21:29 Ticket #119 (RC4 webif does not accept hostname for new ethers entry IP field) created by shadow@…
The /etc/ethers file as I have it contains <macaddr> <your.host.name.tld> …
19:29 Ticket #61 (udev support) closed by kaloz
19:29 Ticket #118 (/etc/hotplug.d/iface/10-ntpclient botch) created by anonymous
Apologies if this is a dupe. I didn't find the search facility very …
18:03 Changeset [2596] by nico
add udev package
16:37 Changeset [2595] by nico
use the @GNU mirror facility from scripts/download.pl
16:35 Changeset [2594] by nico
add a last resort SF round-robin url and some GNU mirrors
11:28 Ticket #96 (WR850G: reset button does nothing.) closed by kaloz
invalid: The reset button is only used to enter failsafe, as mbm mentioned.
11:23 Ticket #115 (Winbond flash support in WhiteRussian) closed by kaloz
fixed: fixed in rev [2593]
11:21 Changeset [2593] by kaloz
add support for winbond flash chips, fixes ticket #115
09:44 Ticket #66 (iptraf doesn't understand the TERM default) closed by nico
worksforme: I was not able to reproduce your bug. Please check that you're using the …
06:53 Changeset [2592] by nico
update sqlite3 to new upstream release (v3.2.7)
06:43 Ticket #109 (stunnel b0rken) closed by nico
invalid: The stunnel package has not been integrated in our releases. Please …
06:32 Changeset [2591] by nico
update sipsak to new upstream release (v0.9.5)
06:28 Changeset [2590] by nico
update maradns to new upstream release (v1.0.35)
06:18 Changeset [2589] by nico
update libdaemon to new upstream release (v0.10)
06:16 Changeset [2588] by nico
update avahi to new upstream release (v0.6.1)
06:02 Changeset [2587] by nico
update ndisc6 to new upstream release (v0.5.1)
05:53 Changeset [2586] by nico
update asterisk to new upstream stable release (v1.0.10)
05:50 Changeset [2585] by nico
merge netfilter modules and iptables extensions variables
05:14 Changeset [2584] by nico
fix tgz image help
04:17 Ticket #117 (olsrd-mod-httpinfo doesn't build) created by tristan@…
I can't seem to get olsrd-mod-httpinfo to build: […] This bug has been …


23:49 Changeset [2583] by wbx
sync with trunk
23:39 Changeset [2582] by wbx
fix sourceforge mirrors, thx d1mag
16:44 Ticket #116 (can't build sablevm-classpath due to bad fastjar invocation) created by tristan@…
There's a bug in sablevm 1.11.3 that prevents it from building with …
12:52 Changeset [2581] by nico
update lighttpd to new upstream release (v1.4.8), add a mod-accesslog …
10:15 Changeset [2580] by wbx
temporarily disabled mirrors


19:32 Ticket #115 (Winbond flash support in WhiteRussian) created by kaloz
target/linux/linux-2.4/patches/generic/005-mtd_flashtypes.patch should be …
19:13 Ticket #114 (KGDB not working with AR7 port) created by sw
For kernel development, a working kernel debugger would be a large …
19:06 Ticket #113 (Fix vlynq interrupt handling in AR7 kernel) created by sw
Wireless LAN with the TI AR7 needs a functional VLYNQ interface. The …
10:05 Ticket #112 (iperf: uclibc++ dependency missing from package/Makefile) closed by wbx
fixed: fixed in revision 2579. thx for report.
10:04 Changeset [2579] by wbx
fix for bug report #112
10:01 Changeset [2578] by wbx
small fix for make targets from Martin Ley
05:15 Ticket #112 (iperf: uclibc++ dependency missing from package/Makefile) created by tristan@…
iperf 2.0.2 depends on uclibc++, but this isn't reflected in …


22:20 Ticket #111 (WDS with WPA not working in RC4) created by emlyn.bolton@…
I've been getting two WRT54Gs working with WDS between them. One is a v1, …
21:42 Ticket #110 (openssh server init script generates from key files) created by anonymous
there is a rather stupid bug in the init.d script for the openssh server. …
21:36 Ticket #109 (stunnel b0rken) created by anonymous
i've tried all three versions of stunnel and both libopenssl version i …
21:34 Ticket #108 (httpd does not support binding of an ip address) created by anonymous
though it is possible to set the port the httpd shall use, it is not …
17:32 Ticket #107 (dropbear authorized_keys authentication in RC4) closed by wbx
worksforme: it works in rc4. We just changed the location. Use …
17:28 Ticket #107 (dropbear authorized_keys authentication in RC4) created by V.Danhelka@…
Hi, dropbear authentication using authorized_keys doesn't work in White …
14:03 WikiStart edited by wbx
02:01 Ticket #102 (add ipv6 addresses to interfaces) closed by mbm
duplicate: Duplicate; see #101
01:57 Ticket #106 (RC2 and RC4 doesn't work with WPA) closed by mbm
wontfix: Install nas. http://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=3475


20:21 Changeset [2577] by nico
fix wrong md5sum
19:49 Ticket #106 (RC2 and RC4 doesn't work with WPA) created by Sowbug
I think this is a duplicate of ticket #89 -- I'll attempt to provide …


23:32 Ticket #89 (RC4: WIFI KO) closed by wbx
invalid: we need more information. bogus bug report.
23:31 Ticket #105 (Build fails on mac os x) closed by wbx
wontfix: only building on linux is supported. Use ImageBuilder or send patches.
23:11 Ticket #105 (Build fails on mac os x) created by gkruse@…
I tried building trunk on os x and it fails because cp lacks the -a option
22:07 Ticket #104 (Asterisk 1.2 with voicemail,music on hold,park,conference) created by lipeng8577@…
HI, As new asterisk 1.2 has been in the market, can we have some talented …
20:05 Ticket #103 (/etc directory only readable by root -> dnsmasq fails ) created by anonymous
In White-Russian RC4 (jffs2) version, the /etc directory permissions are …
14:13 Ticket #102 (add ipv6 addresses to interfaces) created by anonymous
Allows an ipv6 address to be added to an interface at bootup. […]
13:21 Ticket #101 (add ipv6 addres support) created by rootkit85@…
Allows an ipv6 address to be added to an interface at bootup. Index: …
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