23:22 Changeset [4585] by nbd
remove sdram_config fixup - not necessary for linksys and breaks whr-g54s
20:11 Changeset [4584] by nbd
20:02 Ticket #699 (buildroot-ng: x86-uml build is broken) created by anonymous
Target: x86-uml -- Revision: 4583 -- System: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS […]
13:10 Ticket #698 (Configure ipkg package for iptables libipt_CLASSIFY.so) created by greve@…
Connected to https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/696: Without CLASSIFY …
13:10 Ticket #697 (wgt634u 2 wrong default network config file) created by anonymous
/etc/init.d/S05netconfig if grep 'mtd0: 000a0000' /proc/mtd 2>&- …
13:04 Ticket #696 (Add iptables CLASSIFY target) created by greve@…
The QoS functionality can only be partially used without the CLASSIFY …
12:36 Ticket #695 (About config file format) created by anonymous
Please use a more reliable config file format. I suggest using XML format …
09:43 Changeset [4583] by groz
Add a readme to the lilo package explaining how to make a bootable usb …
09:37 Changeset [4582] by groz
Add lilo package for use in making bootable images for x86
09:36 Changeset [4581] by groz
Add resize2fs to the e2fsprogs ipkg
09:34 Changeset [4580] by groz
Add ext2 as a compiled in on x86-2.4 so it's available for initrd on …
09:20 Changeset [4579] by groz
Build bzImage for x86 builds - allow ext2 images even if initramfs used, …
02:33 Changeset [4578] by mbm
tidy up output
02:12 Changeset [4577] by mbm
fix accidental tab
02:02 Changeset [4576] by mbm
description mistakenly removed in [4455]
01:55 Changeset [4575] by mbm
correct .built rule
01:52 Changeset [4574] by mbm
fix numerous typos in Makefile
01:43 Changeset [4573] by mbm
Show error messages when collecting the package info


21:16 Changeset [4572] by mbm
fix minor compile issues with spca5xx
05:18 Ticket #694 (dnsmasq stop resolve names) created by hirohashi
after some time, dnsmasq stops resolve names. DHCP runs ok ---- simptons …
04:34 Ticket #693 (functions.sh: do_ifup() uses unset variables) created by blackbox@…
In functions.sh (rc5 and current revision 4492) the function do_ifup() …
03:07 Changeset [4571] by mbm
a "generic" patch shouldn't be setting the ARCH to mips
02:35 Changeset [4570] by mbm
fix issues if kernel config is changed after the compile has started


15:11 Ticket #692 (ESSID empty only in WDS mode. wrt54gl) created by gyaresu
version whiterussian rc5 linksys wrt54gl Followed this documentation for …
13:32 Ticket #691 (buildroot-ng brcm-2.6 does not bring lan up on boot (r4596)) created by J4k3
Doesn't seem to be running 'ifup lan' on boot, won't have a chance to …


13:06 Ticket #690 (dsl_qos_queue package) created by kri@…
Hi I have created a patch against whiterussian svn that adds the …
10:16 Changeset [4569] by groz
Move a bunch of ethernet hardware drivers to new kernel module packageing
09:50 Changeset [4568] by groz
Generalize the x86 kernel config for more generic processor options
09:41 Changeset [4567] by groz
Make ext2 image larger for uml, update uml kernel config
09:40 Changeset [4566] by groz
Fix up kmod-mppe for 2.6 kernels too


18:13 Ticket #689 (ipkg can not install packages on br-ng/xscale) created by anonymous
I created my own packages repository for me and a friend rsyncing the bin/ …
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