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(edit) @28518   6 years nico [target] x86: allow VDI & VMDK images for all subtargets (closes: #10255)
(edit) @26919   6 years blogic [x86] * adds support for Artec Thincan Signed-of-By: Lauri Võsandi …
(edit) @26879   6 years cshore This patch provides an image suitable for the alix2*, alix3, and alix6 …
(edit) @26624   6 years jow Enable padding of jffs2 images to user specified filesystem size …
(edit) @25068   7 years blogic [geos] * Make sure that Geos baud-rate defaults correctly Changeset …
(edit) @24084   7 years kaloz switch from ext2 to ext4 (w/o) journaling
(edit) @23414   7 years acoul target/linux: fix Geos baudrate. (thank you Philip Prindeville)
(edit) @23390   7 years jow [Patch v2] Geos -- new x86 subtarget definition This defines the Geos …
(edit) @22950   7 years jow [x86] adjust image defaults for KVM
(edit) @22553   7 years agb [x86] image: use internal qemu-img for vmdk and vdi images drop host …
(edit) @21365   7 years nico target/x86: cleanup image config options
(edit) @21364   7 years nico target/x86: use common config items for options shared between generic and …
(edit) @20794   7 years florian [x86] add net5501 support This patch brings up the net5501 platform. …
(edit) @19681   8 years jow [x86] - clean up menu.lst template - make grub usage of vt0 selectable …
(edit) @19612   8 years jow [x86] make console port editable through menuconfig, gzip ext2 images, add …
(edit) @18955   8 years kaloz remove handling of older unsupported kernels
(edit) @18446   8 years kaloz fix grub image target dependency
(edit) @18441   8 years kaloz change x86 image generation handling to treat only olpc specially
(edit) @18279   8 years florian [x86] merge the olpc target with the x86 target, both tested and running
(edit) @17722   8 years nbd x86: use libata in 2.6.30, fix pata support for sc1200 (used on wrap)
(edit) @13821   9 years cyrus Use VBoxManage instead of obsolete vditool to generate VirtualBox images.
(edit) @13158   9 years florian Add support for creating VMware vmdk images #1317
(edit) @11300   9 years florian fix typo
(edit) @11298   9 years florian Add virtualbox images to x86 (#3475)
(edit) @9212   10 years nbd move grub to package/
(edit) @9191   10 years blogic added generation of x86 livecds, from #2391
(edit) @8713   10 years blogic fixes menuconfig selection of grub for x86 targets
(copy) @8653   10 years nbd strip the kernel version suffix from target directories, except for …
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(edit) @6502   11 years pavlov more propsets... i'm done for now.
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