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(edit) @24556   7 years jow [tools] reorder dependencies
(edit) @24513   7 years cshore [tools] Makefile: Put lzma before squashfs so compile of squashfs4 …
(edit) @24481   7 years nbd add a host package for xz
(edit) @24475   7 years jow [tools] remove obsolete stamp dep after r24474
(edit) @24474   7 years jow [buildroot] rework aclocal handling, packages have issues writing through …
(edit) @24453   7 years jow [tools] fix xorg-macros dependency
(edit) @24452   7 years jow [tools] turn util-macros into tools/xorg-macros host build, provides …
(edit) @24422   7 years nbd make $(STAGING_DIR)/host/share/aclocal a symlink to …
(edit) @24409   7 years jow [tools] revert r24407, its already packaged in the xorg feed
(edit) @24407   7 years jow [tools] package xorg-macros
(edit) @24089   7 years kaloz remove 2.6.25 support
(edit) @24078   7 years kaloz [tools]: add e2fsprogs to tools and use that instead of libuuid
(edit) @23883   7 years acoul target/linux/orion: create subtargets (closes #8154)
(edit) @23707   7 years nbd add a stripped down (and portable) version of flock to the host tools
(edit) @23281   7 years jow [tools] reenable squashfs4 for ar71xx, it needs both old and new
(edit) @23245   7 years kaloz Toto, we don't support Linux 2.4 anymore..
(edit) @23244   7 years kaloz [tools]: simplify old squashfs/lzma selection
(edit) @22871   7 years nbd add a command for printing a cleaned up make target database - will be …
(edit) @22757   7 years agb [tools] qemu: add dependency on libuuid
(edit) @22652   7 years agb [tools] quilt: needs autoconf
(edit) @22552   7 years agb [tools] qemu: build qemu-img for packaging vmdk and vdi images
(edit) @21210   7 years nbd mkimage fails to build on some systems if sed is not installed, add a …
(edit) @21046   7 years florian [toolchain] fix graphite options with gcc-4.5, add libelf for LTO, fix …
(edit) @21033   7 years acoul add gcc-4.5.0 preliminary support
(edit) @19578   8 years kaloz with no users left, remove support for 2.6.21
(edit) @19117   8 years lars mtd-utils depends on libuuid
(edit) @19103   8 years lars Add libuuid hosttool package. It's needed in order to build mkfs.ubifs
(edit) @18955   8 years kaloz remove handling of older unsupported kernels
(edit) @18765   8 years nbd add a hacked up version of upslug2 which is able to flash a wrt350nv2 in …
(edit) @18761   8 years nbd add wrt350n v2 image building code from #5970 (thx, maddes)
(edit) @18596   8 years juhosg tools: build old squashfs tools for ar71xx
(edit) @18426   8 years kaloz make the lzma version kernel version dependent, and only build the one we …
(edit) @18403   8 years nbd gcc: add a config option for using the gcc graphite framework (disabled by …
(edit) @18374   8 years kaloz powerpc: use the in-kernel dtc compiler
(edit) @18310   8 years nbd Don't build gmp and mpfr when using external toolchains (based on patch …
(edit) @18264   8 years nbd add cloog and ppl to the tools build for the graphite framework in gcc 4.4
(edit) @17154   8 years nbd add mklibs (based on a patch by florian) in preparation for optional …
(edit) @16096   8 years nbd add missing dependency
(edit) @16095   8 years nbd split stampfiles for STAGING_DIR and STAGING_DIR_HOST preparation
(edit) @15884   8 years nbd squashfs4: add lzma support (kernel support still missing)
(edit) @15883   8 years nbd add the new lzma library (version 4.65), to be used for squashfs4
(edit) @15864   8 years juhosg [tools] add tool for squashfs4 image generation (w/o LZMA support)
(edit) @15595   8 years nbd rename tools/lzma to tools/lzma-old (preparation for adding a new lzma …
(edit) @15365   8 years nbd optimize tools/ directory build order to improve parallel building …
(edit) @15363   8 years nbd add missing dependencies which broke parallel build
(edit) @15346   8 years florian [toolchain] gcc-4.4.0 also needs mpfr and gmp to be built
(edit) @15245   8 years nico remove 'svn:keywords' property, not needed anymore after [15242]
(edit) @15113   8 years nbd add check for common config variants for tools/install
(edit) @15111   8 years nbd small cleanup for tools/Makefile
(edit) @14972   8 years ralph [tools] m4 is now available, sorry for trouble
(edit) @14968   8 years nbd Revert "[tools] add m4 (required for recent auto tools)" Please add the …
(edit) @14966   8 years ralph [tools] add m4 (required for recent auto tools) thanks to Olaf
(edit) @14864   8 years lars Build autoconf before automake.
(edit) @14704   8 years ralph add dependency (needed for parallel build)
(edit) @14622   8 years nbd merge host build of lua from tools/ into package/lua/Makefile
(edit) @14568   8 years nbd prefer gstat over stat if available (patch from #4571)
(edit) @14567   8 years nbd add mkyaffs2image (based on android sources)
(edit) @14180   9 years nbd improve support for building on mac os x by improving detection of missing …
(edit) @14136   9 years florian [tools] slightly rework the gcc-4.3 checks, thanks {Nico}
(edit) @14135   9 years florian [tools] only build gmp and mpfr when selecting gcc-4.3.x
(edit) @14131   9 years nico [toolchain] add support for gcc v4.3.1 & v4.3.2 (closes: #3479), thanks to …
(edit) @12514   9 years nbd fix shell return status of the find symlink command
(edit) @12508   9 years nbd fix recursive symlink issue
(edit) @12495   9 years nbd provide a md5sum wrapper for BSDish systems
(edit) @12490   9 years nbd quilt depends on sed
(edit) @12451   9 years nbd install a symlink to the correct version of find in …
(edit) @12410   9 years nbd add autoconf (fixes opkg build issues)
(edit) @12398   9 years nbd build and install a current quilt version in tools/
(edit) @11304   9 years cyrus Added lua (lua host bytecode-compiler) to tools/
(edit) @10579   9 years nbd build dtc for all powerpc targets (suggested by Kaloz)
(edit) @10577   9 years nbd only build dtc for the target that uses it
(edit) @10398   10 years ralph Device Tree Compiler require more recent bison …
(edit) @10302   10 years kaloz add dtc, the device tree compiler
(edit) @9940   10 years nbd remove stale reference to tools/libtool
(edit) @9902   10 years nbd add libtool to tools/
(edit) @9901   10 years nbd add automake to tools/
(edit) @9899   10 years nbd rename tools/ext2fs to tools/genext2fs
(edit) @9162   10 years blogic added our own pkg-config wrapper, making the sed foo on *.pc files …
(edit) @8362   10 years nbd build system cleanup/restructuring as described in …
(edit) @8253   10 years nbd dependency fix
(edit) @8242   10 years nbd next round of cleanup, convert target/ - make -j works now ;)
(edit) @8236   10 years nbd next round of build system cleanup - convert package/ to new structure
(edit) @8234   10 years nbd remove leftover stuff
(edit) @8230   10 years nbd fix compile errors with make 3.80
(edit) @8208   10 years nbd use $(curdir) again
(edit) @8207   10 years nbd build system fixes, more cleanup
(edit) @8202   10 years nbd don't force the install->compile, compile->prepare dependencies in …
(edit) @8201   10 years nbd initial attempt at cleaning up subdirectory handling. tools/Makefile is …
(edit) @7820   10 years florian Remove patch-cmdline from the packages and move it tools tools/. adm5120 …
(edit) @7790   10 years nbd add update target to tools/
(edit) @7473   10 years nbd enable quilt for host builds and add some additional checks
(edit) @7029   10 years nico fix host header files installation for tools (closes: #1604)
(edit) @7003   10 years nbd the default_subtargets template was a bad idea, since different makefiles …
(edit) @7002   10 years nbd fix up dependencies
(edit) @6413   10 years nbd move ccache to tools/ and fix potential dependency issue
(edit) @6357   10 years nbd clean up stampfile mess for tools/ and toolchain/
(edit) @5702   11 years nbd move target/utils to tools/firmware-utils
(edit) @5208   11 years nbd improve parallel building
(copy) @5059   11 years nbd finally move buildroot-ng to trunk
copied from branches/buildroot-ng/openwrt/tools/Makefile:
(edit) @5019   11 years nbd fix gene2fs build on freebsd
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