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(edit) @25577   7 years florian [kernel] update to
(edit) @24915   7 years lars [xburst] Drop support for older kernel versions
(edit) @24914   7 years lars [xburst] Add 2.6.37 support
(edit) @24486   7 years hauke kernel: update kernel versions Update kernel to Update …
(edit) @24136   7 years kaloz update to the latest stable kernels
(edit) @24084   7 years kaloz switch from ext2 to ext4 (w/o) journaling
(edit) @23671   7 years lars [xburst] Change kernel version to 2.6.36
(edit) @23670   7 years lars [xburst] ADC and battery fixes * Fix concurrent battery readings * Add …
(edit) @23424   7 years mirko linux kernel version is not (yet) released…
(edit) @23421   7 years lars [xburst] Add 2.6.36 patches
(edit) @23323   7 years mirko [target:xburst] do not override CFLAGS - the default ones are fine
(edit) @23213   7 years lars [kernel] update 2.6.35.x to
(edit) @22833   7 years lars [kernel] Update 2.6.35.x to
(edit) @22777   7 years lars [xburst] refresh config
(edit) @22776   7 years lars [xburst] Fix n5x6 sound drivers
(edit) @22753   7 years mb Update to
(edit) @22524   7 years lars [xburst] qi_lb60: Fix keyboard gpio pins
(edit) @22513   7 years mirko [xburst] Add missing symbol to 2.6.35 config
(edit) @22485   7 years lars [xburst] Drop 2.6.32 patches
(edit) @22484   7 years lars [xburst] Set -march=mips32
(edit) @22483   7 years lars [xburst] Adjust codec driver module name for 2.6.35
(edit) @22481   7 years lars [xburst] Fix mmc card detection
(edit) @22463   7 years lars [xburst] Add 2.6.35 patches
(edit) @22145   7 years claudio massive: replace occurences of .$(LINUX_KMOD_SUFFIX) with .ko after r21950
(edit) @22118   7 years hauke kernel: update to kernel
(edit) @21619   7 years lars [xburst] udc: Fix recursive spinlocks Driver had recursive spinlock …
(edit) @21618   7 years lars [xburst] ASoC: Fix and cleaup dma config
(edit) @21617   7 years lars [xburst] core fixes * Mask timer irq on startup * Fix dma width constants …
(edit) @21615   7 years lars [xburst] jzcodec: Enable support for S8 format
(edit) @21614   7 years lars [xburst] fb: Fix pseudo palette for non 32bit color depth.
(edit) @21613   7 years lars [xburst] rtc: Put rtc Kconfig entry into the correct section
(edit) @21498   7 years lars [kernel] Add checksum for 2.6.34, refresh 2.6.34 patches and update …
(edit) @21462   7 years nbd get rid of CRLF encoding in various files
(edit) @21438   7 years lars [xburst] Add 2.6.34 patches
(edit) @21412   7 years mirko sound-soc-qi_lb60: rename package as underscores are not allowed by opkg
(edit) @21260   7 years mirko enable inotify support target xburst
(edit) @21238   7 years nico buildsystem: rename tgz/TGZ "feature" and matching options to targz/TARGZ
(edit) @21195   7 years acoul sync to kernel
(edit) @20834   7 years nico define a shared IMG_PREFIX variable used as a basename for image files, it …
(edit) @20831   7 years nico [cleanup] remove 'svn:executable' property
(edit) @20796   7 years lars [xburst] time.c: Timer enable registers are only 8bit width.
(edit) @20701   7 years lars [xburst] jzcodec: Only support 16bit formats for now
(edit) @20698   7 years mirko do not disable netfilter support for xburst target (some packages require …
(edit) @20490   8 years mirko adjust module loading sequence to change 20345, as snd-soc-core needs to …
(edit) @20444   8 years juhosg kernel: update to
(edit) @20373   8 years lars [xburst] sound jz4740_pcm: Set dma channel to NULL after it has been …
(edit) @20369   8 years lars [xburst] sound jz4740_pcm: Don't request dma channel mor then once. It is …
(edit) @20349   8 years lars [xburst] jz_mmc: Fix timeout timer. Annotate timeout checks as unlikely()
(edit) @20274   8 years mirko do not use font <FONT_MINI_4x6> for target lb60 by default as it's …
(edit) @20253   8 years lars [xburst] refresh patches
(edit) @20248   8 years lars [xburst] The lcm driver currently does not use any of the backlight api, …
(edit) @20217   8 years lars [xburst] config-2.6.32: Add mising symbol
(edit) @20210   8 years lars [xburst] jzcodec: Fix supported formats.
(edit) @20179   8 years lars [xburst] Fix typo
(edit) @20152   8 years lars [xburst] Fix image generation for qi_lb60 subtarget
(edit) @20136   8 years nico do *not* enable CONFIG_PCI in generic config, but on targets where it …
(edit) @20132   8 years lars [xburst] Add kernel sound packages
(edit) @20131   8 years lars [xburst] jz4740-i2s: Export jz4740_i2s_dai
(edit) @20129   8 years lars [xburst] dma: export jz4740_dma_request
(edit) @20128   8 years lars [xburst] metronomefb: Add rotation support and some minor cleanups
(edit) @20127   8 years lars [xburst] n516-lpc: Fix irq strom during resume
(edit) @20082   8 years lars [xburst] jz4740: Properly setup intc irq handler.
(edit) @20075   8 years lars [xburst] n516-lpc: Ack wakeup events and some minor cleanups
(edit) @20071   8 years lars [xburst] jz4740-gpio: Fix potential race condition
(edit) @20070   8 years lars [xbrust] Fix gpio and irq wakeup irq handling.
(edit) @20069   8 years lars [xburst] Export gpio and irq registers through debugfs
(edit) @20044   8 years lars [xburst] Add sound support for the n516.
(edit) @20043   8 years lars [xburst] Add support for enabling/disabling the aic controllers clock.
(edit) @19987   8 years lars [xburst] Add support for the n516
(edit) @19986   8 years lars [xburst] Add subtarget for each device
(edit) @19984   8 years lars [xburst] jz4740 pm: Fix gpio suspend/resume. Turn pll off while in suspend …
(edit) @19983   8 years lars [xburst] gpio.h: Add proper parenthesis to JZ_GPIO_PORTX macros
(edit) @19982   8 years lars [xburst] jz4740_fb: Add support for parallel displays, improve power …
(edit) @19978   8 years lars [xburst] jz4740_udc: Implement suspend/resume
(edit) @19890   8 years hauke kernel: update to kernel
(edit) @19875   8 years lars [xburst] jz4740_nand: * Use NAND_ECC_HW_OOB_FIRST mode instead of a …
(edit) @19783   8 years lars [xburst] Add per board struct describing the external clock setup.
(edit) @19653   8 years kaloz [xburst]: change back kernel version to
(edit) @19643   8 years lars Add audio feature flag. There are targets which neither have usb host nor …
(edit) @19628   8 years lars [xburst] jz-mmc: Fix deadlock which could occur if the card was removed …
(edit) @19591   8 years thepeople update kernel from to, thanks tripolar
(edit) @19581   8 years kaloz clean up handling of some kernel symbols
(edit) @19580   8 years kaloz re-sort all target and subtarget config files
(edit) @19561   8 years lars [xburst] jz4740_fb: Do not disable lcd clock during blanking. Only during …
(edit) @19544   8 years lars [xburst] defkeymap.c has been renamed to defkeymap.c_shipped in 2.6.32
(edit) @19541   8 years lars [xburst] board-qi_lb60: Fix battery platform data.
(edit) @19540   8 years lars [xburst] clocks: Fix JZ_REG_CLOCK_SLEEP_CTRL address
(edit) @19527   8 years lars [xburst] Unset PCI support in the config file
(edit) @19526   8 years lars [xburst] There is currently no host usb support.
(edit) @19505   8 years lars [xburst] Cleanup battery driver
(edit) @19504   8 years lars [xburst] Seperate charger logic from battery driver
(edit) @19489   8 years lars [xburst] rtc-jz4740: Free rtc irq when driver is removed
(edit) @19437   8 years lars [xburst] rtc-jz4740: reset rtc clock if it has lost its state
(edit) @19394   8 years lars [xburst] Dynamically gate adc clock
(edit) @19385   8 years lars [xburst] Fix usb gadget driver build
(edit) @19383   8 years lars [xburst] Export clock states through debugfs
(edit) @19379   8 years kaloz update to
(edit) @19358   8 years juhosg kernel: update to
(edit) @19309   8 years lars [xburst] Disable LOCALVERSION_AUTO
(edit) @19281   8 years lars [xburst] Cleanup clock module a bit and replace last users of cpm_*
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