22:24 Changeset [3851] by nbd
remove stale libgcc menuconfig item
22:23 Changeset [3850] by nbd
remove wificonf (will be replaced by wlc later)
22:22 Changeset [3849] by nbd
convert base-files to new format
22:22 Changeset [3848] by nbd
allow more complex defaults in menuconfig
21:58 Changeset [3847] by nbd
fix missing variable
21:50 Changeset [3846] by nbd
convert linux-atm to new format
21:49 Ticket #576 (WR850Gv2 .trx file works in WhiteRussian RC1 but not RC5) created by bcrl@…
First off, many thanks to the developers for the excellent work they have …
21:41 Changeset [3845] by nbd
remove old Config.in files
21:38 Changeset [3844] by nbd
resync with kamikaze
20:55 Changeset [3843] by nbd
improve dependency handling, fix some package makefile bugs
19:10 Changeset [3842] by nbd
ignore package/.*
19:09 Changeset [3841] by nbd
add proper build depends
19:09 Changeset [3840] by nbd
fix package/ and target/ targets
18:53 Changeset [3839] by nbd
fix toolchain build, remove some old gcc junk
16:11 Changeset [3838] by nbd
add {package,target,toolchain}/* targets to toplevel makefile
15:17 Changeset [3837] by nbd
don't enable ebtables by default


23:41 Ticket #575 (ntpclient - bug while parsing value of option "-c") created by michal.matyska@…
Regardless of the value of -c parameter, the value is decoded as 1. # …
22:35 Ticket #574 (Use alternate resolv.conf for dnsmasq and rest of the system) created by michal.matyska@…
I've set up my 1.0rc5 box to read /etc/resolv.conf.dnsmasq (containing …
22:15 Ticket #573 (madwifi-ng : injection patch) created by seagull
Dear devloppers, There is the injection patch missing to use the …
22:04 Ticket #572 (Aircrack-ng : Added support for OpenWrt devices) created by seagull
Dear, It seems aircrack-ng supports now Openwrt devices... …
17:07 Ticket #571 (Reboots on pptp-traffic) created by pittipatti@…
When using a pptp-vpn-connection on a client behind the router (rc5), the …
03:41 Changeset [3836] by nico
cosmetic change to standardize layout.
03:39 Changeset [3835] by nico
fix conversion to buildroot-ng.
03:37 Changeset [3834] by nico
fix conversion to buildroot-ng.
03:29 Changeset [3833] by nico
use InstallDev/UninstallDev.
03:27 Changeset [3832] by nico
cosmetic change to standardize layout.
00:58 Changeset [3831] by nico
add dependencies from the NEEDS variable to ipkg/control


13:27 Ticket #570 (packaged empcd event interface client for music player daemon) created by janki@…
package contains this binary + config file …


15:56 Changeset [3830] by nico
update freeradius to v1.1.1.
08:16 Ticket #569 (AR7/DG834 ethernet support dropped between (r3792, 3799]) created by anonymous
Older builds, less than or equal to 3792 support ar7 ethernet fine; eth0 …
01:32 people edited by kaloz
00:58 Ticket #568 (Kamikaze buildroot) created by yan@…
g++ used in the current kamikaze pukes on cdefs.h Apparently it cannot …


14:09 Ticket #567 (New Tor version) created by romain@…
Hi ! There is a new tor version, is it possible to update the available …
12:44 Changeset [3829] by florian
Add missing control file
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