16:05 Ticket #549 (Yafc package (I have built it use it or don't)) created by h3sp4wn
This may or may not be useful to anyone. (But ncftp is nolonger available …
14:52 Ticket #542 (RC5/S50dnsmasq does not respect dhcp_num correctly) closed by mbm
fixed: dupe #447
14:47 Ticket #441 (Service stopping/starting and/or Rebooting through Webif) closed by mbm
14:44 Ticket #443 (WPA2/AES with WDS doesn´t work) closed by mbm
wontfix: There's nothing we can do about it; no sources for the wireless driver and …
14:41 Ticket #449 (/etc/init.d/S40network (edit)) closed by mbm
wontfix: See #309
14:39 Ticket #437 (Cannot use lan_proto=dhcp) closed by mbm
wontfix: It's intentional; and no we can't change it because of some horrible …
14:30 Changeset [3778] by mbm
change syntax
12:25 Changeset [3777] by mbm
move FORCE to toplevel rules.mk
12:24 Changeset [3776] by mbm
fix .built target
11:30 Changeset [3775] by mbm
revert .built rule; fix typos
10:55 Ticket #523 (Asus WL500G Delux: Firewall blocks webif and telnet/ssh on lan) closed by wbx
10:49 Ticket #530 (White Russian RC5 doesn't work with Siemens SE505 (v2)) closed by wbx
invalid: it seems to me, that these are upgrade errors. Always use "mtd" to upgrade …
10:39 Ticket #531 (openvpn - new upstream version 2.0.7) closed by wbx
10:36 Changeset [3774] by mbm
generate package dependancies
10:33 Changeset [3773] by wbx
remove obsolete and unmaintained packages, as soon as 2.6.17 is out, …
10:28 Ticket #534 (Kamikaze 2.6 - can't compile devicescape stack (kmod-ieee80211-dscape)) closed by wbx
wontfix: devicescape package is obsolete. It will be the default stack in 2.6.17.
10:23 Ticket #529 (kmod-ieee80211-dscape: wme.c missing definition of "ARPHRD_IEEE80211") closed by wbx
wontfix: 2.6.17 will use dscape stack. As soon it is out and integrated we have no …


21:04 Changeset [3772] by wbx
add interface to the example
21:04 Changeset [3771] by nbd
remove stale reference to et.o from menuconfig


23:33 Changeset [3770] by mbm
fix busybox config parsing for new config format
21:08 Changeset [3769] by mbm
fix BR2_ and CONFIG_ issues
20:47 Changeset [3768] by mbm
add wildcard support to menuconfig (again)
19:02 Ticket #547 (stunnel package) created by jacob@…
I needed to have https in my custom firmware out of the box so I made a …
18:57 Ticket #546 (How can I set boot_wait nvram variable in Kamikaze) closed by mbm
invalid: The ticket system is for bug reports only, it is not a help desk.
12:10 Changeset [3767] by wbx
remove …
04:26 Ticket #546 (How can I set boot_wait nvram variable in Kamikaze) created by carter.stephen@…
I don't see any way to set boot_wait. The nvram command is no longer …
01:43 Changeset [3766] by mbm
01:14 Changeset [3765] by mbm
revert .prepared handling
00:36 Changeset [3764] by mbm
cleanup & add whitespace


23:41 Changeset [3763] by mbm
fix rules.mk
21:53 Ticket #545 (gphoto2) created by cptdondo
19:33 Changeset [3762] by nbd
fix typo
19:18 Changeset [3761] by mbm
fix error
18:54 Changeset [3760] by mbm
remove extra targets
18:00 Changeset [3759] by nbd
replace $(IDIR_*) with $(1)
02:18 Changeset [3758] by mbm
partial cleanup


22:57 Changeset [3757] by mbm
change phony targets to FORCE (easier to read)
22:33 Changeset [3756] by nbd
remove more junk
22:32 Changeset [3755] by nbd
remove old trace/verbose junk
21:21 Changeset [3754] by mbm
Fix issue with $(1) in Build/Configure/Default
21:16 Changeset [3753] by mbm
21:06 Changeset [3752] by mbm
Convert packages to new template
20:17 Changeset [3751] by nbd
add common functions for the new config file format
15:30 Ticket #544 (aircrack and elhttp no more maintained) created by frop
As from Summary, aircrack and elhttp are no more maintained by Divine. …
12:11 Ticket #543 (webif firewall.sh: cancel button does't work) created by anonymous
The cancel button on the firewall webif page does not work.
03:08 Ticket #542 (RC5/S50dnsmasq does not respect dhcp_num correctly) created by anonymous
The lines num=$(nvram get dhcp_num) num=$((start+${num:-150})) …
02:58 Changeset [3750]
Initial Import
02:57 Changeset [3749]
Initial Import
01:36 Changeset [3748] by nbd
enable configure target by default
01:32 Changeset [3747] by mbm
change defaults to check for configure script (avoids defining a null rule …
01:21 Changeset [3746] by mbm
Convert to new template
01:20 Changeset [3745] by mbm
Convert to new template
01:19 Changeset [3744] by mbm
convert to new template


19:16 Changeset [3743] by mbm
resync config-ramdisk to config
18:22 Ticket #541 (easy-rsa package from OpenVPN) created by mwigge@…
I added a seperate package "easy-rsa" containing the scripts from OpenVPN …
18:13 Ticket #515 ([nas] S41wpa doesn't kill nas) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with latest rsync
17:11 Ticket #540 (New package: uob-nomad (MobileIP)) created by mab@…
This is an implementation of NOMADv4 (Filters for Mobile IP, IETF Draft …
17:08 Ticket #539 (New kernel module: kmod-ipip) created by mab@…
This particular tunneling driver implements encapsulation of IP …
16:50 Ticket #538 (New package: aodv-uu-0.9.1) created by mab@…
Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector Routing This is an AODV …
08:16 WikiStart edited by mbm
05:42 Changeset [3742] by nico
update busybox+ipkg to latest ipkg (v0.99.162), fix a bug in ipkg that …
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