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(edit) @20203   7 years florian [toolchain] fix kernel-headers build for uml
(edit) @19962   7 years florian [toolchain] cleanup the 2.6.33 and later kernels kernel-headers …
(edit) @19933   7 years florian [toolchain] fix compilation w/ 2.6.33
(edit) @17816   8 years claudio [etrax] dump 2.6.25 support
(edit) @17346   8 years nbd add a heavily cleaned up version of ubicom32 toolchain support
(edit) @16661   8 years claudio [etrax] install headers, fix foxboard-utils
(edit) @15245   8 years nico remove 'svn:keywords' property, not needed anymore after [15242]
(edit) @15153   8 years claudio Fix kernel headers for cris (thanks hinkocevar)
(edit) @14707   8 years ralph fix powerpc build (works for 2.4 and 2.6)
(edit) @14648   8 years nico [toolchain] move common variables to a dedicated include file
(edit) @14641   8 years nico [toolchain] kernel-headers: fix build error when run for the second time
(edit) @14610   8 years nbd build system refactoring in preparation for allowing packages to do …
(edit) @14397   9 years nico [toolchain] cosmetic & coherency fixes
(edit) @14128   9 years nico [toolchain] more kernel headers fixes for cris
(edit) @14120   9 years nico [toolchain] move all arch fixups from Install to Prepare stage, so that …
(edit) @13995   9 years nico [cris] fix missing ptrace.h needed to build final gcc
(edit) @13931   9 years nico [massive] add support for alternative C libraries (currently only …
(edit) @12933   9 years hcg The merge of ppc (32-bit headers) and powerpc (previously 64-bit only …
(edit) @12802   9 years nbd fix up the asm includes location for .27 when building kernel headers
(edit) @12492   9 years nbd disable autorebuild for the toolchain, as it can easily lead to build …
(edit) @11026   9 years blogic remove ugly hack for etrax
(edit) @10376   10 years nbd fix path to etrax patches (#3055)
(edit) @10373   10 years kaloz *sigh* :P
(edit) @9935   10 years agb Disabling use of libintl in kernel-headers.
(edit) @8494   10 years nico include from so that a correct KERNEL_PATCHVER …
(edit) @8399   10 years florian Replace TOOLCHAIN_BUILD_DIR with BUILD_DIR_TOOLCHAIN (the other one is …
(edit) @8373   10 years nbd fix kernel-headers download (#2179)
(edit) @8362   10 years nbd build system cleanup/restructuring as described in …
(edit) @8247   10 years nbd no need to call compile,install on the kernel-headers dir - this gets rid …
(edit) @7749   10 years nbd disable quilt for kernel-headers
(edit) @7586   10 years nbd fix kernel-headers patching (#1878)
(edit) @7444   10 years blogic Fixed a bug in the kernel-headers/Makefile introduced by the cris merge
(edit) @7439   10 years blogic add initial support for the crisarchitecture used on foxboards to openwrt
(edit) @6479   10 years nbd changes to target/linux/generic-* should not trigger a kernel-headers …
(edit) @6439   10 years nbd mark uml as broken and add some cleanups (not working yet)
(edit) @6362   10 years nbd add kernel_headers dependency on target/linux/generic-2.*
(edit) @6130   11 years nbd fix user mode linux toolchain build
(edit) @5926   11 years nico fix uml-2.6 build with
(edit) @5781   11 years nbd fix kernel-headers compile
(edit) @5683   11 years nbd another round of ppc fixes - the unfinished include/asm-ppc => asm-powerpc …
(edit) @5682   11 years nbd another build fix for ppc
(edit) @5681   11 years nbd fix ppc compile
(edit) @5657   11 years nbd another bsd bugfix
(edit) @5515   11 years nbd fix kernel-headers prepare (#949)
(edit) @5509   11 years nbd more shell related fixes
(edit) @5498   11 years nbd make target/linux/* directories self-contained, use the selected kernel …
(edit) @5095   11 years nbd another one …
(edit) @5079   11 years nbd remove some obsolete stuff
(edit) @5078   11 years nbd use $(TAR) in unpack commands
(copy) @5059   11 years nbd finally move buildroot-ng to trunk
copied from branches/buildroot-ng/openwrt/toolchain/kernel-headers/Makefile:
(edit) @5025   11 years nbd explicitly set CONFIG_SHELL to bash for the kernel headers configure
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