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(edit) @25928   6 years kaloz only support EABI on ARM targets
(edit) @25272   7 years kaloz config symbol cleanup
(edit) @25091   7 years kaloz [target/orion]: add missing symbol for 2.6.38
(edit) @23942   7 years kaloz [orion]: use CMDLINE_FORCE
(edit) @22878   7 years acoul linux/orion: fix iproute2 issue (partially closes ticket #7862)
(edit) @21882   7 years hauke orion: Missing symbols in 2.6.35-rc2 kernel config for Orion Thank you …
(edit) @21623   7 years hauke kernel: add missing config symbols. Thank you Maddes for your patch This …
(edit) @21130   7 years nico target: remove CONFIG_CRC16 override (closes: #7194)
(edit) @20185   7 years thepeople Switch Marvell Orion CPU to kernel 2.6.32 plus LED support for all LEDs on …
(edit) @20136   7 years nico do *not* enable CONFIG_PCI in generic config, but on targets where it …
(edit) @18371   8 years kaloz some more Kconfig symbol move..
(edit) @18370   8 years kaloz another round of kernel config cleanups
(edit) @18367   8 years kaloz sort all target config files
(edit) @17962   8 years nico [kernel] config: remove CONFIG_ORION entry (now in generic)
(edit) @17948   8 years nico [kernel] move common CONFIG_MMC entries to generic
(edit) @17942   8 years nico [kernel] move more CONFIG_SND entries to generic
(edit) @16961   8 years florian [orion] add missing kernel configuration symbol (#5564)
(edit) @16705   8 years florian [kernel] avoid overriding CONFIG_TUN with a couple of targets
(edit) @16283   8 years kaloz we don't use RedBoot on orion
(edit) @15913   8 years kaloz even more config file cleanup
(edit) @15861   8 years kaloz config cleanups
(edit) @15845   8 years kaloz some additional config file cleanup..
(edit) @15844   8 years kaloz unify congestion control options
(edit) @15842   8 years kaloz move arm ARCH symbols to the generic configs
(edit) @15840   8 years kaloz make kernels use /etc/preinit by default
(edit) @15606   8 years kaloz some more kernel config cleanup.. last for today :)
(edit) @15605   8 years kaloz more cleanup
(edit) @15602   8 years kaloz cleanup MTD option handling
(edit) @15587   8 years kaloz move MFD stuff to the generic kernel configs
(edit) @14964   8 years rwhitby orion: DT2 requires ISL1208 RTC to be enabled
(edit) @14963   8 years rwhitby orion: Added initial support for Freecom DT2. Thanks to Zintis.
(edit) @14286   9 years nico [kernel] orion: add missing config entries when sound & spi are enabled
(edit) @13580   9 years kaloz upgrade orion to 2.6.28-rc7
(edit) @12805   9 years florian Do not override classifier kernel configuration symbols
(edit) @12692   9 years nico move CONFIG_MEDIA_ATTACH & CONFIG_VIDEO_ALLOW_V4L1 to generic config and …
(edit) @12690   9 years nico disable CONFIG_USB_SUPPORT in generic config for 2.6.25 & 2.6.26 and …
(edit) @12362   9 years nico set reasonable generic CRYPTO_ config entries for 2.6.26
(edit) @12067   9 years thepeople try to clean up some kernel configs
(edit) @11587   9 years kaloz use mtdblock1 as rootfs
(edit) @11582   9 years kaloz add preliminary Netgear WNR854T support
(edit) @11581   9 years kaloz move some config options into the generic one
(edit) @11575   9 years kaloz sync with the orion git tree
(edit) @11503   9 years kaloz enable AMD flash support and physmap on orion
(edit) @11436   9 years kaloz upgrade orion to 2.6.26-rc5
(add) @11352   9 years kaloz add preliminary Marvell Orion support
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