18:54 Ticket #456 (iptraf - cannot exit from configure menu) created by chris@…
iptraf package seems to work fine, although when you go into the coinfugre …
14:40 Changeset [3594] by olli
update SQLite to new upstream release, v3.3.3
14:21 Changeset [3593] by olli
update pmacct to new upstream release and add SQLite database support
13:58 Ticket #455 (l2tpd blocks in read()) created by b.candler@…
l2tpd blocks in a read() system call when reading data from the ppp child …
13:52 Changeset [3592] by olli
fix typo
13:47 Changeset [3591] by olli
update OpenVPN to 2.0.6 (security update)
13:45 Changeset [3590] by olli
add hdparm to package/Makefile
05:45 Changeset [3589] by nbd
remove more nvram references
04:09 Changeset [3588] by nbd
large init script cleanup and merge of whiterussian changes, new dnsmasq …


22:47 Ticket #454 (IPsec kmod packages for kamikaze) created by jakllsch@…
I'd like to have ipsec-tools be useable, so I've tried to make some kmod …
21:24 Changeset [3587] by nbd
update busybox menuconfig to 1.1.1, should fix the "missing reboot" bug
17:37 Ticket #453 (unable to compile alsa in trunk (Revision 3586)) created by sven@…
[…] No Problem when (non-cross) compiling the same Version of alsa on …
11:59 Ticket #452 (rc5: network link to dsl-modem won't be established) created by openwrt@…
Experiencing a problem that wasn't there in rc3: Plugging my modem (German …


15:04 Ticket #451 (Permission problem building for Atheros chip) closed by nbd
invalid: This is not a permission problem. You need to install uudecode (usually in …
12:24 Ticket #451 (Permission problem building for Atheros chip) created by anonymous
I have problems building OpenWrt (Kamikaze) for Atheros chip. Here is part …
06:13 Ticket #450 (Add adjtimex to Busybox) created by s9999@…
I've discovered that I need to use adjtimex to use ntpclient and openntpd …
00:51 Ticket #448 (iptables doesn't build (trunk r3583)) closed by nico
fixed: Right, fixed by [3580], [3584], [3585] and [3586]... and this is just a …
00:04 Ticket #429 (Kernel 2.6.16 and IPTables) closed by nbd
fixed: Last part hopefully fixed in [3586]


23:59 Changeset [3586] by nbd
map xt_ to ipt_ for iptables modules
23:38 Changeset [3585] by nbd
fix the xt/ipt module path issue
22:01 Changeset [3584] by nbd
fix module names for xt_*
20:35 Ticket #449 (/etc/init.d/S40network (edit)) created by Adze
Little change request for /etc/init.d/S40network file for a more modular …
20:07 Ticket #448 (iptables doesn't build (trunk r3583)) created by tristan@…
Looks like the patch in r3580 isn't complete. Does generic-2.6/modules.mk …
19:26 Ticket #447 (WE800G unable to update with webif.) created by Ivoshiee
Web based upgrade from pre-RC5 to RC5 failed for me with this message: …
19:21 Ticket #445 (fetchmail doesn't build (trunk r3577)) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [3583], thanks for reporting !
19:21 Changeset [3583] by florian
Remove autodection of hesiod since it will be enabled by default if …
18:52 Changeset [3582] by florian
Add color for install (green) / uninstall (red) packages
18:49 Ticket #446 (Webif CSS uses physical measurements for fonts) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [3581], thanks for reporting !
18:49 Changeset [3581] by florian
Change font-size measures, closes #446
18:39 Changeset [3580] by nico
include missing ext in iptables again after 2.6 move to xtables
18:32 Ticket #446 (Webif CSS uses physical measurements for fonts) created by steve@…
The webif.css file uses 'pt' size (a physical measurement, like …
17:34 Changeset [3579] by nico
update ipkg patch for 1.1.1, expose an hash_fd function again removed in …
17:16 Changeset [3578] by kaloz
upgrade busybox to v1.1.1
15:41 Ticket #445 (fetchmail doesn't build (trunk r3577)) created by tristan@…
trying to build for aruba on Fedora Core 2 - seems to be missing a …
04:42 Ticket #444 (busybox:awk problem with openswan's ipsec showhostkey) created by ewb
Many discussions were found on this issue, but no solution has been …
03:25 Changeset [3577] by nico
fix kmod-fuse build on 2.4
02:38 Ticket #440 (madwifi (not old) drives fail to load for WGT634U since revision 3536) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [3569]
02:37 Ticket #431 (madwifi-ng r1486 updated patch) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [3558]
02:24 Changeset [3576] by nico
fix (cosmetic) Config.in glitches, add "svn:keywords" prop to Makefile.


23:30 Ticket #443 (WPA2/AES with WDS doesn´t work) created by anonymous
22:30 Changeset [3575] by nico
fix hostapd (add missed changes from [3564])
22:23 Changeset [3574] by nico
port changes in whiterussian ([3341]) to trunk.
22:20 Changeset [3573] by wbx
update to 1.0
22:18 Changeset [3572] by nico
fix fetchmail package, add svn:keywords prop to Makefile, standardize.
21:10 Changeset [3571] by wbx
add gnupg from Michael Cohen, thx
21:09 Changeset [3570] by wbx
add gnupg from Michael Cohen, thx
20:51 Ticket #442 (micro image of rc5 provides ipkg-sh, which is obsolete) closed by kaloz
wontfix: ipkg-sh is used due to the fact, that it's smaller then the normal one. …
20:46 Ticket #442 (micro image of rc5 provides ipkg-sh, which is obsolete) created by rudy
The micro image of rc5 provides ipkg-sh, instead of ipkg offered by the …
19:49 Changeset [3569] by wbx
remove problematic untested patch, sorry bad commit
17:49 Changeset [3568] by nico
fix (cosmetic) Config.in glitches
17:29 Ticket #340 (mini_httpd with matrixssl: Bus error) closed by nico
worksforme: mini_httpd (from mini-httpd-matrixssl package) is working as expected with …
17:23 Changeset [3567] by nico
update snort to 2.4.4 (thanks to Richard Nadeau)
17:21 Changeset [3566] by nico
update nmap to 4.01 (thanks to Richard Nadeau)
16:53 Ticket #439 (kmod_ide missing /etc/modules.d file) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [3565]
16:51 Changeset [3565] by nico
load of ide modules at boot (closes: #439)
16:40 Changeset [3564] by nico
add an hostapd-mini package with WPA support only, and move hostapd_cli in …
09:19 Ticket #441 (Service stopping/starting and/or Rebooting through Webif) created by lostnihilist
Trying to start/stop some services from the CLI can be hazardous if a …
04:45 Ticket #440 (madwifi (not old) drives fail to load for WGT634U since revision 3536) created by dacb
Loading of wlan fails with: wlan: Unknown symbol wireless_send_event …
03:10 Changeset [3563] by nbd
add dutch webif translation
03:08 Changeset [3562] by nbd
add swedish webif translation


20:25 Changeset [3561] by mbm
link /proc/mounts to /etc/mtab (fixes mkfs.ext3 issues)
19:12 Changeset [3560] by olli
fix alphabetic order of hdparm
19:11 Changeset [3559] by nbd
increase lcp echo interval
18:55 Changeset [3558] by mbm
update madwifi
18:45 Changeset [3557] by olli
add hdparm package (thanks to Tomas Vanek)
16:42 Ticket #439 (kmod_ide missing /etc/modules.d file) created by anonymous
kmod_ide contains the following files: /lib/modules/2.4.30/ide-disk.o …
11:36 Ticket #438 (Kamikaze dont compile with kernel 2.6) created by Aska
make[8]: Entering directory …
00:35 Changeset [3556] by kaloz, here we come
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