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#2811 Changeset 9660 breaks busy box compile developers defect highest fixed
#3831 haseral 0.9.24 fails to build in current trunk developers defect highest worksforme
#2080 iptables 1.3.8 doesn't install on broadcom 2.4 developers defect high fixed
#2302 acx-mac80211 on r8577 not working developers defect high fixed
#2367 r8755 on AR7 hangs on boot developers defect high fixed
#2534 acx-mac80211 build process is broken developers defect high fixed
#2932 ipkg Segmentation fault developers defect high fixed
#3099 scp - truncate: File too large error in ixp4xx developers defect high worksforme
#3173 iproute2 tc build failed developers defect high fixed
#3213 madwifi > [10549] @ x86 --> Oops developers defect high fixed
#3318 typo in package/br2684ctl/files/br2684ctl developers defect high fixed
#3353 Upgrade busybox nico enhancement high fixed
#3403 ip (Routing control utility) compilation error developers defect high fixed
#3445 iksemel-1.3 package fails to compile developers defect high fixed
#3514 r11385 brakes madwifi under linux-2.6 developers defect high fixed
#3766 r11833 developers defect high worksforme
#3833 12043 - Batmand is not upgraded to 1099 with that patch developers defect high fixed
#3899 hidden symbol `__clz_tab' developers defect high fixed
#4275 Sox broken! developers defect high fixed
#4403 samba share not write able with luci developers defect high fixed
#1652 Port ADM5120 switch to kmod-switch florian defect normal fixed
#1727 Bring up interface aliases on interface hotplug event developers enhancement normal fixed
#1828 [patch] Fix for WPA-PSK client mode on broadcom hardware. nbd defect normal fixed
#2171 qos-start -> getsockopt failed strangely: No such file or directory developers defect normal fixed
#2194 gnutls fails to compile developers defect normal worksforme
#2229 Add kmod-usb-serial-keyspan support. developers enhancement normal fixed
#2327 imagebuilder seems to be broken in trunk developers defect normal worksforme
#2337 kmod-ppp on AR7 is not being written to fs image. developers defect normal fixed
#2373 PPPd does not detect link failure on AR7 developers defect normal fixed
#2394 ar7: Update acx to 20070610 developers defect normal worksforme
#2422 r9003: kmod-crypto-core broken nico defect normal fixed
#2485 r9159: Shell prompt appears as "\u@\h:\w\$" developers defect normal invalid
#2500 r9235 seems to have broken acx-mac80211 developers defect normal invalid
#2533 typo in foxboard-utils developers defect normal fixed
#2551 Error downloading updatedd package developers defect normal fixed
#2555 r9337: acx-mac80211 Crash when setting essid developers defect normal wontfix
#2557 update and fix hcidump (patch included) developers defect normal fixed
#2576 Update libupnp (patch attached) developers enhancement normal fixed
#2588 wpa_supplicant fails to build on x86 blogic defect normal fixed
#2589 fix mac80211 dependancy developers defect normal fixed
#2629 the magic file is missing multimedia files, the gmediaserver useless dependency on file developers enhancement normal wontfix
#2696 New package: Gnokii developers enhancement normal fixed
#2707 Support 802.1x for ad-hoc connections developers enhancement normal fixed
#2719 haserl will not install in firmware image developers defect normal worksforme
#2788 Fix lan/wan settings for Dell TrueMobile 2300 on Kamikaze juhosg defect normal fixed
#2819 reload for maradns developers enhancement normal fixed
#2832 madwifi-2996 to madwifi-3014 patch developers enhancement normal fixed
#2957 wpa_supplicant-[int].conf fails to parse when using psk2 due to unnecessary quotes in /lib/wifi/ developers defect normal duplicate
#2969 /usr/sbin/nas: can't resolve symbol 'bcopy' developers defect normal duplicate
#3026 iproute (tc qdisc show) segfaults developers defect normal worksforme
#3034 ixp4xx svn 10203 dnsmasq or issue? developers defect normal duplicate
#3045 batmand 0.3 beta can't run in ixp4xx developers defect normal fixed
#3070 batmand fails to start from /etc/init.d/batmand start developers defect normal fixed
#3091 zabbix 1.3.2 doesn't work in ixp4xx developers defect normal fixed
#3096 mtr broken on snapshot #10290 developers defect normal fixed
#3101 olsrd dyn_gw package interval not working [ with patch ] developers defect normal duplicate
#3102 olsrd dyn_gw package interval not working [ with patch ] developers defect normal fixed
#3157 jamvm on x86 developers defect normal fixed
#3237 Firmware for the kernel-space driver for Alcatel SpeedTouch USB modems developers enhancement normal fixed
#3256 Remove dependency to x86 target on some packages developers defect normal fixed
#3259 [PATCH] Fix batman and batman-advanced on 2.6.24 kernel developers defect normal fixed
#3260 [PATCH] Redistribuition of OLSR routes on Quagga developers defect normal fixed
#3270 [PATCH] madwifi-0.9.4 for kamikaze developers enhancement normal fixed
#3271 [PATCH] dnsmasq-2.41 for kamikaze developers enhancement normal fixed
#3305 [PATCH] Configure mac address of madwifi devices developers enhancement normal fixed
#3386 Add default "option payload" to /etc/config/network developers enhancement normal fixed
#3413 [AR7] IPv6 packages compile error developers defect normal fixed
#3512 Compilation errors - Libnl package developers defect normal fixed
#3529 add dhcp-boot to dnsmasq-init developers enhancement normal fixed
#3757 trunk - "at" command breaks the build process developers defect normal worksforme
#3770 avoid RSA: Expected SEQUENCE (public key) - found class 0 tag 0xd developers enhancement normal fixed
#3801 Batman package does not compile with Kernel 2.6.26 developers defect normal fixed
#3804 upnpd not starting automatically, requires symbolic link developers defect normal invalid
#3821 enable lm90 kmod for sensors on alix boards developers enhancement normal fixed
#3847 Packages: Update to latest stable Busybox developers defect normal duplicate
#3877 update iodine package developers enhancement normal fixed
#3881 Update Polipo developers enhancement normal fixed
#3893 should be stored in /var/run/tor developers defect normal duplicate
#3901 [Packages] opkg collected errors nico defect normal fixed
#3911 [Patch] ath5k support developers enhancement normal fixed
#3912 [Patch] Support for newer Sierra UMTS cards nico enhancement normal fixed
#3934 Allow raw hex passphrase in developers enhancement normal duplicate
#3935 Allow raw hex passphrase in developers enhancement normal fixed
#3936 Zabbix agent adds user and init script developers enhancement normal fixed
#3953 Watchdog not rebooting on some Atheros SOC systems. developers defect normal fixed
#4000 typo in developers defect normal fixed
#4007 tinyproxy, new wersion developers enhancement normal fixed
#4035 qos-scripts CONNMARK error developers defect normal fixed
#4059 icecast doesn't compile developers defect normal fixed
#4086 pa_atomic_ptr_cmpxchg causes illegal instruction on mips2 (wgt634u) florian defect normal fixed
#4109 OpenSWAN 2.6.18 Patch For Kamikaze 8.09 developers enhancement normal fixed
#4132 [PATCH] Wifidog needs iptables-mod-nat-extra developers defect normal fixed
#4175 gpio mmc not fixed developers defect normal duplicate
#4215 /etc/init.d/olsrd doesn't handle Hna6 sections correctly developers defect normal fixed
#4221 freeradius-mod-eap-2.1.1 wants to load strange shared libraries florian defect normal fixed
#4222 8.0.9_RC1, brcm47xx-2.6 missing nvram command developers enhancement normal wontfix
#4245 fix ipv6 over ipv4 remotely triggerable memory leak, CVE-2008-2136 developers defect normal fixed
#4250 udp forwarding not working developers defect normal worksforme
#4251 shorewall-shell should depend on (iproute2-)ip developers defect normal fixed
#2372 PPPd does not set IPv6 default route after successful IP6CP negotiation developers defect low fixed
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