23:18 Ticket #375 (libltdl - problems with loading of dependant libraries) created by s.zagrodzki@…
lt_dlopen() has problems when user_search_path is set, and loaded library …
22:31 Changeset [3372] by mbm
add ethtool
22:24 Ticket #341 (Problem with FastJar patch for sablevm-classpath) closed by wbx
fixed: patch was removed by florian or nico.
22:20 Ticket #374 (Regression: kamikaze "DQ5 raised" problems with WL500GD) created by TheRoDent
During boot with Kamikaze, I get the following errors on the WL500G …
22:19 Ticket #366 (xsupplicant broken ) closed by wbx
fixed: fixed in svn, please do make distclean before rebuild.
22:15 Changeset [3371] by wbx
add md5sum
22:14 Changeset [3370] by wbx
update to 1.2.3, do make distclean, before you try to build, wireless …
22:13 Changeset [3369] by wbx
do not overwrite madwifi-ng includes, use madwifi-old directory
22:12 Changeset [3368] by wbx
patch kernelheaders before distributing in staging_dir
22:11 Changeset [3367] by wbx
wireless extension 18 for 2.4 kernels, needed for xsupplicant
21:23 Ticket #373 (wifi up watchdog: high packet loss and latency) created by Holger
After upgrading from Whiterussian rc2 to rc4/pre-rc5 I wondered why packet …
21:16 Ticket #372 (Informative iptables-mod-* info) created by anonymous
All iptables-mod-* packages should contain list of modules and targets …
11:22 Ticket #342 (Export variables for sablevm compilation.) closed by wbx
worksforme: i do not need to set these. may be your buildroot is not up to date.
10:10 Ticket #235 (WAP54G v1.0 diag) closed by florian
duplicate: Same as #293
10:02 Changeset [3366] by nbd
fix occasional build error in base-files
01:26 Changeset [3365] by nico
add mirror url


21:48 Changeset [3364] by wbx
privoxy port, first try
21:48 Changeset [3363] by nbd
fix typo
19:53 Changeset [3362] by wbx
add mirrors and update to 2.2.6
19:52 Ticket #362 (openswan) closed by wbx
worksforme: not reproducable for me. DEVELOPER=1 make menuconfig, choose brcm-2.6; …
19:10 Changeset [3361] by florian
Corrected fuzzy
19:08 Ticket #365 (French localisation changes) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in r3360
19:07 Changeset [3360] by florian
Update translation, correct sentences, thanks to Stereo ! Closes #365
18:47 Changeset [3359] by wbx
add source url
18:31 Ticket #357 (Makefile missing for bcm43xx-dscape-20060104) closed by wbx
fixed: fixed in svn. please check, thx.
15:28 Ticket #371 (ImageBuilder broken on debian testing) created by Stereo <openwrt@…>
From a typical RC4 run. I'm getting the same results with pre-RC5 …
13:07 Ticket #370 (Kismet doesn't works with wlan-ng please upgrade it to the current stable ...) created by anonymous
Please update to the new kismet version for support of madwifi-ng!
12:27 Changeset [3358] by wbx
update to a newer snapshot and m. buesch snapshots
10:51 Changeset [3357] by kaloz
sync with the non-ramdisk config
09:49 Changeset [3356] by mbm
don't cache the webif splash page - confuses users trying to reflash
08:57 Changeset [3355] by nbd
fix wrt54gs v2.1 ses led support
08:25 Ticket #369 (Include traceroute6 in standard distribution) created by JFK
As ping6 is included in the standard distribution it would only make sense …
02:49 Changeset [3354] by nbd
fix firstboot


21:58 Ticket #368 (wgt634u web upgrader file size limit) created by bob@…
When using the wgt634u web upgrader (wgt634u-upgrade.cfg), you can't …
17:49 Ticket #315 (openswan tries to load ipsec module twice) closed by wbx
fixed: fixed in wr 3353.
17:49 Changeset [3353] by wbx
fix #315
14:59 Ticket #354 (Upgradation of madwifi driver break hostapd-0.4.8) closed by wbx
fixed: fixed in svn.
14:57 Ticket #361 (hostapd-0.4.7 broken) closed by wbx
fixed: we updated to a newer version (0.5.1). can you do some runtime tests?
14:51 Changeset [3352] by wbx
update to newer version, fix compile issues, 100-wpa_fix.patch removed, is …
12:41 Changeset [3351] by mbm
copy symlinks as is (don't chain symlinks)
11:19 Changeset [3350] by nico
update dropbear to latest latest release (v0.48.1), remove scp patch …
10:56 Changeset [3349] by nico
update dropbear to latest release (v0.48), patch ssh client to handle -o …
05:53 Changeset [3348] by mbm
fix bitops on 32bit ints
02:01 Changeset [3347] by nico
move firewall related stuff from base-files to iptables, bump release …
00:24 Changeset [3346] by nico
remove the patch (not working and not needed)


21:24 Ticket #367 (lan_ifnames on WGT shows eth1 instead of ath0) created by Yasha Okshtein <flyashi@…>
[…] will fix it.
18:16 Changeset [3345] by nbd
fix radiusclient-ng menuconfig
16:54 Changeset [3344] by nico
remove dependency on zlib, since dropbear is now compiled without it
02:50 Ticket #263 (libgd doesn't include jpeg support) closed by nico
fixed: Jpeg support was added to gd by changeset:3121 and to php5 by …
02:38 Ticket #363 (openswan _updown script requires "ip route" command) closed by nico
invalid: openswan package already depends on ip, according to …


16:11 Ticket #366 (xsupplicant broken ) created by visigoth
Kamikaze fullbuild ends with […]
14:31 Changeset [3343] by nbd
add gcc 3.4.6
12:44 Ticket #359 (nas isn't restarted after reloading from webif) closed by nbd
worksforme: Can't reproduce this bug. Neither in RC4 nor in my latest snapshot at …
09:37 Ticket #365 (French localisation changes) created by Stereo <openwrt@…>
These are some minor grammar, translation, language, punctuation, html and …
09:05 Changeset [3342] by florian
Added radiusclient-ng, libradiusclient-ng. Config.in may need some …
08:34 Changeset [3341] by nico
tweak hotplug script and config file, standardize
08:30 Changeset [3340] by nico
fix adjtimex patch (add missing configure part)
07:55 Ticket #364 (pcmcia-cs-3.2.8 kamikaze broken) created by visigoth
kamikaze fullbuild ends with […]


22:49 Ticket #360 (openntpd seems to be x86 binary?) closed by florian
fixed: Now fixed in r3339, thanks for reporting !
22:49 Changeset [3339] by florian
Remove unneeded autoconf and autoheader lines, fixes #360
22:36 Ticket #363 (openswan _updown script requires "ip route" command) created by b.candler@…
Built WhiteRussian from SVN, modified to build openswan-2.4.5rc5, as it …
21:36 Ticket #362 (openswan) created by anonymous
Kamikaze fullbuild ends with make[8]: Entering directory …
20:19 Ticket #361 (hostapd-0.4.7 broken) created by visigoth
Kamikaze fullbuild ends with make[5]: Entering directory …
18:30 Ticket #360 (openntpd seems to be x86 binary?) created by coldguy@…
The ntpd binary in the openntpd package appears to be compiled for x86, …
18:21 Ticket #359 (nas isn't restarted after reloading from webif) created by coldguy@…
I see that apply.sh is supposed to be restarting nas with …
17:39 Ticket #358 (/etc/init.d/S45firewall should be a part of iptables) created by anonymous
/etc/init.d/S45firewall is up to now a part of the bas-files, maybe it …
16:33 Ticket #357 (Makefile missing for bcm43xx-dscape-20060104) created by visigoth
kamikaze fullbuild ends with make[8]: Entering directory …
13:25 Changeset [3338] by nbd
fix buffalo led support, add support for 3g and ses button/led
10:04 Ticket #356 (Failsafe for devices with eth1 on LAN) created by nbd
The new failsafe mode needs to be able to deal with devices that don't …
00:40 Ticket #355 (madwifi-old for kamikaze, fixes for previous mistakes) created by jsuter@…
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