19:41 Changeset [1156] by nico
Add some mirrors
19:40 Changeset [1155] by nico
Update to new upstream release (v0.71)
18:23 Changeset [1154] by nico
Add some mirrors
18:16 Changeset [1153] by nico
Set download url to sourceforge
18:14 Changeset [1152] by nico
Add some mirrors
16:46 Changeset [1151] by nbd
fix sdk
16:45 Changeset [1150] by nbd
add %-rebuild target for package/
16:42 Changeset [1149] by nbd
add rebuild target for the linux directory
16:22 Changeset [1148] by nbd
fix rebuild, when mostlyclean fails
16:05 Changeset [1147] by nbd
add target package/target_name to the master makefile, which will run …
15:32 Changeset [1146] by nbd
implement mostlyclean target in strace package
15:32 Changeset [1145] by nbd
add a rebuild and a default mostlyclean target to packages.
12:18 Changeset [1144] by nbd
build asterisk correctly with DEVELOPER=1 and not all config options …
12:14 Changeset [1143] by wbx
only compile on devloper runs
08:20 Changeset [1142] by oleg
relates connections should be mss clamped too
08:06 Changeset [1141] by oleg
added media and mdi-x port settings


09:21 Changeset [1140] by nico
Standardize initscript
08:41 Changeset [1139] by nico
Ack name changes in asterisk config options
08:39 Changeset [1138] by nico
Add pbx_dundi patch (thanks Greg Boehnlein). Move "not recommended" codecs …


04:04 Changeset [1137] by nico
Update to new upstream release (v0.8.0). Change the patch that disabled …
01:29 Changeset [1136] by nico
Split patches. Use full target optimization flags (save a few KB). Do a …
01:21 Changeset [1135] by nico
Add dependency on libelf to net-snmp
00:06 Changeset [1134] by nico
Updated to new upstream release
00:06 Changeset [1133] by nico
Enabled now by default (when DEVELOPER=1)


23:13 Changeset [1132] by nbd
add even more workarounds for bcm4710, remove -fno-delayed-branch from …
22:16 Changeset [1131] by nico
Add mod-sqlcounter subpackage, remove empty directories from subpackages
20:28 Changeset [1130] by nbd
make dnsmasq init script non-blocking
17:12 Changeset [1129] by nbd
add function for enabling/disabling radio in wlcompat
15:47 Changeset [1128] by wbx
will be removed as soon as we have another solution, seems to be …
15:45 Changeset [1127] by wbx
leases file defaults to var/misc, which does not exist
10:30 Changeset [1126] by mbm
switch to a more reliable mechanism for running firstboot
10:28 Changeset [1125] by mbm
prevent zombies from occuring when stdou/stdout are held open


12:09 Changeset [1124] by nbd
disable reverse lookup in dropbear
01:46 Changeset [1123] by mbm
misc init.d cleanups
00:46 Changeset [1122] by nbd
split kernel patches into board dependend and generic
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