03:31 Ticket #613 (change webif to use a different password than the root account) created by anonymous
I really dislike that my config password is sent in the clear if I use the …
03:20 Ticket #612 (Ability to do an access point scan from webif if wl package is installed) created by anonymous
It would be very nice to be able to run and get the results of an access …
03:17 Ticket #611 (Method thru webif to enable activating nvram changes without committing ...) created by anonymous
Perhaps it could be changed to have an additional option listed after …
03:00 Changeset [4049] by nbd
remove stale reference to package/rules.mk - not that useful in the …
02:59 Changeset [4048] by nbd
add 0xdeadc0de to the jffs2 filesystem images
02:58 Ticket #610 (Ability to manage static routes from webif) created by anonymous
It would be really nice to be able to setup and manage static routes via …
02:53 Ticket #609 (webif method to change dnsmasq dhcp leases location to/from ramdisk/flash) created by anonymous
It would be nice to be able to use the webif to change the location …
02:46 Ticket #608 (Allow disable/enable of dnsmasq dhcp server via webif) created by anonymous
It would be really useful to be able to enable/disable the dhcp server …
02:07 Changeset [4047] by nbd
sstrip binaries that have been stripped by the regular strip before
01:45 Changeset [4046] by nbd
revert last change and add a different fix
01:27 Changeset [4045] by mbm
avoid includes that aren't required for current target (make download)
00:30 Changeset [4044] by nbd
backport jffs2 eofdetect patch to linux 2.4


23:54 Ticket #607 (ipkg does not handle running out of flash gracefully) created by anonymous
I tried to install kismet on a 4meg WRT54G and it ran out of space partway …
22:10 Ticket #606 (Add 'strip' option for cross compilation) closed by mbm
fixed: fixed in [4043]
22:09 Changeset [4043] by mbm
add STRIP to TARGET_CONFIGURE_OPTS (closes #606)
21:57 Changeset [4042] by nbd
move jffs2 end-of-filesystem detection to the generic 2.6 patches
19:37 Ticket #606 (Add 'strip' option for cross compilation) created by Thor
I suggest to add a new option to the TARGET_CONFIGURE_OPTS string used to …
16:04 Changeset [4041] by nbd
move uClibc/files/config.* to uClibc/config/* and allow board-specific …
16:02 Changeset [4040] by nbd
move target/linux/image to target/image
15:02 Changeset [4039] by nbd
reorder sdk menuconfig entry, so that it does not force the toolchain …
08:19 Changeset [4038] by nbd
massive cleanup of toolchain/
05:17 Changeset [4037] by nbd
fix and enable the sdk
05:13 Changeset [4036] by nbd
include $(TOPDIR)/rules.mk in the image makefiles
05:01 Changeset [4035] by nbd
don't generate invalid dependency lines in sdk mode
04:45 Changeset [4034] by nbd
add sdk option for gen_deps.pl
04:32 Changeset [4033] by nbd
add INCLUDE_DIR variable for $(TOPDIR)/include
04:16 Changeset [4032] by nbd
build system cleanup. move shared include files into $(TOPDIR)/include, …
01:57 Changeset [4031] by nbd
add global make download target
01:56 Changeset [4030] by nbd
add target/download
01:49 Changeset [4029] by nbd
add toolchain/download target
01:40 Changeset [4028] by nbd
add package/download target
01:18 Ticket #605 (Making a nADSL modem's webinterface accessible from LAN) created by jruhe
Most users have an ADSL modem (working as a brigde) connected to the WAN …


21:49 Ticket #604 (atheros not detected with RC5, worked in RC4 -- mdelay() removed from ...) created by bcrl@…
In linux.dev/arch/mips/bcm947xx/pcibios.c, -rc4 has: in pcibios_init() …
20:57 Changeset [4027] by mbm
annoying initrd bug introduced by 2.6.17
20:13 Changeset [4026] by nbd
reverse the order of + and @ in chillispot depends, because …
19:54 Changeset [4025] by nbd
add chillispot
19:54 Changeset [4024] by nbd
more dependency fixes
19:50 Changeset [4023] by nbd
fix for multiple dependency flags
17:40 Changeset [4022] by nbd
mount /proc earlier in /sbin/mount_root
13:42 Ticket #433 (OpenWRT doesn't bring up the wifi interface) reopened by acopenwrt@…
It's a fact that the wireless interface on my wrt doesn't come up with the …
12:03 Ticket #590 (OpenVPN webif - The upload and submit for cert and psk files are missing) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [4021]
12:02 Ticket #525 (openvpn webinterface) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [4021]
12:02 Changeset [4021] by florian
Add upload template for webif, closes #590 and definitively #525
11:57 Changeset [4020] by florian
Update alchemy kernel configuration
10:28 Changeset [4019] by kaloz
be politically correct
06:48 Changeset [4018] by nbd
add libbcmcrypto to the nas package
03:25 Ticket #603 (aireplay not working with madwifi-ng (aircrack - aircrack-ng)) created by nou
default shell with openwrt is ash/busybox which doesn't like &>/dev/null …
02:24 Changeset [4017] by mbm
fix irq handling on 2.6.17
01:57 Ticket #602 (VRRPD is nonfunctional.) created by dan@…
When vrrpd is started, (vrrpd -i br0 -v 1 neither the VRRP …
01:55 Changeset [4016] by nico
fix MODULE_PARM removal in 2.6.17.
00:28 Changeset [4015] by mbm
reintroduce the -ffreestanding to avoid gcc inline errors


23:45 Changeset [4014] by nbd
add a list append function to functions.sh
23:11 Changeset [4013] by nbd
build mimo version of the broadcom wl driver as well
22:31 Changeset [4012] by nbd
fix wlcompat depends/default
22:30 Changeset [4011] by nbd
add modules.d file for wl
22:22 Changeset [4010] by nbd
fix broadcom trx alignment
21:59 Changeset [4009] by nbd
remove the wl.o build from the kernel patch and move the driver along with …
20:28 Changeset [4008] by kaloz
update Aruba config for 2.6.17
20:13 Changeset [4007] by nbd
fix rb532 for 2.6.17
13:17 Changeset [4006] by kaloz
fix the Aruba ethernet drivers for 2.6.17
10:15 Ticket #580 (WL-HDD wrongly tried to dhcp on "wan" interface) reopened by anonymous
Is this actually a "wontfix" resolution? Or if a change has been made, can …
04:05 Changeset [4005] by nico
fix module params on 2.6.17, suppress warnings.
02:18 Changeset [4004] by nico
move source file to src/ and let the kernel tree build the modules.
00:30 Changeset [4003] by nbd
fix typo in brcm-2.4 system code


22:44 Changeset [4002] by nico
move wlcompat from target/linux/package/ to package/.
22:25 Changeset [4001] by kaloz
follow the xtables changes in 2.6.17
21:16 Changeset [4000] by nbd
add util-linux
21:16 Changeset [3999] by nbd
override LDOPTS to remove madwifi compile warning
20:30 Changeset [3998] by nico
normalize Makefiles.
20:27 Changeset [3997] by nico
add conffiles, use proper optimization flags when building.
20:26 Changeset [3996] by nico
rename br2684.init to br2684.hotplug, normalize Makefile.
20:22 Changeset [3995] by nico
remove unneeded autoconf call and flags, rename S50dropbear to …
20:10 Changeset [3994] by nico
remove ipkg directory, add conffiles, normalize Makefile.
20:05 Changeset [3993] by nico
move source files to src/.
20:04 Changeset [3992] by nbd
add wlc utility
20:03 Changeset [3991] by nico
move source file to src/.
19:46 Changeset [3990] by nico
remove ipkg directory, normalize Makefile.
19:09 Changeset [3989] by nico
remove ipkg directory, normalize Makefile.
17:15 Changeset [3988] by kaloz
fix the multiple gateway patch, too
16:32 Changeset [3987] by kaloz
upgrade to 2.6.17, probably break some stuff temporary
15:38 Changeset [3986] by nbd
add conffiles for base-files
15:32 Changeset [3985] by nbd
fix extra control files for packages containing "." and allow different …
15:10 Changeset [3984] by nbd
add conffiles to iptables
15:09 Changeset [3983] by nico
suppress warnings.
15:09 Changeset [3982] by nbd
add support for conffiles,preinst,... through templates
15:04 Changeset [3981] by nico
move source files to src/ and let the kernel tree build the module.
14:40 Changeset [3980] by nbd
add missing base-files for rb532
14:39 Changeset [3979] by nbd
remove old ipkg directory
13:20 Changeset [3978] by nico
prevent autoheader invocation, clean autotools patch.
13:03 Ticket #601 (Linux 2.6.17 is out) created by kaloz
2.6.17 final is out, time to upgrade to it
04:43 Ticket #600 (Easy adding/changing of network interfaces) created by tom at aussec dot com
When adding or changing interfaces frequently this patch keeps the …


20:47 Changeset [3977] by nico
move ueagle-atm from target/linux/package/ to package/.
18:56 Changeset [3976] by nico
move diag from target/linux/package/ to package/.
17:21 Changeset [3975] by nbd
remove packaging info from libbfd (static lib only)
17:16 Changeset [3974] by nico
move openswan from target/linux/package to package/.
16:48 Ticket #599 (bluetooth in whiterussian) created by anonymous
please add support for bluetooth in whiterussian
16:46 Changeset [3973] by nico
move zd1211 from target/linux/package/ to package/.
12:21 Changeset [3972] by nico
move spca5xx from target/linux/package/ to package/, dependency on …
11:51 Changeset [3971] by mbm
obsolete file
11:43 Changeset [3970] by nico
move shfs from target/linux/package/ to package/.
11:28 Changeset [3969] by nico
move hostap from target/linux/package/ to package/, update to v0.4.9.
11:00 Changeset [3968] by nico
move mini_fo from target/linux/package/ to package/.
10:58 Changeset [3967] by nico
add TARGET_CFLAGS to configure for userland lib and util.
10:34 Changeset [3966] by nico
move fuse from target/linux/package/ to package/, update to v2.5.3, add …
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