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#607 ipkg does not handle running out of flash gracefully florian defect high base system
#2671 libiconv is missing supported encodings developers defect normal packages
#3737 radvd doesn't work on 2.4 developers defect normal packages
#4121 atheros 2313 phy filed register developers defect normal kernel
#4267 Corrected SSB Config developers defect normal base system
#4519 hostapd 0.6.7 is incompatible with 2.6.25 kernel developers defect normal packages
#4549 Broken OCF/cryptodev with kernel version 2.6.28 on brcm47xx developers defect normal kernel
#4553 8.09 trunk on x86 2.6.28 breaks ide support developers defect normal kernel
#4725 rt2x00queue_write_tx_frame error developers defect normal packages
#4796 kmod-sound-core install fails on x86 developers defect normal kernel
#3723 gcc internal error on cris platform developers defect normal packages
#4326 not compiling on cygwin florian defect normal base system
#4429 Kamikaze 8.09RC1 wifi crash developers defect high base system
#4598 Intermittent WiFi (PHY transmission error) after an hour or so of uptime developers defect normal kernel
#4740 diag.c recognizes "Motorola WR850G" as "Dell TrueMobile 2300 v2" developers defect high kernel
#4838 libpcap build fails; libc error? developers defect normal other
#5246 Only one of miniupnpd or ushare can run at the same time. developers defect low packages
#5798 mms does not work with 0.15.1 , 0.15.2 developers defect high packages
#6003 Toolchain target that exports an usable Openwrt based toolchain developers enhancement normal toolchain
#4505 One MAC to rule them all ? developers defect response-needed base system Kamikaze trunk
#5019 ext3 not reading unicode directories nico defect response-needed kernel Kamikaze trunk
#6270 in build_dir/mipsel/roo-brcm-2.4 var is a symlink to /tmp (of the building system) developers defect high toolchain Kamikaze trunk
#6335 sysupgrade 8.09 not working developers defect high base system Kamikaze trunk
#9428 nmap package has libnl dependency developers defect normal packages Backfire 10.03.1 RC4
#9728 sysupgrade misses "--help" developers enhancement low packages Backfire 10.03.1 RC4
#10678 native ipv6 static config not working developers defect high kernel 10.03.1
#10752 WLAN is slow after upgrade. (ath9k) developers defect response-needed kernel 10.03.1
#3188 pulseaudio and broken gcc uclib? florian defect normal packages Trunk
#4805 Platform Cellvision CAS670W - Ethernet not working developers defect normal base system Trunk
#4902 fix: host installation of ccache developers defect normal toolchain Trunk
#5022 libopkg install fails (libtool related) developers defect high packages Trunk
#8096 gcc-4.5.1 fails to build (elf_getshdrstrndx) developers defect normal toolchain Trunk
#8206 uhttpd can't start . user gcc-linaro-4.5-2010.10 developers defect response-needed packages Trunk
#9713 FFMpeg seg fault developers defect low packages Trunk
#10773 Unable to compile bind-server package. developers defect normal packages Trunk
#12489 paid links on the wiki defect normal documentation Trunk
#12840 dir-300-b1 build failed developers defect normal toolchain Trunk
#13201 USB on tp-lin