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#732 yikes - lan_proto not initialized if null nbd defect highest fixed
#894 Dns not working - what is the correct fix? developers defect highest invalid
#1084 RC6 imagebuilder with RC5 version nbd defect highest fixed
#436 pppoe dial on demand broken asus wl 500g deluxe developers defect high fixed
#455 l2tpd blocks in read() nico defect high fixed
#487 Freeradius 1.1.1 is available florian defect high fixed
#504 RC5: WE800G WAN and LAN sharing the same port! developers defect high fixed
#551 pppd gives up after a number of retries nbd defect high fixed
#625 OpenVPN Bugfix and webif-enhancement florian defect high fixed
#637 CSS obscures Network page's form fields developers defect high worksforme
#651 switch-adm.o wont load on WRT54GS v1.0 after svn rev 4155 nbd defect high fixed
#705 Problem with httpd.conf developers defect high invalid
#707 iproute2 in whiterussian SVN: broken build florian defect high fixed
#718 HR - croatian language webif common.txt revision 1.0 florian defect high Trunk obsolete
#720 croatian webif common.txt bad latin2 character substitution florian defect high fixed
#730 iptables segfaults on inserting l7 filter (SVN version 4690) developers defect high fixed
#948 mini-fanout filesystem corruption developers defect high worksforme
#956 obsolete ez-ipupdate hotplug script in whiterussian rc6 developers defect high invalid
#1085 Asterisk 1.4 package update nbd defect high invalid
#1166 dsl-qos-queue misses libipq.h nico defect high fixed
#1384 *_static_route errors (wrong host mask and unset of opt) patch attached developers defect high wontfix
#1555 wrong samba packaging; add Central/East European encodings developers enhancement high fixed
#1692 openssh-server used shadow passwd but openwrt use non shadowed passwd's developers defect high wontfix
#419 rc5/micro/openwrt-brcm-2.4-squashfs.trx is old? developers defect normal invalid
#421 ImageBuilder does not ignore .svn directories... florian defect normal fixed
#430 kismet client fails with '' error florian defect normal worksforme
#439 kmod_ide missing /etc/modules.d file developers enhancement normal fixed
#443 WPA2/AES with WDS doesn´t work developers defect normal wontfix
#450 Add adjtimex to Busybox nico enhancement normal fixed
#469 setting wds from webif fails florian defect normal fixed
#470 Ping flood. developers enhancement normal wontfix
#471 l2tpd sets DF bit nico defect normal fixed
#472 ipkg tries to overwrite files from kmod-usb-serial* packages developers defect normal fixed
#477 dnsmasq init script gives out wrong IP address range developers defect normal invalid
#479 tcpdump and libpcap version mismatch florian defect normal fixed
#491 S60olsrd hangs boot sequence (S99done is never executed) florian defect normal fixed
#497 OpenVPN Security Update florian defect normal fixed
#505 ntpclient ifup script broken florian defect normal fixed
#509 routing pb with openswan developers defect normal invalid
#511 maradns upgrade to version developers enhancement normal fixed
#512 lighthttpd mod_proxy error: proxy.state 3 nico defect normal wontfix
#513 "kill" usage messages show up in syslog, from florian defect normal invalid
#515 [nas] S41wpa doesn't kill nas florian defect normal fixed
#520 /var/lock in ppp Makefile breaks ImageBuilder florian defect normal fixed
#525 openvpn webinterface florian enhancement normal fixed
#526 nsupdate is missing in bind-tools florian defect normal fixed
#531 openvpn - new upstream version 2.0.7 developers task normal fixed
#533 3G support (UMTS/GPRS) for OpenWRT wan-settings nbd enhancement normal fixed
#543 webif cancel button does't work florian defect normal fixed
#550 RC5: /etc/init.d/S50dnsmasq sets incorrect dhcp IP address range developers defect normal fixed
#552 Snort-mysql does not start with RC5. developers defect normal invalid
#553 lighttpd proxy module OOMs on large files. nico defect normal wontfix
#560 ebtables miss the /etc/ethertypes file nico defect normal fixed
#574 Use alternate resolv.conf for dnsmasq and rest of the system developers enhancement normal duplicate
#579 pppoe does not work at all on WR850G developers defect normal fixed
#587 The Openntpd patch in Changeset 3266 doesn't work developers defect normal fixed
#590 OpenVPN webif - The upload and submit for cert and psk files are missing developers defect normal fixed
#599 bluetooth in whiterussian florian enhancement normal fixed
#608 Allow disable/enable of dnsmasq dhcp server via webif developers enhancement normal wontfix
#609 webif method to change dnsmasq dhcp leases location to/from ramdisk/flash developers enhancement normal wontfix
#610 Ability to manage static routes from webif developers enhancement normal wontfix
#611 Method thru webif to enable activating nvram changes without committing them developers enhancement normal wontfix
#612 Ability to do an access point scan from webif if wl package is installed developers enhancement normal wontfix
#621 Beginning (nvram module) of a webif-extra package for power-user web tools developers defect normal wontfix
#627 post-RC5 image language selection in Webif is broken. developers defect normal fixed
#629 some valid WPA passwords produce errors developers defect normal wontfix
#639 Add source interface options to busybox's telnet and ping commands developers defect normal fixed
#643 manage non bridged lan and wifi interfaces in webif developers enhancement normal wontfix
#647 openswan: Pluto crashes out with an init error florian defect normal fixed
#649 New packages: procps, psmisc florian enhancement normal fixed
#652 lighttpd mod_proxy "no proxy process on host" loop nico defect normal fixed
#667 dnsmasq wrongly calculated ip range developers defect normal duplicate
#671 possible openswan error disconnects router from internet florian defect normal wontfix
#698 Configure ipkg package for iptables florian enhancement normal fixed
#713 quagga update developers defect normal fixed
#721 invalid characters in croatian webif - common.txt florian defect normal duplicate
#742 installing rc5 bin/openwrt-wr850g-squashfs.bin via org. fw web interface went wrong developers defect normal fixed
#767 Webif does not display encryption key input fields under wireless configuration while using latest Firefox ( developers defect normal fixed
#771 procps and psmisc packages build problems developers defect normal fixed
#778 webif (wl0_distance only 256 max in webif interface) florian defect normal fixed
#780 it is possible to add tinyproxy in whiterussian project florian defect normal wontfix
#782 wrtsl54gs failure after erase nvram developers defect normal fixed
#785 sysctl errors for wds developers defect normal wontfix
#786 Wormulon ipkg for repository developers enhancement normal invalid
#803 the language in webif is broken nbd defect normal fixed
#805 chillispot 1.1 released developers defect normal fixed
#807 password in webif nbd defect normal fixed
#823 qos-scripts: Makefile & control fixes developers defect normal fixed
#839 parprouted removed from WR buildroot... developers defect normal wontfix
#943 dnsmasq hangs upon receipt of SIGHUP in 09rc6 developers defect normal fixed
#971 Installed Packages broken in rc6 webif package developers defect normal worksforme
#976 webif chops wpa(2) keys with special characters developers defect normal wontfix
#981 stunnel does not build developers defect normal fixed
#982 ip-up and ip-down scripts of pppd never call hotplug because of parameter error developers defect normal invalid
#987 ntpclient - 2003_194-2: 10-ntpclient not called on ppp0 up nbd defect normal wontfix
#1020 Disable the bad "ipkg upgrade" thingy developers defect normal wontfix
#1029 Patch to add MSDOS fs support developers enhancement normal fixed
#1086 fix MSDOS module load developers defect normal fixed
#1090 bluez-libs-2.24 nico enhancement normal wontfix
#1159 rc6 build fails if openvpn webif enhancement is selected developers defect normal fixed
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