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(edit) @28380   5 years jogo ag71xx: close a race between the phy state machine and link state A fast …
(edit) @26922   5 years matteo ar71xx: detect link on LAN ports
(edit) @26855   5 years juhosg ar71xx: ag71xx: fix section mismatch warnings The function devinit …
(edit) @23575   6 years nbd ar71xx: fix more section mismatches
(edit) @22675   6 years nbd ar71xx: add a new driver for the ar7240 switch using swconfig. hooks …
(edit) @20358   6 years juhosg ar71xx: change PHY select logic, and update phy_masks
(edit) @20003   6 years juhosg ar71xx: ag71xx: move link update function
(edit) @19031   6 years juhosg ar71xx: add dummy debugfs support for the ag71xx driver
(edit) @18755   6 years juhosg ar71xx: fix NULL pointer dereference in the ethernet driver
(edit) @18749   6 years juhosg ar71xx: move mdio_bus reset code
(edit) @18692   6 years juhosg ar71xx: add support for external mii_bus
(edit) @18614   6 years juhosg ar71xx: override fifo_cfg[123] values on AR7240
(edit) @16737   7 years juhosg [ar71xx] add AR7240 specific fixes for the ag71xx driver
(edit) @16133   7 years juhosg [ar71xx] add support for board specific PLL settings
(edit) @15629   7 years juhosg [ar71xx] use dev_name() instead of bus_id in ag71xx, ohci-ar71xx, …
(edit) @15245   7 years nico remove 'svn:keywords' property, not needed anymore after [15242]
(edit) @14495   7 years juhosg [ar71xx] ag71xx driver: update phy connecting code
(edit) @14494   7 years juhosg [ar71xx] remove netif schedule from the ag71xx driver
(edit) @13377   7 years juhosg [ar71xx] ag71xx driver: use SoC specific PLL values
(edit) @13369   7 years juhosg [ar71xx] ag71xx: introduce SoC specific fuctions for DDR flush and PLL …
(edit) @13361   7 years juhosg [ar71xx] ag71xx: dump additional registers in debug mode
(edit) @13340   8 years juhosg [ar71xx] ethernet driver preparation for gigabit support
(edit) @13201   8 years juhosg [ar71xx] define some bits of the ethernet controller's registers
(edit) @13087   8 years juhosg [ar71xx] setup speed/duplex on RB-433/450 (closes #4151)
(edit) @12985   8 years juhosg [ar71xx] minor ethernet driver update
(edit) @12262   8 years juhosg [ar71xx] ag71xx: add initial message level support
(add) @11995   8 years juhosg [ar71xx] ethernet driver updates * new mii bus code, mac0 and mac1 can use …
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