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(edit) @20256   6 years florian [malta] include wpad-mini and mac80211_hwsim by default
(edit) @20255   6 years florian [kernel] add missing configuration symbols
(edit) @20254   6 years nbd sdk: fix up paths for $(ARCH_SUFFIX)
(edit) @20253   6 years lars [xburst] refresh patches
(edit) @20248   6 years lars [xburst] The lcm driver currently does not use any of the backlight api, …
(edit) @20247   6 years juhosg ar71xx: fix semantics error in the ar71xx_gpio_get_value function. * …
(edit) @20246   6 years blogic ifxmips - adds cf0001 swizzel patch, by/signed off Veli-Matti Valtonen …
(edit) @20245   6 years acoul adm5120: use kernel
(edit) @20244   6 years acoul revert last commit
(edit) @20243   6 years acoul adm5120: use kernel
(edit) @20242   6 years juhosg ar71xx: optimize GPIO code
(edit) @20241   6 years markus new kernel checksums:
(edit) @20240   6 years markus fix yenta_socket driver Disable some calls the WRT54G3G implementation …
(edit) @20239   6 years markus fix PCI resouce allocation for SSB PCI host bridge The defined offset is …
(edit) @20238   6 years acoul rb532: don't use bridge by default
(edit) @20237   6 years acoul rb532: sync patches. Use kernel
(edit) @20236   6 years acoul generic-2.6: sync patches to
(edit) @20233   6 years thepeople actually fix linux-atm
(edit) @20232   6 years nbd base-files: reload switch settings on /etc/init.d/network start as well
(edit) @20231   6 years juhosg ar71xx: fix defconfig script to work with ImageBuilder * patch from …
(edit) @20230   6 years juhosg ar71xx: create separated and smaller sysupgrade files for the DIR-615 and …
(edit) @20229   6 years juhosg ar71xx: build firmware image for the Fry's FR-54RTR board
(edit) @20228   6 years juhosg ar71xx: don't break the existing network configuration in the wget2nand …
(edit) @20227   6 years juhosg ar71xx: change DIR-600-A1 image generation template, will be usable for …
(edit) @20226   6 years juhosg orion: drop DECLARE_MAC_BUF usage from the DT2 support file * fixes …
(edit) @20225   6 years thepeople fixup linux-atm package after the broken patch earlier
(edit) @20224   6 years acinonyx [package] hostap-driver: Fix package installation
(edit) @20222   6 years thepeople Updated post r19769, integrates the missing dl_method bzr hunk from #6370, …
(edit) @20221   6 years thepeople /lib/network/ fixes a problem with PPtP (and other PPP-based things) …
(edit) @20220   6 years thepeople if readethers is set to true make sure /etc/ethers exists, closes #6740
(edit) @20219   6 years thepeople this patch allow to set -g option 1. -g allow to make a more secure ssh …
(edit) @20218   6 years nbd fix error output of brctl if bridging is not supported. The following …
(edit) @20217   6 years lars [xburst] config-2.6.32: Add mising symbol
(edit) @20216   6 years thepeople [package] linux-atm: Update to stable version 2.5.1 from upstream project …
(edit) @20215   6 years nbd add an arch suffix for handling different variants of arm/mips for the …
(edit) @20214   6 years thepeople fix missing nls support for 2.6.33
(edit) @20213   6 years juhosg atheros: fix FIS directory parsing on Top Boot flash chips
(edit) @20210   6 years lars [xburst] jzcodec: Fix supported formats.
(edit) @20209   6 years florian [kernel] also fix invalid hunks in 2.6.33 patch
(edit) @20208   6 years florian [uml] add 2.6.34 support
(edit) @20207   6 years florian [kernel] fix invalid hunks in 060-block2mtd_init.patch file
(edit) @20205   6 years florian [kernel] export rescan_partitions to prevent linking failures in block2mtd …
(edit) @20204   6 years florian [brcm63xx] refresh 2.6.32 patches, fix livebox support (#6821)
(edit) @20203   6 years florian [toolchain] fix kernel-headers build for uml
(edit) @20202   6 years juhosg atheros: sync kernel configs
(edit) @20201   6 years juhosg atheros: add early-printk support
(edit) @20200   6 years thepeople remove empty patch file
(edit) @20199   6 years juhosg kernel: refresh lzo patch for 2.6.33
(edit) @20198   6 years juhosg atheros: refresh 2.6.33 patches
(edit) @20197   6 years juhosg atheros: refresh 2.6.32 patches
(edit) @20196   6 years nbd add missing kconfig symbol for the hifn 795x crypto accelerator module …
(edit) @20195   6 years nbd madwifi: disable softled by default on pci devices (fixes #4484)
(edit) @20194   6 years nbd wireless-tools: fix encryption display in the scanning list (#6732)
(edit) @20190   6 years thepeople find attached the announced patch for fuse. changes: - latest fuse 2.8.3 - …
(edit) @20189   6 years thepeople this patches fixes iproute2 parallel build. -Raphael
(edit) @20188   6 years thepeople this patch fixes iptables parallel build. -Raphael
(edit) @20187   6 years thepeople this patch fixes gdb parallel build. -Raphael
(edit) @20186   6 years thepeople this patch fixes openssl parallel build. -Raphael
(edit) @20185   6 years thepeople Switch Marvell Orion CPU to kernel 2.6.32 plus LED support for all LEDs on …
(edit) @20184   6 years nbd replace some more references to hostapd-mini with wpad-mini
(edit) @20183   6 years florian [malta] fix path to the malta kernel
(edit) @20182   6 years florian [malta] resync kernel config
(edit) @20181   6 years florian [toolchain] add support for uClibc
(edit) @20180   6 years florian [rb532] fix build hanging on kconfig symbol input
(edit) @20179   6 years lars [xburst] Fix typo
(edit) @20176   6 years jow [package] base-files: force preinit to use busybox mount (#6797)
(edit) @20159   6 years juhosg package/base-files: call preinit_ip_deconfig before processing init on …
(edit) @20158   6 years florian [uml] add support for 2.6.33
(edit) @20157   6 years florian [kernel] fix the building of the lzo decompressor on some architectures
(edit) @20156   6 years nico remove CONFIG_PCI=y missed from [20136] in generic 2.6.30 config
(edit) @20155   6 years nbd ath9k: fix a client mode crash that happens on wpa rekeying
(edit) @20154   6 years nbd sstrip: fix a section length corruption bug (patch from #6847)
(edit) @20153   6 years nbd minstrel_ht: make the ewma of the ampdu length more smooth by updating it …
(edit) @20152   6 years lars [xburst] Fix image generation for qi_lb60 subtarget
(edit) @20151   6 years nbd mips: allow the compiler to optimize memset, memcmp, memcpy for better …
(edit) @20150   6 years nbd ar71xx: fix oprofile support
(edit) @20149   6 years nbd the mips -ffreestanding patch has been unnecessary for a long time now, …
(edit) @20148   6 years nico remove empty directories (again)
(edit) @20147   6 years nico [package] kernel: fix kmod-pcmcia-yenta on 2.4
(edit) @20146   6 years claudio [etrax] fix kernel modules dependences for i2c and ata-core
(edit) @20145   6 years nbd mac80211: improve performance a bit
(edit) @20143   6 years acoul adm5120: add CONFIG_PCI=y on router_le too
(edit) @20141   6 years acoul ar71xx: add 2.6.34 preliminary support (patches)
(edit) @20140   6 years acoul generic-2.6: add 2.6.34 preliminary support (patches)
(edit) @20139   6 years acoul ar71xx: add 2.6.34 preliminary support
(edit) @20138   6 years acoul generic-2.6: add 2.6.34 preliminary support
(edit) @20137   6 years acoul add binutils-2.20.1
(edit) @20136   6 years nico do *not* enable CONFIG_PCI in generic config, but on targets where it …
(edit) @20135   6 years nico [target] avr32: add missing CONFIG_SND_ATMEL_SOC config symbol
(edit) @20134   6 years florian [rdc] define panic_on_unrecovered_nmi in the southbridge driver and fix …
(edit) @20133   6 years nico [package] kernel: add missing CONFIG_SND_SOC_ALL_CODECS to …
(edit) @20132   6 years lars [xburst] Add kernel sound packages
(edit) @20131   6 years lars [xburst] jz4740-i2s: Export jz4740_i2s_dai
(edit) @20130   6 years lars [package] kernel: Add SoC sound support package
(edit) @20129   6 years lars [xburst] dma: export jz4740_dma_request
(edit) @20128   6 years lars [xburst] metronomefb: Add rotation support and some minor cleanups
(edit) @20127   6 years lars [xburst] n516-lpc: Fix irq strom during resume
(edit) @20126   6 years nico [target] ar7: platform has *no* PCI support, override CONFIG_PCI default
(edit) @20125   6 years hauke mac80211: fix build problems with kmod-mac80211=n Build compat-wireless …
(edit) @20124   6 years nico [package] base-files: fix preinit code typos Signed-off-by: Ithamar R. …
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