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(edit) @28225   5 years jow [sdk] fix generation for arm platforms Based on patch by Roman Yeryomin …
(edit) @20254   6 years nbd sdk: fix up paths for $(ARCH_SUFFIX)
(edit) @17198   7 years florian [sdk] do not exclude the share directory for bison and other programs to …
(edit) @16508   7 years florian [sdk] now that we support multiple libc, include the gcc version, libc …
(edit) @16507   7 years florian [sdk] do not copy all the staging_dir/ directories, only the right …
(edit) @15245   7 years nico remove 'svn:keywords' property, not needed anymore after [15242]
(edit) @15242   7 years nbd get rid of $Id$ - it has never helped us and it has broken too many …
(edit) @12689   8 years nico allow SDK to install trunk packages with scripts/feeds & build them, …
(edit) @12367   8 years nico add LICENSE & minimal files (closes: #3710)
(edit) @12365   8 years nico add feeds config file to SDK
(edit) @12329   8 years nbd some more build system cleanup
(edit) @9747   8 years nbd fix the sdk
(edit) @9742   8 years nbd strip -$(KERNEL) from sdk/imagebuilder names
(edit) @8503   9 years florian Fix the sdk generation with the new staging_dir layout
(edit) @7855   9 years nbd fix sdk build
(edit) @7065   9 years nbd fixes for a few build errors on osx without fink
(edit) @6942   9 years nbd revert find | xargs => find | exec changes - this is completely …
(edit) @6850   9 years mbm more [6849]
(edit) @6837   9 years florian Use find -exec instead of xargs
(edit) @6102   9 years nbd Fix config checks for Image Builder and SDK - only build them when …
(edit) @6070   9 years nbd don't mess with the staging dir too much when building the sdk
(edit) @5081   10 years nbd leave out the ccache directory when copying the staging dir into the sdk …
(copy) @5059   10 years nbd finally move buildroot-ng to trunk
copied from branches/buildroot-ng/openwrt/target/sdk/Makefile:
(edit) @4198   10 years mbm fix a few directories missed in [4176]'s source -> download
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