13:12 Ticket #519 (JFSS2 build dont' work o Moto WR850G v2) created by ArteQ
When I flash jffs2 build my moto, the router restarts in loop. SSH, telnet …
07:52 Changeset [3708] by nico
fix kmod-sched build on 2.4
07:50 Changeset [3707] by nico
fix typo and wrong func call in rint()
03:59 Ticket #518 (openwrt host does not use dnsmasq cache for its own purposes) created by Mark Mentovai <mark@…>
DNS lookups on the host running openwrt do not take advantage of the …
01:58 Changeset [3706] by nbd
fix busybox applet lookup (thanks, Stefan Weil)
01:35 Changeset [3705] by nbd
fix export of ashldi3, ashrdi3 and lshrdi3 symbols


21:17 Ticket #517 (wan_dns values don't get written to /etc/resolv.conf) created by max.horvath@…
Hi, problem is, that values in NVRAM's wan_dns don't get written to the …
11:08 Ticket #498 (Kernel 2.4 gets compiled instead of 2.6 (trunk 3672)) closed by florian
worksforme: I cannot reproduce the bug.
08:43 Ticket #513 ("kill" usage messages show up in syslog, from functions.sh) closed by florian
invalid: It looks like it has been fixed, see /etc/functions.sh (current SVN : …
08:38 Ticket #516 (Soft kernel watchdog missing) closed by florian
invalid: The kernel module is still present and works fine for me : […] The …
06:29 Ticket #516 (Soft kernel watchdog missing) created by Mark Mentovai <mark at moxienet dot com>
There is no software watchdog device in 1rc5. In 1rc4 and prior releases, …
06:24 Ticket #515 ([nas] S41wpa doesn't kill nas) created by Mark Mentovai <mark at moxienet dot com>
/etc/init.d/S41wpa, line 20 (nas 3.90.37-16 on 1rc5): […] killall …
06:19 Ticket #514 ("route" shows ESRCH message in syslog, from udhcpc/default.script) created by Mark Mentovai <mark at moxienet dot com>
logread shows the following message produced at boot time: […] This …
06:09 Ticket #513 ("kill" usage messages show up in syslog, from functions.sh) created by Mark Mentovai <mark at moxienet dot com>
logread shows the following message produced at boot time: […] This …


22:08 Ticket #512 (lighthttpd mod_proxy error: proxy.state 3) created by plu@…
Hi! You can reproduce this error this way: 1. ipkg install lighttpd 2. …
14:09 Changeset [3704] by florian
Merge 2.4 patches to 2.6 kernel. Update kernel config
14:05 Changeset [3703] by florian
Addded fakeidentd, a lightweight and secure ident daemon
13:55 Ticket #502 (Identd package) closed by florian
fixed: This program was added in [3631] under the name fakeidentd. It will be …
13:11 Ticket #511 (maradns upgrade to version created by MichaHahn2@…
Hallo, i upgraded the package maradns to its current stable version …
00:30 Ticket #510 (ipkungfu v0.6.0 package patches) created by jeffriesnet@…
This set of diffs adds support for ipkungfu on OpenWRT at …


19:27 Ticket #509 (routing pb with openswan) created by vletoux@…
I've setup openswan on a wrt54g v1.1 with : http://wiki.openwrt.org/IPSec
19:09 Ticket #508 (error in /etc/init.d/S50dnsmasq (?)) closed by mbm
duplicate: duplicate #477
13:45 Ticket #508 (error in /etc/init.d/S50dnsmasq (?)) created by palpatine
hi ! I'm a new user and I think it's great work you've done :). I use …
13:40 Ticket #507 (Busybox does not find all applets) created by anonymous
One of the patches for OpenWrt trunk breaks busybox's bsearch for builtin …


19:37 Ticket #506 (Option HSDPA drivers (Nozomi)) created by jr@…
Now that there's PCMCIA support for WRT54G3G can we get Option HSDPA …
17:30 Changeset [3702] by florian
Add watchdog driver, prevents device from rebooting. Kernel now fully …
09:08 Ticket #505 (ntpclient ifup script broken) created by guettli@…
The script /etc/hotplug.d/iface/10-ntpclient checks if ntpclient is …
01:25 Changeset [3701] by mbm
preliminary sibyte support


22:31 Ticket #504 (RC5: WE800G WAN and LAN sharing the same port!) created by Ivoshiee
Out of box the RC5 will bring up the WAN port eth1 what is sharing port …
22:26 Ticket #503 (RC5: WE800G failsafe mode does not work.) created by Ivoshiee
No methods described at …
18:35 Changeset [3700] by nbd
add support for the wrt54g3g pcmcia
17:24 Ticket #502 (Identd package) created by s9999@…
Here is a package for a simple identd that's appropriate for a small …
16:26 Changeset [3699] by nbd
oops... committed the wrong patch
16:21 Changeset [3698] by nbd
fix jpeg build for x86_64 hosts
12:37 Changeset [3697] by florian
Fix wrong compile-time dependency for ulogd, closes #501
12:26 Ticket #501 (mod-ulogd-pcap (typo in changeset r3671)) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [3696]
12:26 Changeset [3696] by florian
Fix wrong compile dependency, closes #501
12:08 Changeset [3695] by nbd
move package/sdk to target/sdk
12:06 Changeset [3694] by nbd
fix menuconfig
12:03 Changeset [3693] by mbm
Add default compile target & use it for bridge and busybox
11:59 Changeset [3692] by nbd
remove todo message
11:56 Changeset [3691] by mbm
fix more BR2 crap
11:55 Changeset [3690] by nbd
fix bridge build and description, add default configure command to …
10:39 Changeset [3689] by mbm
convert bridge package to buildroot-ng
04:19 Changeset [3688] by nbd
fix detection of removed packages
02:50 Changeset [3687] by nbd
include package description in menuconfig help
02:37 Changeset [3686] by nbd
clean up package titles/descriptions
02:12 Changeset [3685] by nbd
more cleanups and a new menuconfig generator
01:03 Changeset [3684] by nbd
menuconfig cleanup
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