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#13346 OpenWRT downloads susceptible to MITM attacks? reopened defect highest
#1687 802.1X authentication using wpa_supplicant not working with wired driver reopened developers defect high
#2024 RFC - release testing proceedures new developers task high
#9673 compex np27g (adm5120) not run WiFi new developers defect high
#10754 support for MI424WR Rev D assigned kaloz enhancement high
#13143 Atheros router freezes in less than 5 min after boot up on receiving packets on ethernet new developers defect high
#14591 AR8216 VLAN Tags not being padded correctly. new developers defect high
#17969 Broken Reverse DNS for the IPv6 on the mail server new defect high
#18143 OpenWRT wiki down - 502 bad gateway reopened defect high
#19559 cant register on openwrt forum using free internet (tor) new defect high
#20311 wireless: WEXT signal reporting broken reopened developers defect high
#20534 Port forward doesn't work new defect high
#20595 dnsmasq: /var/etc/dnsmasq.conf 'local' parameter key is being wrongly auto-generated as 'server' new developers defect high
#21921 Forum registration not possible. tries to connect to and fails new defect high
#2281 Fritz!Box TFFS problems accepted mirko defect normal
#2561 Various fixes for AR7 accepted florian enhancement normal
#2897 add Netgear support to upslug2 new developers enhancement normal
#3058 dvbstream new developers enhancement normal
#3783 qos-scripts X wifidog: do not work together new developers defect normal
#4129 gpiommc no longer working with kernel reopened juhosg defect normal
#5227 Patch to enable building NGW100 firmware to boot from SD/MMC assigned kaloz enhancement normal
#5374 Perl is not built with library eglibc new developers defect normal
#5583 MTU size limited on IP175C LAN ports new developers enhancement normal
#5881 djbdns cache does not reply A record of deep CNAME chain new developers defect normal
#6435 udhcpc classless routes handle fix reopened jow defect normal
#6438 Have bridge/vlan as a module selection new developers enhancement normal
#7103 add the date to each news on assigned agb enhancement normal
#7127 Cannot upload openwrt firmware to Linksys AG241v1 accepted florian defect normal
#7447 Westell 7501 reopened developers enhancement normal
#7667 preserving SUID/SGID permissions when building images reopened jow defect normal
#12107 anyRemote sample files contain "hard coded" references to BASH, which is uncommon (size!) on OpenWRT devices new developers defect normal
#12506 URLs in wiki password recovery email are incorrect new defect normal
#12550 VLAN Switch Config don't work on TP-Link TL-WDR4300 (RC-1) new developers defect normal
#13373 Nested classes and traffic classification new developers defect normal
#13414 Mikrotik RB493G: initramfs image missing in binary firmware releases new developers enhancement normal
#13608 Add TCP+SCTP config option to UCI and LuCI. reopened enhancement normal
#13738 WARNING: at net/sched/sch_generic.c:254 dev_watchdog+0x180/0x288() new developers defect normal
#14280 Recompile nginx on to output longer filenames new enhancement normal
#15473 IPv6 for / new enhancement normal
#17074 New iodine 0.7 version released new developers task normal
#17572 Reset password link does not work new defect normal
#17757 mini_snmpd: not tracking wan or eth1 interface new developers defect normal
#18030 is blank when opened in FireFox with [zh-cn] language preference new defect normal
#19491 Ticket System: Make "Create ticket" and "Preview" only once clickable new defect normal
#19761 make openwrt wiki https like and new enhancement normal
#19981 option mode fails on ncm device (Huawei E3372) new developers defect normal
#20041 Bug system at produces errors new defect normal
#20053 You are blocking ixquick-proxy on openwrt wiki, and works fine new defect normal
#20103 Pleas add support to modem E3372 no-hilink (and other new Huawei products) new developers enhancement normal
#20221 Archer C7 V2 new developers defect normal
#20301 TL-WR841Nv8 cannot boot randomly new developers defect normal
#20488 Archer C5 5 GHz radio missing in CC final new developers defect normal
#20588 PPPoE and sessions limit new developers defect normal
#21474 Cant register to Forum because my IP is blocked (running tor exit at home) new defect normal
#22056 Add edit-functionality to the wiki on new defect normal
#22292 odhcpd should include local ipv6 address by default the in dns servers list new developers defect normal
#22442 How to connect to the router wirelessly new developers defect normal
#22816 Regulatory for Ham Radio new developers defect normal
#22896 TP-Link Router bricked Help Needed new developers defect normal
#1654 ar7-2.6 - Unable to edit ADAM2 environment variables on DG834Gv2 accepted nico defect low
#3206 Add openrrcp package reopened developers enhancement low
#5423 Opkg search doesn't work (but opkg list | grep does) reopened developers defect low
#8776 RTL8366S Jumbo Frame Support reopened juhosg enhancement low
#9725 Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH: AOSS button in hotplug events ($BUTTON) is not listed as 'wps' anymore new defect lowest
#13272 Bug luci-i18n-french 0.11+svn9425-1 French (by Florian Fainelli) reopened developers defect response-needed
#14317 unable to build kernel module with SDK: Module.symvers modules.{builtin,order} .config are missing new developers enhancement response-needed
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