23:54 Ticket #607 (ipkg does not handle running out of flash gracefully) created by anonymous
I tried to install kismet on a 4meg WRT54G and it ran out of space partway …
22:10 Ticket #606 (Add 'strip' option for cross compilation) closed by mbm
fixed: fixed in [4043]
22:09 Changeset [4043] by mbm
add STRIP to TARGET_CONFIGURE_OPTS (closes #606)
21:57 Changeset [4042] by nbd
move jffs2 end-of-filesystem detection to the generic 2.6 patches
19:37 Ticket #606 (Add 'strip' option for cross compilation) created by Thor
I suggest to add a new option to the TARGET_CONFIGURE_OPTS string used to …
16:04 Changeset [4041] by nbd
move uClibc/files/config.* to uClibc/config/* and allow board-specific …
16:02 Changeset [4040] by nbd
move target/linux/image to target/image
15:02 Changeset [4039] by nbd
reorder sdk menuconfig entry, so that it does not force the toolchain …
08:19 Changeset [4038] by nbd
massive cleanup of toolchain/
05:17 Changeset [4037] by nbd
fix and enable the sdk
05:13 Changeset [4036] by nbd
include $(TOPDIR)/rules.mk in the image makefiles
05:01 Changeset [4035] by nbd
don't generate invalid dependency lines in sdk mode
04:45 Changeset [4034] by nbd
add sdk option for gen_deps.pl
04:32 Changeset [4033] by nbd
add INCLUDE_DIR variable for $(TOPDIR)/include
04:16 Changeset [4032] by nbd
build system cleanup. move shared include files into $(TOPDIR)/include, …
01:57 Changeset [4031] by nbd
add global make download target
01:56 Changeset [4030] by nbd
add target/download
01:49 Changeset [4029] by nbd
add toolchain/download target
01:40 Changeset [4028] by nbd
add package/download target
01:18 Ticket #605 (Making a nADSL modem's webinterface accessible from LAN) created by jruhe
Most users have an ADSL modem (working as a brigde) connected to the WAN …


21:49 Ticket #604 (atheros not detected with RC5, worked in RC4 -- mdelay() removed from ...) created by bcrl@…
In linux.dev/arch/mips/bcm947xx/pcibios.c, -rc4 has: in pcibios_init() …
20:57 Changeset [4027] by mbm
annoying initrd bug introduced by 2.6.17
20:13 Changeset [4026] by nbd
reverse the order of + and @ in chillispot depends, because …
19:54 Changeset [4025] by nbd
add chillispot
19:54 Changeset [4024] by nbd
more dependency fixes
19:50 Changeset [4023] by nbd
fix for multiple dependency flags
17:40 Changeset [4022] by nbd
mount /proc earlier in /sbin/mount_root
13:42 Ticket #433 (OpenWRT doesn't bring up the wifi interface) reopened by acopenwrt@…
It's a fact that the wireless interface on my wrt doesn't come up with the …
12:03 Ticket #590 (OpenVPN webif - The upload and submit for cert and psk files are missing) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [4021]
12:02 Ticket #525 (openvpn webinterface) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [4021]
12:02 Changeset [4021] by florian
Add upload template for webif, closes #590 and definitively #525
11:57 Changeset [4020] by florian
Update alchemy kernel configuration
10:28 Changeset [4019] by kaloz
be politically correct
06:48 Changeset [4018] by nbd
add libbcmcrypto to the nas package
03:25 Ticket #603 (aireplay not working with madwifi-ng (aircrack - aircrack-ng)) created by nou
default shell with openwrt is ash/busybox which doesn't like &>/dev/null …
02:24 Changeset [4017] by mbm
fix irq handling on 2.6.17
01:57 Ticket #602 (VRRPD is nonfunctional.) created by dan@…
When vrrpd is started, (vrrpd -i br0 -v 1 neither the VRRP …
01:55 Changeset [4016] by nico
fix MODULE_PARM removal in 2.6.17.
00:28 Changeset [4015] by mbm
reintroduce the -ffreestanding to avoid gcc inline errors


23:45 Changeset [4014] by nbd
add a list append function to functions.sh
23:11 Changeset [4013] by nbd
build mimo version of the broadcom wl driver as well
22:31 Changeset [4012] by nbd
fix wlcompat depends/default
22:30 Changeset [4011] by nbd
add modules.d file for wl
22:22 Changeset [4010] by nbd
fix broadcom trx alignment
21:59 Changeset [4009] by nbd
remove the wl.o build from the kernel patch and move the driver along with …
20:28 Changeset [4008] by kaloz
update Aruba config for 2.6.17
20:13 Changeset [4007] by nbd
fix rb532 for 2.6.17
13:17 Changeset [4006] by kaloz
fix the Aruba ethernet drivers for 2.6.17
10:15 Ticket #580 (WL-HDD wrongly tried to dhcp on "wan" interface) reopened by anonymous
Is this actually a "wontfix" resolution? Or if a change has been made, can …
04:05 Changeset [4005] by nico
fix module params on 2.6.17, suppress warnings.
02:18 Changeset [4004] by nico
move source file to src/ and let the kernel tree build the modules.
00:30 Changeset [4003] by nbd
fix typo in brcm-2.4 system code


22:44 Changeset [4002] by nico
move wlcompat from target/linux/package/ to package/.
22:25 Changeset [4001] by kaloz
follow the xtables changes in 2.6.17
21:16 Changeset [4000] by nbd
add util-linux
21:16 Changeset [3999] by nbd
override LDOPTS to remove madwifi compile warning
20:30 Changeset [3998] by nico
normalize Makefiles.
20:27 Changeset [3997] by nico
add conffiles, use proper optimization flags when building.
20:26 Changeset [3996] by nico
rename br2684.init to br2684.hotplug, normalize Makefile.
20:22 Changeset [3995] by nico
remove unneeded autoconf call and flags, rename S50dropbear to …
20:10 Changeset [3994] by nico
remove ipkg directory, add conffiles, normalize Makefile.
20:05 Changeset [3993] by nico
move source files to src/.
20:04 Changeset [3992] by nbd
add wlc utility
20:03 Changeset [3991] by nico
move source file to src/.
19:46 Changeset [3990] by nico
remove ipkg directory, normalize Makefile.
19:09 Changeset [3989] by nico
remove ipkg directory, normalize Makefile.
17:15 Changeset [3988] by kaloz
fix the multiple gateway patch, too
16:32 Changeset [3987] by kaloz
upgrade to 2.6.17, probably break some stuff temporary
15:38 Changeset [3986] by nbd
add conffiles for base-files
15:32 Changeset [3985] by nbd
fix extra control files for packages containing "." and allow different …
15:10 Changeset [3984] by nbd
add conffiles to iptables
15:09 Changeset [3983] by nico
suppress warnings.
15:09 Changeset [3982] by nbd
add support for conffiles,preinst,... through templates
15:04 Changeset [3981] by nico
move source files to src/ and let the kernel tree build the module.
14:40 Changeset [3980] by nbd
add missing base-files for rb532
14:39 Changeset [3979] by nbd
remove old ipkg directory
13:20 Changeset [3978] by nico
prevent autoheader invocation, clean autotools patch.
13:03 Ticket #601 (Linux 2.6.17 is out) created by kaloz
2.6.17 final is out, time to upgrade to it
04:43 Ticket #600 (Easy adding/changing of network interfaces) created by tom at aussec dot com
When adding or changing interfaces frequently this patch keeps the …


20:47 Changeset [3977] by nico
move ueagle-atm from target/linux/package/ to package/.
18:56 Changeset [3976] by nico
move diag from target/linux/package/ to package/.
17:21 Changeset [3975] by nbd
remove packaging info from libbfd (static lib only)
17:16 Changeset [3974] by nico
move openswan from target/linux/package to package/.
16:48 Ticket #599 (bluetooth in whiterussian) created by anonymous
please add support for bluetooth in whiterussian
16:46 Changeset [3973] by nico
move zd1211 from target/linux/package/ to package/.
12:21 Changeset [3972] by nico
move spca5xx from target/linux/package/ to package/, dependency on …
11:51 Changeset [3971] by mbm
obsolete file
11:43 Changeset [3970] by nico
move shfs from target/linux/package/ to package/.
11:28 Changeset [3969] by nico
move hostap from target/linux/package/ to package/, update to v0.4.9.
11:00 Changeset [3968] by nico
move mini_fo from target/linux/package/ to package/.
10:58 Changeset [3967] by nico
add TARGET_CFLAGS to configure for userland lib and util.
10:34 Changeset [3966] by nico
move fuse from target/linux/package/ to package/, update to v2.5.3, add …


23:39 Changeset [3965] by nbd
use rm -f in package-rebuild and add extra options to the default …
23:23 Changeset [3964] by nbd
add libbfd
22:52 Changeset [3963] by nbd
port popt library to buildroot-ng
20:49 Changeset [3962] by nbd
remove some junk
10:56 Ticket #598 (KAMIKAZE : Configuration tool not includes selected kmod-net-* in final ...) created by seagull
Dear, I have the same issue as Thor, NDL... Please see the description …
08:20 Ticket #597 (ifconfig eth1 hw ether fails) closed by kaloz
07:30 Changeset [3961] by nbd
massive via-rhine performance improvements
07:27 Changeset [3960] by nbd
put a size limit on rb532 cf partitions
06:53 Ticket #597 (ifconfig eth1 hw ether fails) created by openwrt.cm@…
this worked in rc3 but in rc5: root@wrt1:~# dmesg | grep eth1 eth1: …
00:22 Changeset [3959] by mbm
clean up IE workaround
00:17 Changeset [3958] by kaloz
return the correct system type for Aruba
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