20:27 Ticket #581 (aircrack-ng and hdparm) created by polo@…
Hi! I compiled for testing aircrack-ng and hdparm packages. If you like, …
18:30 Changeset [3898] by nbd
don't delete .svn on distclean
18:27 Changeset [3897] by nbd
run defconfig at the start of a normal make run to get additional config …
18:17 Changeset [3896] by nbd
remove unused wget menuconfig option; make the package autorebuild …
18:12 Changeset [3895] by nbd
store stamp file for 'development headers installed' in the staging dir …
18:03 Changeset [3894] by nbd
fix a typo that prevents base-files from being installed
10:51 Ticket #580 (WL-HDD wrongly tried to dhcp on "wan" interface) created by anonymous
Reflash brand new Asus WL-HDD with WhiteRussian RC5. Run "nvram-clean.sh" …
04:54 Ticket #577 (Wakelan package) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [3893]. Thanks for your contribution !
04:53 Changeset [3893] by nico
add wakelan package (closes: #577).
04:34 Changeset [3892] by nico
update avahi to v0.6.10.
04:19 Ticket #573 (madwifi-ng : injection patch) closed by nico
04:10 Ticket #512 (lighthttpd mod_proxy error: proxy.state 3) closed by nico
04:07 Ticket #554 (privoxy (id: privoxy: Einen solchen Benutzer gibt es nicht)) closed by nico
wontfix: The error is triggered by the upstream Makefile. The package should build …
03:57 Ticket #370 (Kismet doesn't works with wlan-ng please upgrade it to the current stable ...) closed by nico
fixed: Updated to 2006-04-R1 in [3664].
03:53 Ticket #487 (Freeradius 1.1.1 is available) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [3830]. Updated packages are available for WhiteRussian RC5 in …
03:32 Changeset [3891] by nico
add libmcrypt package (thanks to Martin Matuska).
02:01 Changeset [3890] by nbd
fix version info for packages that either lack PKG_VERSION or PKG_RELEASE
01:28 Changeset [3889] by nico
disable check for openssl/engine.h in configure so that the package can be …
01:20 Changeset [3888] by nbd
fix base-files version number


23:16 Ticket #579 (pppoe does not work at all on WR850G) created by anonymous
I can't get PPPOE running on Whiterussian RC5 on Motorola 850G. The …
03:17 Changeset [3887] by nbd
add broadcom include files, fix build
03:06 Changeset [3886] by nbd
some bugfixes and additions for the default compile target
02:47 Changeset [3885] by nbd
fix dependency problem
02:31 Changeset [3884] by nbd
remove some debugging code, include package/rules.mk in package dependency …
02:28 Changeset [3883] by nbd
add TARGET_CONFIGURE_OPTS to default compile command
02:19 Changeset [3882] by nbd
add clean targets, more FORCE stuff
02:18 Changeset [3881] by nbd
remove broken dependency
02:06 Changeset [3880] by nbd
fix InstallDev bug
01:45 Changeset [3879] by nbd
allow parallel build of binutils
01:36 Changeset [3878] by nbd
fix busybox build
01:29 Changeset [3877] by nbd
cleanup; replace .PHONY with FORCE; disable gdb by default
00:48 Changeset [3876] by nbd
fix toolchain build
00:38 Changeset [3875] by nbd
remove useless FORCE depend


22:58 Changeset [3874] by nbd
add support for parallel build of packages (tested with -j8)
22:57 Changeset [3873] by nbd
remove weird /lib64 directory
22:29 Changeset [3872] by nbd
fix install of in-tree modules ipkgs
22:14 Changeset [3871] by nbd
fix root filesystem path
22:06 Changeset [3870] by nbd
strip kernel modules automatically as well
22:00 Changeset [3869] by nbd
add package install target
21:47 Ticket #578 (Combine MAC Filter / Hostname / Ethers / DHCP Lease configuration in Web ...) created by anonymous
I propose that the following be integrated to a single page within the Web …
20:33 Ticket #492 (debugging code in time.c should be disabled by default) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [3868]
20:32 Changeset [3868] by nbd
remove some debugging junk (#492)
18:41 Changeset [3867] by nbd
fix iptables build
18:20 Changeset [3866] by nbd
only use the .dev-installed target if Build/InstallDev is defined - avoids …
18:02 Changeset [3865] by nbd
remove old Config.in files
18:01 Changeset [3864] by nbd
move target/linux/package/switch to package/, fix a bug in the ipkg …
17:29 Ticket #453 (unable to compile alsa in trunk (Revision 3586)) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [3863]
17:29 Changeset [3863] by nbd
fix alsa compile error (backport from buildroot-ng)
17:27 Changeset [3862] by nbd
move alsa from target/linux/package to package, add compile fix for linux …
16:42 Changeset [3861] by nbd
add missing kernel version to madwifi package
16:32 Changeset [3860] by nbd
kernel package cleanup, move madwifi from target/linux/package/ to …
16:29 Changeset [3859] by nbd
don't try to strip kernel modules
15:27 Changeset [3858] by nbd
cleanup; change base-files build directory
15:00 Changeset [3857] by nbd
add missing BuildPackage lines, convert install-dev: to Build/InstallDev
14:38 Changeset [3856] by nbd
disable target/linux/package
14:33 Changeset [3855] by nbd
allow building of kernel-specific stuff in package/ instead of …
14:23 Changeset [3854] by nbd
remove madwifi-old
13:06 Changeset [3853] by nbd
clean up .svn and CVS directories for every package
09:47 Ticket #577 (Wakelan package) created by fredrik.e@…
diff -ruN package/wakelan.orig/Config.in package/wakelan/Config.in --- …
08:49 Changeset [3852] by nico
fix base-files packages build.


22:24 Changeset [3851] by nbd
remove stale libgcc menuconfig item
22:23 Changeset [3850] by nbd
remove wificonf (will be replaced by wlc later)
22:22 Changeset [3849] by nbd
convert base-files to new format
22:22 Changeset [3848] by nbd
allow more complex defaults in menuconfig
21:58 Changeset [3847] by nbd
fix missing variable
21:50 Changeset [3846] by nbd
convert linux-atm to new format
21:49 Ticket #576 (WR850Gv2 .trx file works in WhiteRussian RC1 but not RC5) created by bcrl@…
First off, many thanks to the developers for the excellent work they have …
21:41 Changeset [3845] by nbd
remove old Config.in files
21:38 Changeset [3844] by nbd
resync with kamikaze
20:55 Changeset [3843] by nbd
improve dependency handling, fix some package makefile bugs
19:10 Changeset [3842] by nbd
ignore package/.*
19:09 Changeset [3841] by nbd
add proper build depends
19:09 Changeset [3840] by nbd
fix package/ and target/ targets
18:53 Changeset [3839] by nbd
fix toolchain build, remove some old gcc junk
16:11 Changeset [3838] by nbd
add {package,target,toolchain}/* targets to toplevel makefile
15:17 Changeset [3837] by nbd
don't enable ebtables by default


23:41 Ticket #575 (ntpclient - bug while parsing value of option "-c") created by michal.matyska@…
Regardless of the value of -c parameter, the value is decoded as 1. # …
22:35 Ticket #574 (Use alternate resolv.conf for dnsmasq and rest of the system) created by michal.matyska@…
I've set up my 1.0rc5 box to read /etc/resolv.conf.dnsmasq (containing …
22:15 Ticket #573 (madwifi-ng : injection patch) created by seagull
Dear devloppers, There is the injection patch missing to use the …
22:04 Ticket #572 (Aircrack-ng : Added support for OpenWrt devices) created by seagull
Dear, It seems aircrack-ng supports now Openwrt devices... …
17:07 Ticket #571 (Reboots on pptp-traffic) created by pittipatti@…
When using a pptp-vpn-connection on a client behind the router (rc5), the …
03:41 Changeset [3836] by nico
cosmetic change to standardize layout.
03:39 Changeset [3835] by nico
fix conversion to buildroot-ng.
03:37 Changeset [3834] by nico
fix conversion to buildroot-ng.
03:29 Changeset [3833] by nico
use InstallDev/UninstallDev.
03:27 Changeset [3832] by nico
cosmetic change to standardize layout.
00:58 Changeset [3831] by nico
add dependencies from the NEEDS variable to ipkg/control


13:27 Ticket #570 (packaged empcd event interface client for music player daemon) created by janki@…
package contains this binary + config file …
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