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(edit) @21213   7 years jow [imagebuilder] - correctly copy .config when scripts/env is used in the …
(edit) @20064   8 years juhosg imagebuilder: add REVISION variable (closes #6795)
(edit) @19623   8 years jow [imagebuilder] fix custom package selection
(edit) @18117   8 years nbd imagebuilder: accept empty profile names, some targets do not define …
(edit) @17652   8 years florian [imagebuilder] remove board name hack (#5823)
(edit) @16654   8 years agb [ImageBuilder] remove legacy 2.4-specific behavior, fixes IB on brcm-2.4
(edit) @16653   8 years agb [ImageBuilder] fix profile package selection, packages from last parsed …
(edit) @15320   8 years nico [imagebuilder] fix initscripts activation (closes: #4037, #4745)
(edit) @12370   9 years nico fix ImageBuilder (closes: #3863)
(edit) @11981   9 years agb [ipkg] Generate gzipped package lists - Can be used by changing the src …
(edit) @10099   10 years florian Fix imagebuilder for 2.6 kernels (#2900)
(edit) @9549   10 years nbd fix the image builder
(edit) @7906   10 years nbd fix a typo
(edit) @7188   10 years mbm fix bug in imagebuilder init.d scripts
(edit) @6951   10 years nbd export the IMAGEBUILDER variable so that makefiles can test for the image …
(edit) @6502   11 years pavlov more propsets... i'm done for now.
(edit) @6342   11 years nbd ignore profiles with custom kernel configs in the image builder itself
(edit) @6336   11 years nbd rename the Profile template that the image builder uses to prevent name …
(edit) @6158   11 years nbd fix a typo
(edit) @6142   11 years nbd Add WL-700gE support (based on work by jr) Includes kernel/diag patch and …
(edit) @6103   11 years nbd show package list on make info in the image builder
(edit) @6101   11 years nbd remove BIN_DIR on make clean in the image builder
(edit) @6093   11 years nbd include .targetinfo in the image builder, and allow direct calls to the …
(add) @6071   11 years nbd Add initial version of the new Image Builder It's still a bit rough in a …
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