23:34 Ticket #65 (dnsmasq.conf states wrong syntax for /etc/ethers) closed by nbd
23:34 Changeset [2627] by nbd
fix documented syntax for /etc/ethers in dnsmasq.conf (fixes #65)
23:34 Changeset [2626] by nbd
fix documented syntax for /etc/ethers in dnsmasq.conf (fixes #65)
23:23 Changeset [2625] by nbd
don't display an 8 character password limit on the passwd prompt
23:22 Ticket #79 (password set page on webif reports false password limits) closed by nbd
23:21 Changeset [2624] by nbd
don't display an 8 character password limit on the passwd prompt
23:15 Ticket #82 (Space check for ipkg) closed by nbd
wontfix: Sorry, it's not possible to check this reliably, due to the jffs2 …
23:12 Ticket #74 (web interface extra nvram commit) closed by nbd
23:11 Changeset [2623] by nbd
only commit nvram if necessary (fixes #74)
23:03 Ticket #111 (WDS with WPA not working in RC4) closed by nbd
worksforme: Try running both with RC4. It works fine with WPA in my test setup…
23:01 Ticket #88 (Improved /etc/init.d/S60cron) closed by nbd
23:01 Changeset [2622] by florian
Changed config files to add support for SIP modules
23:00 Changeset [2621] by nbd
create /var/spool/cron in cron init script and change the default crontab …
22:59 Changeset [2620] by florian
Added connection tracking modules for SIP
22:57 Changeset [2619] by nbd
create /var/spool/cron in cron init script and change the default crontab …
22:46 Ticket #57 (ifup.pppoe locks console) closed by nbd
22:46 Changeset [2618] by nbd
use a subshell and redirect stdout,stderr in ifup.pppoe and ifup.pptp …
22:42 Changeset [2617] by wbx
add /etc/ipsec.conf to conffiles
22:41 Changeset [2616] by wbx
add /etc/ipsec.conf to conffiles
22:38 Ticket #95 (Client mode setting with webif is broken.) closed by nbd
invalid: The wireless config page is not supposed to change the bridge settings …
22:34 Ticket #97 (jffs2 not marked clean; filesystem wiped each reboot) closed by nbd
22:34 Changeset [2615] by nbd
unlock linux partition before running jffs2root --clean. fixes #97
22:34 Changeset [2614] by nbd
unlock linux partition before running jffs2root --clean. fixes #97
22:22 Ticket #125 (ipkg overwrites user-changed files) closed by nbd
invalid: ipkg does this when the files in question are added to the 'conffiles' …
22:13 Changeset [2613] by nico
fix 2.4 build error introduced by changeset:2606
17:25 Ticket #125 (ipkg overwrites user-changed files) created by ulmen
ipkg should not overwrite files which were edited/removed/whatever by the …
16:36 Changeset [2612] by olli
Remove not working ssh pattern file
16:34 Changeset [2611] by olli
Remove not working ssh pattern file
11:01 Ticket #124 (RC4 encryption for ap<->wet client-bridge mode does not work) created by YUxX7Skgb7pII0bHE33Slq@…
as posted in this thread: http://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=3623


20:05 Ticket #123 (WhiteRussian rc4: Please restore WEP Shared Auth mode) created by anonymous
(WEP) Shared Authentication mode seems not to be functional, nor to be …


23:41 Changeset [2610] by nico
add asterisk-mini package, put modules.conf under rev; control, add ipkg …
12:35 Changeset [2609] by nico
build the transitional iptables-extra meta-package too (port of …
12:14 Changeset [2608] by nico
add pcmcia and serial_cs kernel support for mipsel/2.6
11:02 Changeset [2607] by nico
add ipsec-tools package
11:00 Changeset [2606] by nico
fix 2.6 module build when compiling on a 2.4 host system
10:50 Ticket #110 (openssh server init script generates from key files) closed by nico
duplicate: Already reported in ticket:100
09:56 Ticket #122 (chan_h323 would be nice for asterisk) created by YUxX7Skgb7pII0bHE33Slq@…
not everything speaks SIP/skinny/etc. a lot of cheapy stuff speaks H323 …
01:57 Ticket #121 (Usb timeouts on Asus 500g Deluxe) created by gkruse@…
Usb times out (or something) and causes filesystem errors. I have seen …


23:29 Changeset [2605] by nico
remove Maintainer: and Source: fields from ipkg control files
23:24 Changeset [2604] by nico
make all sub-packages depend on iptables
23:15 Changeset [2603] by nico
add uSTL package
23:09 Changeset [2602] by nico
add kernel driver for SPCA5XX based USB cameras
18:33 Changeset [2601] by nico
add libgsm and gsm-utils packages
10:50 Ticket #120 (ttcp uses wrong default port) closed by nico
fixed: The upstream authors changed the default port used from 5001 to 5010 in …
10:46 Changeset [2600] by nico
backport fix from changeset:2599
10:26 Changeset [2599] by nico
fix default port in usage (closes: #120)
10:14 Ticket #120 (ttcp uses wrong default port) created by YUxX7Skgb7pII0bHE33Slq@…
ttcp uses wrong default port # ttcp Usage: ttcp -t [-options] host [ < …
10:06 Changeset [2598] by nico
remove obsolete comments stating that the modules won't build on …
00:08 Changeset [2597] by nico
add detail, preprocess and realm sub-packages, rename patches, prepare …


21:29 Ticket #119 (RC4 webif does not accept hostname for new ethers entry IP field) created by shadow@…
The /etc/ethers file as I have it contains <macaddr> <your.host.name.tld> …
19:29 Ticket #61 (udev support) closed by kaloz
19:29 Ticket #118 (/etc/hotplug.d/iface/10-ntpclient botch) created by anonymous
Apologies if this is a dupe. I didn't find the search facility very …
18:03 Changeset [2596] by nico
add udev package
16:37 Changeset [2595] by nico
use the @GNU mirror facility from scripts/download.pl
16:35 Changeset [2594] by nico
add a last resort SF round-robin url and some GNU mirrors
11:28 Ticket #96 (WR850G: reset button does nothing.) closed by kaloz
invalid: The reset button is only used to enter failsafe, as mbm mentioned.
11:23 Ticket #115 (Winbond flash support in WhiteRussian) closed by kaloz
fixed: fixed in rev [2593]
11:21 Changeset [2593] by kaloz
add support for winbond flash chips, fixes ticket #115
09:44 Ticket #66 (iptraf doesn't understand the TERM default) closed by nico
worksforme: I was not able to reproduce your bug. Please check that you're using the …
06:53 Changeset [2592] by nico
update sqlite3 to new upstream release (v3.2.7)
06:43 Ticket #109 (stunnel b0rken) closed by nico
invalid: The stunnel package has not been integrated in our releases. Please …
06:32 Changeset [2591] by nico
update sipsak to new upstream release (v0.9.5)
06:28 Changeset [2590] by nico
update maradns to new upstream release (v1.0.35)
06:18 Changeset [2589] by nico
update libdaemon to new upstream release (v0.10)
06:16 Changeset [2588] by nico
update avahi to new upstream release (v0.6.1)
06:02 Changeset [2587] by nico
update ndisc6 to new upstream release (v0.5.1)
05:53 Changeset [2586] by nico
update asterisk to new upstream stable release (v1.0.10)
05:50 Changeset [2585] by nico
merge netfilter modules and iptables extensions variables
05:14 Changeset [2584] by nico
fix tgz image help
04:17 Ticket #117 (olsrd-mod-httpinfo doesn't build) created by tristan@…
I can't seem to get olsrd-mod-httpinfo to build: […] This bug has been …


23:49 Changeset [2583] by wbx
sync with trunk
23:39 Changeset [2582] by wbx
fix sourceforge mirrors, thx d1mag
16:44 Ticket #116 (can't build sablevm-classpath due to bad fastjar invocation) created by tristan@…
There's a bug in sablevm 1.11.3 that prevents it from building with …
12:52 Changeset [2581] by nico
update lighttpd to new upstream release (v1.4.8), add a mod-accesslog …
10:15 Changeset [2580] by wbx
temporarily disabled mirrors
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