23:05 Changeset [3441] by nbd
convert polish translation from dos to unix fileformat
22:43 Ticket #385 (Update Hostapd to 0.5.2 so that windows clients can authenticate. Update ...) created by mikea <mikea-wrt@…>
Index: target/linux/package/madwifi/Makefile …
18:44 Changeset [3440] by nbd
update bcm4710 cache fixes for linux 2.6.16
18:18 Changeset [3439] by kaloz
oops, use version 3.0 from the squashfs utilities as well
18:08 Changeset [3438] by nbd
fix rcS for new ipcalc script
17:56 Changeset [3437] by nbd
remove duplicate target
17:53 Changeset [3436] by nbd
add IP variable to ipcalc output
17:22 Changeset [3435] by nbd
fix small error in the dnsmasq init script
15:37 Ticket #372 (Informative iptables-mod-* info) closed by florian
fixed: The ipkg description must fit in one line, if you need more informations …
15:35 Changeset [3434] by florian
Add extra informations for iptables-mod-* ipk's in Config.in
15:30 Changeset [3433] by florian
Add extra informations for iptables-mod-* ipk's in Config.in Remove SIP …
14:42 Changeset [3432] by nbd
remove last reference to /etc/sysconf
14:41 Ticket #377 (SquashFS v3.0 is out) closed by kaloz
fixed: added in [3431]
14:41 Changeset [3431] by kaloz
upgrade to squashfs 3.0
13:03 Ticket #141 (Wireless light on Motorola WR850G not working) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [3430]
13:03 Changeset [3430] by nbd
add hack for the wr850g wireless led (#141)
12:14 Changeset [3429] by nbd
remove last reference to nvram.overrides
12:12 Changeset [3428] by mbm
don't force the mac address of bridged interfaces
12:10 Changeset [3427] by mbm
remove obsolete nvram.overrides (replaced by S05nvram)
12:10 Changeset [3426] by mbm
modify dnsmasq script to perform better calculations with new ipcalc …
10:50 Changeset [3425] by kaloz
update the x86 config for 2.6.16, too
10:33 Changeset [3424] by nbd
S05nvram cleanup
10:04 Changeset [3423] by kaloz
add gcc 4.0.3, and make it the default for Aruba
09:48 Changeset [3422] by kaloz
upgrade to Linux 2.6.16, yay


22:44 Changeset [3421] by kaloz
reorder the madwifi modules to get rid of the annoying console messages on …
22:24 Changeset [3420] by mbm
fix pesky libgcc issue
19:32 Changeset [3419] by mbm
fix motion package aka - clean up someone elses's mess
19:08 Changeset [3418] by wbx
add mirror1 again. sponsored by FH BRS, Lab for telecommunications
03:21 Changeset [3417] by nbd
create package directory if it doesn't exist while building base-files
03:18 Changeset [3416] by mbm
remove sysconf
02:03 Changeset [3415] by nbd
fix typos in estonian translation
01:54 Changeset [3414] by mbm
01:50 Changeset [3413] by nbd
add estonian webif translation (thanks, Ivoshiee), remove obsolete …
01:10 Changeset [3412] by nbd
add <ifname>_mtu setting for dhcp and static


21:23 Ticket #384 (atftp still broken) created by bob@…
in spite of ticket #250 being marked fix, atftp is still broken. From …
19:32 Ticket #383 (Will not boot on WRT54g v 3.0) created by Chip Schweiss <chip@…>
Something happened in the past week or two that the latest version of …
07:02 Changeset [3411] by nbd
update wl.o fix for new wireless extension
06:20 Changeset [3410] by nbd
clean up brcm-2.4 system code
05:53 Changeset [3409] by nbd
fix broken openser menuconfig and package template call
05:09 Changeset [3408] by nbd
add polish web interface translation (thanks, arteqw)
04:53 Changeset [3407] by nbd
remove obsolete BR2_GCC_3_4 config symbol
04:50 Changeset [3406] by nbd
fix gcc menuconfig defaults


23:15 Changeset [3405] by florian
Added new modules, modularize them
23:03 Changeset [3404] by florian
Added new modules, modularize them
22:10 Ticket #371 (ImageBuilder broken on debian testing) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [3403]
22:08 Changeset [3403] by nbd
sync whiterussian and kamikaze ipkg script
20:19 Ticket #293 (diag led/button support for WAP54G v1.0) closed by nbd
19:09 Changeset [3402] by nbd
add missing copyright info
18:27 Ticket #307 (ppp filter support is absolutely necessary for dial on demand an should be ...) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [3401]
18:27 Changeset [3401] by nbd
precompile ppp active filter (reduces libpcap overhead to only a few k), …
17:19 Changeset [3400] by nico
fix depends in radiusclient-ng control file, add a conffiles for …
17:10 Changeset [3399] by nico
Fixed openser dependency on radiusclient-ng
16:34 Ticket #358 (/etc/init.d/S45firewall should be a part of iptables) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [3347]
15:54 Ticket #382 (user management in busybox) created by anonymous
please add to busybox package the commands for user management, i.e. su, …
15:26 Ticket #381 (mini_httpd-matrixssl dependency missing) closed by nico
wontfix: mini_httpd-matrixssl does not depend on libpthread itself, but …
10:59 Ticket #374 (Regression: kamikaze "DQ5 raised" problems with WL500GD) closed by nbd
fixed: this is fixed in [3281]. You need to switch to gcc 3.4.4 again, versions …
10:53 Ticket #373 (wifi up watchdog: high packet loss and latency) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [3398]
10:52 Changeset [3398] by nbd
fix wds watchdog, don't use client mode watchdog in ad-hoc mode (#373), …
10:17 Ticket #356 (Failsafe for devices with eth1 on LAN) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [3397]
10:17 Ticket #292 (lan_ifnames for old versions of WAP54G) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [3397]
10:16 Changeset [3397] by nbd
fix failsafe for wap54g, wl-500g, wl-hdd, etc. (#292, #356)


23:59 Changeset [3396] by florian
Added radiusclient-ng (dependency for OpenSER) Corrected dependency for …
22:34 Ticket #381 (mini_httpd-matrixssl dependency missing) created by bob@…
mini_httpd-matrixssl (maybe other mini_httpds too) requires libpthread, …
21:08 Changeset [3395] by florian
Added motion, thanks to Nathan True ! Fixed menuconfig symbol
20:09 Ticket #380 (nfs busybox problem) created
nfs fails with busybox in latest trunk: root@(none):/# mount -t nfs …
18:05 Changeset [3394] by wbx
add pwlib and open323 from Zoltan HERPAI, thx, fix bitlebee build after …
13:17 Changeset [3393] by florian
Fixed typo to match whiterussian menuconfig style
12:21 Changeset [3392] by wbx
install libiconv in an unusual place, suggested by nico, otherwise other …
12:17 Changeset [3391] by florian
Updated to latest upstream version: 1.0.1, splitted modules
12:08 Changeset [3390] by olli
update to latest upstream release
11:35 Changeset [3389] by florian
Updated to latest upstream version: 1.0.1 Added support for multiple …
10:51 Changeset [3388] by nbd
clean up system code, finally remove et
10:24 Ticket #369 (Include traceroute6 in standard distribution) closed by florian
wontfix: traceroute6 is not yet part of busybox, once it is, we will integrate it.


22:49 Ticket #379 (using hostapd resulted in kernel panic on wgt634U) created by anonymous
Kernel panics when hostapd is executed on wgt634u This was raised in …
22:33 Ticket #378 (Dnsmasq 2.27) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in r3386 for kamikaze, r3387 for whiterussian, thanks for submitting …
22:32 Changeset [3387] by florian
Updated to latest upstream version: 2.27, remove patch as it is now in …
22:31 Changeset [3386] by florian
Updated to latest upstream version, remove uneeded patch as it is now in …
22:06 Ticket #378 (Dnsmasq 2.27) created by s9999@…
Could you update to Dnsmasq 2.27? It has functionality specifically for …
18:11 Changeset [3385] by nbd
minor mtd fixes
17:59 Changeset [3384] by nbd
fix reboot after mtd operations on intel flash chip
17:33 Changeset [3383] by wbx
forgot to remove this patch
08:41 Ticket #377 (SquashFS v3.0 is out) created by kaloz
v3 final is out, time to test it :)
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