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#2564 WL-700gE does not boot after the power cord has been removed for several hours developers defect high worksforme
#2661 kmod-video-spca5xx-le will not compile in OpenWrt Kamikaze, r9504 developers defect normal duplicate
#2814 [FIX] ssb watchdog extif support Kernel 2.6 developers defect normal fixed
#2890 DIR-300 and Wireless in Kamikaze 7.09 developers defect normal fixed
#2921 dst cache overflow causes router to lose all network connectivity developers defect normal fixed
#2986 IMQ fail to load layer7 module developers defect highest fixed
#3186 VPN pass through developers defect highest duplicate
#3250 error on insmod capi.ko developers defect normal fixed
#3674 kmod-ebtables left uncompiled developers defect normal fixed
#3997 PPTP passthrough cause reboot developers defect high duplicate
#4130 ath9k AP mode support in Kamikaze 7.09 and kernel version 2.6.26-3 developers enhancement high fixed
#3728 insmod ipv6: unresolved symbol tcp_destroy_sock thepeople defect normal Trunk wontfix
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