23:54 Ticket #660 (connbytes patch) reopened by netprince
Unfortunatly the patch doesn't work as a module. If I change the …
21:32 Changeset [4733] by nbd
add 3g/umts init script to comgt package
21:29 Changeset [4732] by nbd
add usb-serial and ppp fixes from jr
21:28 Changeset [4731] by nbd
fix pcmcia module install
21:26 Changeset [4730] by nbd
add package for the nozomi driver
21:24 Changeset [4729] by nbd
gcc 3.4.6 should be safe on brcm-2.4 now
21:23 Changeset [4728] by nbd
add calibrate_delay patch to buildroot-ng
21:21 Changeset [4727] by nbd
move calibrate_delay out of the .init.text section
20:37 Changeset [4726] by nbd
remove some useless junk from the nvram libraries
15:12 Ticket #742 (installing rc5 bin/openwrt-wr850g-squashfs.bin via org. fw web interface ...) created by newsgr
Hi, there just wanted to drop a line and report: I have a wr850gV2 (this …
13:46 Ticket #741 (WRT54G3G PCI resource allocation errors (Option Fusion+)) created by m.prenger@…
When using a Option 3G Fusion+ card (incl. WLAN) there are PCI resource …
10:38 Changeset [4725] by florian
Really disable doc generation, increases install time


17:19 Ticket #740 (weechat update) created by exg@…
weechat-0.2.0 has been released since a while and it features a lot of …
09:00 Ticket #593 (maradns- doesn't like "make V=99") closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [4724]
00:55 Ticket #739 (patch tc and maybe kernel for DSL traffic shaping) created by stickman EN ole.com
As shown in this forum …
00:41 Changeset [4724] by mbm
prevent parse error on V=


23:18 Changeset [4723] by mbm
fix ccache error
21:35 Changeset [4722] by mbm
remove empty dir
20:49 Changeset [4721] by mbm
fix bind compile


16:04 Changeset [4720] by nbd
magicbox: add 0x40 to the kernel image size (uImage header)
13:16 Changeset [4719] by florian
Add early support for CFE mapping
12:49 Changeset [4718] by nbd
set -mcpu=405 in the default cflags for magicbox
12:30 Changeset [4717] by nbd
use an if block on the whole configure command
12:26 Changeset [4716] by mbm
fix previous commit
12:24 Changeset [4715] by nbd
only run trap error code in the configure template, if the configure …
12:18 Changeset [4714] by mbm
remove incorrect host dependancy
11:57 Changeset [4713] by mbm
Add new warning to help track down pesky compile issues
11:49 Changeset [4712] by mbm
Fix the RequireCommand macro
11:19 Ticket #738 (Enable MD support via kmod-md) created by aander07@…
It would be nice to have software RAID support available via the MD …
08:49 Changeset [4711] by florian
Update md5sum
07:12 Changeset [4710] by nbd
update flash map driver for jffs2, squashfs will follow later
06:46 Changeset [4709] by nbd
remove even more stuff
06:26 Changeset [4708] by nbd
remove useless junk
06:09 Changeset [4707] by nbd
split magicbox patch
06:08 Changeset [4706] by nbd
add default /etc/config/network
06:02 Changeset [4705] by nbd
enable math emulation
05:21 Changeset [4704] by nbd
add no_werror patch again, fix xscale cflags
04:58 Changeset [4703] by nbd
remove -mapcs-32 from madwifi xscale build


21:30 Changeset [4702] by nbd
fix gcc symlink install
18:20 Changeset [4701] by nbd
update madwifi to 0.9.2
15:54 Changeset [4700] by florian
Add missing preriquisites to sablevm-classpath
12:11 Changeset [4699] by nbd
skip a lot of useless junk in madwifi on linux 2.4
11:11 Changeset [4698] by florian
Enable PCI in kernel config, and compile wireless drivers
11:04 Changeset [4697] by florian
Fixup PCI compilation
10:14 Changeset [4696] by florian
Upgrade aircrack-ng to 0.6.1
09:21 Changeset [4695] by florian
Restore boot loader detection by parsing the command line, fixes issue …
08:15 Ticket #737 (ChiliSpot sends client DNS of created by david_s5
The recent change removing the symlink /etc/resolv.conf->/tmp/resolv.conf …
06:17 Ticket #736 (ALSA driver built with "--with-sequencer=yes" option outputs unusable ...) closed by mbm
invalid: You need to load other modules which provide the missing symbols. If you …
01:47 Ticket #736 (ALSA driver built with "--with-sequencer=yes" option outputs unusable ...) created by openwrt@…
Trying to build the ALSA driver with sequencer modules enabled, I modifyed …


22:03 Ticket #735 (Add quagga isisd to whiterussian) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [4694], thanks !
22:02 Changeset [4694] by florian
Add quagga isisd, closes #735
14:54 Ticket #735 (Add quagga isisd to whiterussian) created by fabian.deutsch@…
quagga-0.98.6, used in whiterussian, also supports isisd, so why not …
14:16 Ticket #734 (lua 5.1) created by anonymous
Is it possible to update lua packages to version 5.1 ?
12:12 Ticket #733 (br-ng: these packages are broken) created by anonymous
Target: brcm-2.4 Revision: 4693 System: Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS …
10:25 Ticket #709 (New package: wdiag) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [4693]
10:25 Changeset [4693] by florian
Add wdiag to -ng, closes #709
05:34 Ticket #732 (yikes - lan_proto not initialized if null) created by david_s5
New change to S05nvram does not handle the case where lan_proto="" …
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