22:25 Changeset [4322] by nbd
avoid using a reserved word as a variable name
21:59 Changeset [4321] by nbd
fix unnamed config sections
19:57 Changeset [4320] by nbd
bugfix for the rb532 block2mtd code
13:30 Changeset [4319] by nbd
check for gettext in the popt package
13:30 Changeset [4318] by nbd
add support for per-package prereq checks, run global prereq checks before …
00:55 people edited by florian


22:41 Ticket #659 (request port of gpsd to buildroot-ng) created by seniorr@…
Please put the gpsd package on the radar screen for conversion to …
19:53 Changeset [4317] by mbm
fix build issues with SMP compiles
18:16 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
libamsel & serdisplib ported (diff)
18:15 Changeset [4316] by nico
port serdisplib to buildroot-ng
18:13 Changeset [4315] by nico
oops, forgot to remove unneeded files for -ng from my last commit (again)
18:05 Changeset [4314] by nico
backport [1729] to WhiteRussian
18:01 Changeset [4313] by nico
port libamsel to buildroot-ng
17:10 Changeset [4312] by nico
remove dependency on libdaemon
17:04 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
bluez-utils ported (diff)
17:04 Changeset [4311] by nico
port bluez-utils to buildroot-ng
16:55 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
bluez-libs ported (diff)
16:53 Changeset [4310] by nico
port bluez-libs to buildroot-ng
12:09 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
openh323 ported (diff)
12:08 Changeset [4309] by nico
port openh323 to buildroot-ng
12:06 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
pwlib ported (diff)
12:05 Changeset [4308] by nico
port pwlib to buildroot-ng


21:23 Ticket #591 (/bin/firstboot doesn't really copy the ipkg "info" package file content ...) closed by groz
21:22 Changeset [4307] by groz
Minor change to firstboot, closes #591
20:35 Changeset [4306] by groz
oooops, bridge patch was broken
20:23 Changeset [4305] by groz
Add bridge preferred mac patch
14:45 Changeset [4304] by nico
14:43 Changeset [4303] by nico
fix build in WhiteRussian SDK
14:42 Ticket #658 (r4286 buildroot-ng: some packages depend on uclibc++ instead of uclibcxx) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [4296] for id3lib and [4302] for kismet. Thanks for your report …
14:40 Changeset [4302] by nico
fix depencencies on uclibc++
11:18 Ticket #518 (openwrt host does not use dnsmasq cache for its own purposes) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [4282]


20:39 Ticket #658 (r4286 buildroot-ng: some packages depend on uclibc++ instead of uclibcxx) created by seniorr@…
... but uclibc++ doesn't exist as a package name. That package is called …
19:59 Ticket #657 (buildroot-ng error) created by anonymous
18:04 Ticket #656 (please fix dependencies for pptpd) created by anonymous
please fix the dependencies for /packages/net/pptd
13:42 Changeset [4301] by nbd
change to a slightly less invalid ip address
13:26 Ticket #565 (Qt3 Embedded libraty) closed by florian
invalid: Thanks for submitting, but OpenWrt never intended to run QT applications, …
05:24 Ticket #555 (New package suggestion: libmcrypt send-nsca) closed by nico
fixed: send-nsca was added to buildroot-ng in [4300].
05:22 Changeset [4300] by nico
add send-nsca to buildroot-ng
05:19 Changeset [4299] by nico
remove ref to host include and lib dirs from pkgconfig files
05:12 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
ez-ipupdate ported (diff)
05:05 Changeset [4298] by nico
oops, forgot to remove unneeded files for -ng from my last commit
05:03 Changeset [4297] by nico
port ez-ipupdate to buildroot-ng
04:09 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
porting bluez-libs, bluez-utils, ez-ipupdate, lcd4linux, mpd, openh323, … (diff)
03:26 Changeset [4296] by nico
change SECTION and CATEGORY to put packages in the right place, change …
03:23 Ticket #655 (buildroot-ng r4281 wgt634u-2.6-squashfs boot failure) closed by mbm
fixed: Bugs in the build system. Fixed by [4287] and [4292].
03:19 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
rrdtool-1.0.x ported (diff)
03:18 Changeset [4295] by nico
port rrdtool-1.0.x to buildroot-ng
03:15 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
libcli ported (diff)
03:14 Changeset [4294] by nico
port libcli to buildroot-ng
03:10 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
libart ported (diff)
03:09 Changeset [4293] by nico
port libart to buildroot-ng
03:01 Changeset [4292] by mbm
add more ipkg validation checks
02:56 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
libaudiofile ported (diff)
02:55 Changeset [4291] by nico
port libaudiofile to buildroot-ng
02:46 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
libao ported (diff)
02:42 Changeset [4290] by nico
port libao to buildroot-ng
02:33 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
freeradius & freetype ported (diff)
02:32 Changeset [4289] by nico
port freetype to buildroot-ng
02:17 Changeset [4288] by nico
port freeradius to buildroot-ng
02:03 Changeset [4287] by nico
let ipkg fail when a package file to be installed is not found
00:48 Changeset [4286] by nbd
disable kmod-ip6tables if netfilter ipv6 support is disabled
00:35 Ticket #655 (buildroot-ng r4281 wgt634u-2.6-squashfs boot failure) created by seniorr@…
I get this: […]
00:14 Ticket #436 (pppoe dial on demand broken asus wl 500g deluxe) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [4285]
00:13 Changeset [4285] by nbd
fix dial on demand support (#436)


22:24 Ticket #654 (r4281 buildroot-ng failures in avahi and wpa_supplicant) created by seniorr@…
Sorry, no details. I just de-configured them and moved on.
21:13 Ticket #598 (KAMIKAZE : Configuration tool not includes selected kmod-net-* in final ...) closed by nbd
worksforme: Should be fixed, at least in buildroot-ng
21:10 Ticket #457 (download-target) closed by nbd
fixed: Works in buildroot-ng
21:10 Ticket #626 (Somethings aren't being added) closed by nbd
worksforme: Should be fixed in buildroot-ng
21:07 Ticket #435 (index.asp for webif) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [4284]
21:07 Changeset [4284] by nbd
add index.asp (symlinked from index.html) to make the transition from …
20:49 Changeset [4283] by mbm
introduce new BROKEN menuconfig option for hiding known broken settings
20:20 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
porting freeradius, freetype, libao, libart, libaudiofile & libcli (diff)
20:12 Changeset [4282] by nbd
use as dns server and point dnsmasq to /tmp/resolv.conf
19:24 Changeset [4281] by nbd
update dnsmasq to 2.32
19:04 Ticket #615 (S50dnsmasq assumes use of DHCP) closed by nbd
invalid: S50dnsmasq only uses udhcpc to figure out if there is a DHCP server on the …
18:43 Ticket #604 (atheros not detected with RC5, worked in RC4 -- mdelay() removed from ...) closed by nbd
worksforme: That diff looks wrong to me. I can't find the comparison with 0x4710 in …
18:36 Ticket #651 (switch-adm.o wont load on WRT54GS v1.0 after svn rev 4155) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [4280]
18:36 Changeset [4280] by nbd
fix switch-adm breakage accidentally introduced in [4155] (ticket #651)
17:59 Ticket #493 (Kamikaze - JFFS2 - First Reboot - Aumatic Reboot) closed by nbd
fixed: OpenWrt no longer requires a reboot for jffs2 images.
17:58 Ticket #596 (AR7 devices with only one ethernet port. Patch to ...) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [4279]
17:57 Changeset [4279] by nbd
change cpmac to use the internal phy by default (#596)
17:52 Ticket #601 (Linux 2.6.17 is out) closed by nbd
fixed: Looks like it's done :)
17:46 Ticket #638 (running Hamachi on OpenWRT) closed by nbd
invalid: The binaries are obviously broken. There's nothing that we can or want to …
17:00 Ticket #653 (build error for kmod-ipt-nat on r4254) closed by nbd
fixed: Fixed in [4278]
16:44 Changeset [4278] by nbd
don't try to create kmod packages that contain no files
16:05 Changeset [4277] by florian
Add aodv-uu userspace daemon, kernel module needs makefile rewriting
13:40 Ticket #652 (lighttpd mod_proxy "no proxy process on host" loop) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [4276]
13:40 Changeset [4276] by florian
Upgrade lighttpd to 1.4.11, fixes the mod_proxy issue, closes #652
13:29 Changeset [4275] by florian
Clean up patches : remove warnings, move cli() and save_flags to spinlock …
12:14 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
porting rrdtool1 (diff)
11:17 Ticket #639 (Add source interface options to busybox's telnet and ping commands) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [4274]
10:53 WikiStart edited by mbm
10:22 Ticket #528 (busybox's traceroute -I option (uses icmp instead of udp)) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [4247], thanks !
10:22 Changeset [4274] by florian
Add ping -l (preload) and telnet -b (bind alias), closes #528
09:00 Ticket #653 (build error for kmod-ipt-nat on r4254) created by seniorr@…
after an svn update, ran make V=99 and got this: […]


21:46 Changeset [4273] by florian
Complete the move of gcom to comgt, fix download issues
21:06 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
picocom ported (diff)
21:05 Changeset [4272] by nico
port picocom to buildroot-ng
21:05 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
microcom ported (diff)
21:04 Changeset [4271] by nico
port microcom to buildroot-ng
21:03 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
mgetty ported (diff)
21:03 Changeset [4270] by nico
port mgetty to buildroot-ng
20:59 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
rsync ported (diff)
20:58 Changeset [4269] by nico
port rsync to buildroot-ng
20:55 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
xinetd ported (diff)
20:54 Changeset [4268] by nico
port xinetd to buildroot-ng
20:48 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
wput ported (diff)
20:48 Changeset [4267] by nico
port wput to buildroot-ng
20:46 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
vsftpd ported (diff)
20:45 Changeset [4266] by nico
port vsftpd to buildroot-ng
20:43 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
radvd ported (diff)
20:42 Changeset [4265] by nico
port radvd to buildroot-ng
20:15 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
openssh ported (diff)
20:14 Changeset [4264] by nico
port openssh to buildroot-ng
19:10 Changeset [4263] by florian
Move gcom to comgt to reflect the site disclaimer
18:20 Ticket #652 (lighttpd mod_proxy "no proxy process on host" loop) created by sala
Particular problem is described here: …
17:40 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
porting mgetty, microcom, openssh, picocom, radvd, rsync, vsftpd, wput & … (diff)
17:34 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
setserial ported (diff)
17:33 Changeset [4262] by nico
port setserial to buildroot-ng
17:31 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
p910nd ported (diff)
17:31 Changeset [4261] by nico
port p910nd to buildroot-ng
17:28 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
hdparm ported (diff)
17:27 Changeset [4260] by nico
port hdparm to buildroot-ng
17:25 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
gnupg (gpg) ported (diff)
17:24 Changeset [4259] by nico
port gnupg (gpg) to buildroot-ng
16:33 Ticket #497 (OpenVPN Security Update) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with latest rsync update : 24072006 at 16:24
15:04 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
e2fsprogs ported (diff)
15:04 Changeset [4258] by nico
port e2fsprogs to buildroot-ng
15:01 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
dosfstools ported (diff)
15:01 Changeset [4257] by nico
port dosfstools to buildroot-ng
14:57 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
cifsmount ported (diff)
14:56 Changeset [4256] by nico
port cifsmount to buildroot-ng
12:04 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
porting cifsmount, dosfstools, e2fsprogs, gpg, hdparm, p910nd & setserial (diff)
11:46 Ticket #599 (bluetooth in whiterussian) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [4255]
11:45 Changeset [4255] by florian
Add bluetooth support to whiterussian, closes #599
10:14 Changeset [4254] by nbd
upgrade to new wl driver - supposedly fixes the weird google issue
09:28 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
usbutils ported (diff)
09:27 Changeset [4253] by nico
port usbutils to buildroot-ng
09:26 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
pciutils ported (diff)
09:25 Changeset [4252] by nico
port pciutils to buildroot-ng
09:21 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
olsrd ported (diff)
09:20 Changeset [4251] by nico
port olsrd to buildroot-ng
09:16 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
matrixtunnel ported (diff)
09:16 Changeset [4250] by nico
port matrixtunnel to buildroot-ng
09:14 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
lua ported (diff)
09:13 Changeset [4249] by nico
add a lang subdir, port lua to buildroot-ng
09:12 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
libosip2 ported (diff)
09:11 Changeset [4248] by nico
port libosip2 to buildroot-ng
09:10 Changeset [4247] by nbd
fix broadcom-wl patchtable
09:09 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
kismet ported (diff)
09:08 Changeset [4246] by nico
oops, i forgot to remove unneeded Config.in
09:07 Changeset [4245] by nico
port kismet to buildroot-ng
02:15 Ticket #651 (switch-adm.o wont load on WRT54GS v1.0 after svn rev 4155) created by leo
Looks like the backport of changes to patches/brcm/001-bcm47xx.patch in …
01:02 Changeset [4244] by nbd
add ncurses to prereq checks
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