23:35 Changeset [3234] by olli
fix elhttp build
22:48 Ticket #310 (insmodding ip_conntrack_sip.o fails on todays white russian svn.) created by claas@…
insmodding ip_conntrack_sip.o fails on todays white russian svn. …
17:03 Ticket #309 (Add 'ifup_order' in NVRAM) created by anonymous
A special variable should contain list of interface names in order how …
17:00 Ticket #308 (use '${IFACE}_static_route' instead of global 'static_route' in NVRAM) created by anonymous
'static_route' variable should be per-interface and ifup script should …
14:17 Ticket #85 (Reduce time from reflash to fully booted system) closed by mbm
14:13 Changeset [3233] by mbm
massive rewrite of firstboot
13:58 Changeset [3232] by florian
Added support for SSL
13:43 Changeset [3231] by florian
changed cp for $(CP), reverted wrong package/config/Makefile CP
13:40 Changeset [3230] by florian
Added httping
00:47 Ticket #307 (ppp filter support is absolutely necessary for dial on demand an should be ...) created by h@…
In changeset 3227 nbd has disabled ppp filter support by default which has …


21:52 Ticket #306 ([PATCH] Fix usbatm driver loading.) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in r3229, thanks !
21:51 Changeset [3229] by florian
Fixed wrong module name for usbatm
21:42 Ticket #306 ([PATCH] Fix usbatm driver loading.) created by Jonathan McDowell <noodles-wrt@…>
The usbatm package tried to load "usb-atm", but the module is actually …
19:47 Changeset [3228] by nbd
name sercomm-based ar7 images (dg834/compatible) .img instead of .bin, …
19:33 Changeset [3227] by nbd
disable ppp filter support by default (adds unnecessary bloat by requiring …
17:41 Changeset [3226] by mbm
remove; causes errors
17:34 Ticket #305 (ImageBuilder ipkg script uses obsolete head options) created by davide125
On my system, running the ImageBuilder produces an stream of warnings: …
14:26 Changeset [3225] by mbm
cleanup preinit; move failsafe into preinit
11:58 Changeset [3224] by mbm
patch find to allow multiple -type arguments
07:33 Ticket #300 (strange segfault during compiling of iproute2, that goes away at second ...) closed by nbd
invalid: Compiler bug, not an OpenWrt bug
07:31 Ticket #196 (Basic documentation of the switch driver's /proc interface) closed by nbd
fixed: Added in [3223]
07:31 Changeset [3223] by nbd
add patch from #196
07:28 Ticket #285 (linux-atm package installation incomplete) closed by nbd
fixed: Fixed in SVN, previous cp behavior restored in [3222], avoiding the …
07:28 Changeset [3222] by nbd
go back to previous behavior of copying only libatm.so.1 (not …
07:00 Changeset [3221] by nbd
add support for netgear dg834 and the almost identical sphairon jdr454wb: …
00:15 Changeset [3220] by nbd
fix dependency problem


23:23 Ticket #304 (Long-Description for packages iptables-mod-nat and kmod-ipt-nat) created by nmagedman@…
Please add the following long description to the ipkg/foo.control files …
23:19 Ticket #303 (Long-Description for package bwm (take 2)) created by anonymous
Re: Bug #284 (and #283 for that matter) Actually, what I had in mind was …
18:46 Changeset [3219] by florian
Restored mrd6 compilation as "ceilf" dependency is now solved, updated to …
17:32 Changeset [3218] by wbx
disable mrd6, compile is broken
08:09 Ticket #302 (snort-wireless-mysql_2.4.3-alpha04-1_mipsel.ipk) created by irishjd
There appears to be an issue with the …


22:35 Ticket #277 (support of 'openvpn without openssl') closed by wbx
fixed: fixed.
22:34 Ticket #278 (patch for ticket #277 - openvpn without ssl) closed by wbx
fixed: added to subversion #3217. thx
22:32 Changeset [3217] by wbx
openvpn without ssl closes #277/#278
21:45 Ticket #284 (Long-Description for package bwm) closed by wbx
fixed: fixed in #3216
21:45 Changeset [3216] by wbx
add long description from nmagedman@…
21:43 Changeset [3215] by wbx
add libpcap as compile dependency
21:41 Changeset [3214] by wbx
update to new version
21:39 Ticket #283 (Packages Lack Long Descriptions) closed by wbx
wontfix: please add separate patches to dev.openwrt.org.
19:59 Changeset [3213] by mbm
fix compile error (disable dietlibc)
19:34 Ticket #301 (iperf appears to require libgcc) closed by wbx
invalid: Your toolchain is to old, please rebuild. Use a new base system for new …
19:16 Ticket #296 (Recent change to S45fire still not right.) closed by mbm
19:08 Changeset [3212] by mbm
Correct a few typos
18:49 Ticket #301 (iperf appears to require libgcc) created by Dibblah
Current SVN. See the following session: […]
16:49 Ticket #300 (strange segfault during compiling of iproute2, that goes away at second ...) created by openwrt@…
I have noticed a strange effect - when I am trying to build a fresh svn …
12:42 Changeset [3211] by kaloz
move packages and kernel modules into menus
12:04 Changeset [3210] by kaloz
use gcc 4.0.2 and deselect ppp by default for Aruba, use gcc 3.4.5 for the …
00:08 Changeset [3209] by olli
replace 'mkdir -p' by 'install -d -m0755'


23:21 Changeset [3208] by mbm
build the kernel scripts directory before packages (required for some …
23:20 Changeset [3207] by mbm
finally fix pesky irq issues
19:51 Ticket #275 (web interface fw upgrade should handle "no space") closed by nbd
fixed: The web upgrade page has been rewritten. In case not enough memory is …
16:02 Changeset [3206] by olli
add iftop packages, thanks to Benjamin Binier
15:51 Changeset [3205] by nbd
fix minor glitch in upgrade status display
15:44 Ticket #299 (problems in hotplug.d/net/10) created by samot
kamikaze brcm2.4 r3187 1) Wlan is not associated to AP after ifup wan in …
15:29 Changeset [3204] by nbd
fix remaining linebreaks
15:27 Changeset [3203] by florian
Removed linebreaks
14:51 Changeset [3202] by florian
Updated french translation
13:29 Ticket #298 (WIFI port in Webif.) created by Ivoshiee
I have Motorola WE800G and it does not have a WAN port - only LAN and …
09:59 Changeset [3201] by nbd
rewrite of the webif firmware upgrade process
09:47 Changeset [3200] by nbd
enhance the new mtd -q option
09:24 Changeset [3199] by nbd
add missing mtd output message
04:21 Changeset [3198] by nbd
add wrt54g(s) image support to mtd (required for webif firmware update …
02:49 Ticket #297 (Reopen: udhcpc script cause wan connection drops on dhcp mode) created by tapio.haapala@…
Broblem not fixed on r2996 Ticket #138. Some reason this drop connections …


22:22 Changeset [3197] by nbd
another translation correction
22:21 Changeset [3196] by nbd
fix small translation error
22:16 Changeset [3195] by nbd
call fflush after every output line in the webif translator and add some …
21:57 Changeset [3194] by nbd
add a note for some missing french translations
21:56 Changeset [3193] by nbd
fix a few typos, add missing translation
20:55 Changeset [3192] by nbd
several webif cleanups and some added helptext (TODO: add french versions)
19:28 Changeset [3191] by nbd
pppo*: change lcp-echo-interval to 1s instead of 10s
16:45 Changeset [3190] by nbd
webif: add helpitem and helptext to common awk functions
15:08 Changeset [3189] by florian
Removed init script as there is an hotplug one, check whether user …
15:07 Changeset [3188] by florian
Added hotplug script for ez-ipupdate, checks if user configuration …
11:03 Changeset [3187] by florian
Updated Makefile, thanks to Stephen Rose, corrected compile-time …
07:20 Ticket #296 (Recent change to S45fire still not right.) created by s9999@…
S45firewall in /etc/init.d had a recent change that leaves $iface on line …
00:00 Changeset [3186] by florian
Added scanlogd, thanks to Stephen Rose for his work
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