21:14 Ticket #497 (OpenVPN Security Update) reopened by knetknight
27-Apr-2006 ipkg for openvpn 2.0.7 at …
19:54 Changeset [3928] by nbd
enabled mini_fo by default
05:15 Ticket #464 (ath_pci causes kernel oops in build 3598) closed by nbd
05:12 Ticket #334 (Netgear Config) closed by nbd
05:08 Ticket #424 (kernel panic after starting wpa_supplicant (Kernel 2.6.16 on WGT634U)) closed by nbd
05:05 Ticket #450 (Add adjtimex to Busybox) closed by nbd
fixed: Added in [3927]
05:05 Changeset [3927] by nbd
add adjtimex to ntpclient (#450)
05:00 Ticket #519 (JFSS2 build dont' work o Moto WR850G v2) closed by nbd
fixed: Fixed in [3926]
04:59 Ticket #576 (WR850Gv2 .trx file works in WhiteRussian RC1 but not RC5) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [3926]
04:59 Changeset [3926] by nbd
build jffs2 images with both erase block sizes for wr850g (#576)
04:47 Ticket #583 (Slow memory management in default Kamikaze kernel) closed by nbd
fixed: Fixed in [3925]
04:46 Changeset [3925] by nbd
enable slab, disable slob - for better performance (#583)
04:33 Ticket #438 (Kamikaze dont compile with kernel 2.6) closed by nbd
wontfix: kmod-ieee80211-dscape has been removed for now.
04:29 Ticket #466 (cleared filesystem after rebooting (trunk 3603)) closed by nbd
04:19 Ticket #504 (RC5: WE800G WAN and LAN sharing the same port!) closed by nbd
fixed: Nevermind... Should be fixed in [3924]
04:17 Changeset [3924] by nbd
don't try to change interface settings if <group>_proto is unset or 'none' …
04:07 Ticket #579 (pppoe does not work at all on WR850G) closed by nbd
fixed: Should be fixed now…
04:05 Changeset [3923] by nbd
install missing ebtables files
03:55 Ticket #558 (ulog support for ebtables is not ready even if the ebt-ulog module is ...) closed by nbd
fixed: ebtables has been updated in [3922]
03:55 Changeset [3922] by nbd
update ebtables to 2.0.8-rc2 (#558)
03:37 Ticket #537 (Telnet is not disabled upon first creation of password) closed by nbd
wontfix: Should not matter.…
03:37 Ticket #468 (continuous connection drops with rc5) closed by nbd
fixed: Should be fixed now.
03:35 Ticket #551 (pppd gives up after a number of retries) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [3921]
03:34 Changeset [3921] by nbd
ppp: try to reconnect indefinitely (#551)
03:30 Ticket #587 (The Openntpd patch in Changeset 3266 doesn't work) closed by nbd
fixed: Fixed in [3920]
03:30 Changeset [3920] by nbd
fix cflags, fix adjtimex patch (#587)
02:47 Ticket #511 (maradns upgrade to version closed by nbd
fixed: Added in [3919]
02:46 Changeset [3919] by nbd
upgrade maradns to the latest version (#511)
02:39 Ticket #564 (RC5 UI Bug in footer) closed by nbd
fixed: should be fixed in [3918]
02:39 Changeset [3918] by nbd
add webif workaround for ie (#564)
02:32 Ticket #556 (WPA "WET" mode does not work with PSK length of 63 characters) closed by nbd
fixed: Fixed in [3917]
02:32 Changeset [3917] by nbd
allow 63 chars in the wpa psk in wet mode (#556)
02:29 Ticket #582 ([PATCH] dropbear) closed by nbd
fixed: Added in [3916]
02:29 Changeset [3916] by nbd
add dropbear pubkey auth patch from #582


18:35 Changeset [3915] by nbd
disable madwifi rfkill support by default (broken on some hardware)
18:16 Ticket #587 (The Openntpd patch in Changeset 3266 doesn't work) created by s9999@…
For some reason the --with-adjtimex configure setting for the patch in …
15:38 Changeset [3914] by kaloz
add arm eabi patches
15:29 Changeset [3913] by kaloz
get rid of CRLFs
02:39 Changeset [3912] by nbd
clean scripts/config on distclean
01:59 Changeset [3911] by nbd
make ramdisk support generic, some cleanups
01:47 Changeset [3910] by nbd
disable all other filesystems in menuconfig when initramfs is selected
01:46 Changeset [3909] by nbd
move mips boot patch to generic-2.6
01:45 Changeset [3908] by nbd
generic lzma loader: add support for memory copying, preserve prom …


10:42 Ticket #532 (USB hub problem) closed by nbd
10:33 Ticket #488 (The routed client mode does not work when selecting "wl0_akm=psk psk2" in ...) closed by nbd
wontfix: As far as I know, the "psk psk2" mode is non-standard and …
10:30 Ticket #586 (/tmp not in ram?) closed by nbd
invalid: wtf?


20:19 Ticket #586 (/tmp not in ram?) created by polo@…
Hi! /tmp is in 2.0 not in ram or did i overlook that? Gruss Gerd
17:56 Ticket #447 (WE800G unable to update with webif.) closed by mbm
invalid: The upgrade takes a trx file -- use openwrt-brcm-2.4-squashfs.trx
10:40 Changeset [3907] by kaloz
add GCC 4.1.1 and sync 4.1.0 with Kamikaze


21:30 Ticket #585 (madwifi-ng - r1627) created by polo@…
Hi! I compiled a newer snapshot (1627) of madwifi-ng with the (modified) …
13:39 Ticket #584 (kernel- closed by kaloz
wontfix: We have decided to wait for 2.6.17, which should be out soon.
05:01 Changeset [3906] by nbd
fix typo
04:16 Ticket #584 (kernel- created by consulting@…
With the kernel I was experiencing severe performance issues with …


23:57 Changeset [3905] by nbd
target/linux/image rewrite
23:57 Changeset [3904] by nbd
fix unnecessary kernel rebuild
16:40 Changeset [3903] by nbd
whitespace fixes
15:23 Ticket #459 (Add rp-l2tp) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [3902].
15:23 Changeset [3902] by nico
add rp-l2tp package (closes: #459).
03:31 Changeset [3901] by nbd
don't compile libipkg in busybox if ipkg is disabled
02:32 Ticket #525 (openvpn webinterface) reopened by david_s5
permission are wrong on .sh files upload box is missing
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