavior with Netgear WGT634U (#3552)
(edit) @15245   8 years nico remove 'svn:keywords' property, not needed anymore after [15242]
(edit) @15242   8 years nbd get rid of $Id$ - it has never helped us and it has broken too many …
(edit) @14825   8 years florian [package] allow kmod-switch to be used on brcm63xx (#4599)
(edit) @10138   10 years nbd export switch-core.h to $(STAGING_DIR)
(edit) @8694   10 years nbd major target cleanup. it is now possible to have subtargets that can …
(edit) @8664   10 years nico fix board name for nvram and switch packages on brcm-2.4 after [8653]
(edit) @8659   10 years nico move package description to a separate definition, remove it when …
(edit) @8653   10 years nbd strip the kernel version suffix from target directories, except for …
(edit) @8587   10 years nico package Makefile cleanup: remove uneeded vars
(edit) @8575   10 years nico use a default VERSION field for kmod packages
(edit) @6565   10 years nbd fix kmod-switch compile on brcm-2.4 (#1461)
(edit) @6562   10 years nbd add diag and switch support for brcm47xx-2.6
(edit) @6501   10 years pavlov same propset here as changeset:6500
(edit) @6136   11 years nbd cleanup, nuke obsolete 'Kernel drivers' category, convert remaining kmod …
(edit) @5624   11 years nbd replace lots of manual install commands with INSTALL_* variables
(edit) @5512   11 years nbd implement target profiles in menuconfig
(copy) @5059   11 years nbd finally move buildroot-ng to trunk
copied from branches/buildroot-ng/openwrt/package/switch/Makefile:
(edit) @4838   11 years nico standardize Makefile
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