23:46 Changeset [4882] by nbd
openswan makefile cleanup and compile fix
23:46 Ticket #803 (the language in webif is broken) created by robert
since the last modification by ndb the list of the language is again …
23:14 Changeset [4881] by nbd
fix libexif compile
22:57 Ticket #355 (madwifi-old for kamikaze, fixes for previous mistakes) closed by nbd
wontfix: Madwifi-old is no longer supported in buildroot-ng/kamikaze
22:55 Changeset [4880] by nbd
update openssh to 4.4p1 - security fixes
22:48 Ticket #344 (kamikaze alsa) closed by nbd
fixed: Should be fixed in buildroot-ng
22:47 Ticket #38 (WAG354G crashes randomly) closed by nbd
wontfix: ar7-2.4 will be replaced with ar7-2.6
22:46 Ticket #386 (Add a file delete list to the image builder) closed by nbd
fixed: see [4879]
22:46 Changeset [4879] by nbd
run extra scripts after package installation before image creation in the …
22:42 Ticket #364 (pcmcia-cs-3.2.8 kamikaze broken) closed by nbd
fixed: Looks like an old bug that was fixed a while ago.
22:35 Ticket #737 (ChiliSpot sends client DNS of closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [4878]
22:35 Changeset [4878] by nbd
as a workaround, send the lan ip address as primary dns to chillispot …
22:27 Ticket #730 (iptables segfaults on inserting l7 filter (SVN version 4690)) closed by nbd
fixed: I disabled mini_fo. It was causing this issue…
22:21 Ticket #647 (openswan: Pluto crashes out with an init error) closed by nbd
fixed: Should be fixed with the new version. Please reopen if the problem …
21:41 Ticket #650 (1.0r6 whiterussian: ipkg remove hangs) closed by nbd
fixed: mini_fo was disabled in [4872] due to numerous issues with glob() and …
21:40 Ticket #627 (post-RC5 image language selection in Webif is broken.) closed by nbd
fixed: It was broken by mini_fo, which has been disabled in [4872]
21:39 Changeset [4877] by nbd
fix language dropdown menu if only one language is installed
21:29 Changeset [4876] by nbd
remove dynamic generation of /etc/httpd.conf - unnecessary
21:11 Changeset [4875] by nbd
update lzo, and openvpn to latest versions, fix vtun and tinc for lzo2
19:42 Ticket #778 (webif (wl0_distance only 256 max in webif interface)) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [4874]
19:41 Changeset [4874] by nbd
remove upper limit for wl0_distance in webif
19:30 Ticket #802 (Problem with win98) closed by nbd
wontfix: Windows crashes are not our problem, nor can we do anything about them.
19:28 Ticket #801 (openssl-0.9.8d package update) closed by nbd
fixed: updated in [4873]
19:28 Changeset [4873] by nbd
sync openssl in wr and ng, update to 0.9.8d for security fixes
17:47 Ticket #802 (Problem with win98) created by lfping
Hi. I've installed RC5 on a Linksys WRT54GL v1.1. with openswan …
08:32 Ticket #742 (installing rc5 bin/openwrt-wr850g-squashfs.bin via org. fw web interface ...) closed by kaloz
08:27 Ticket #764 (dnsmasq startup script typo: incorrect IP addresses are handed out) closed by kaloz
08:22 Ticket #695 (About config file format) closed by kaloz
08:19 Ticket #801 (openssl-0.9.8d package update) created by anonymous
openssl-0.9.8d compiles with current patchset, so here is the diff to …
08:15 Ticket #800 (patches for WL-HDD support) created by FlorianEchtler <floe@…>
I've succeeded to get kamikaze running on the Asus WL-HDD (and …
01:44 Ticket #799 (adam2flash.pl for fritzbox use) created by anonymous
I've modified the adam2flash.pl for get it working with a fritzbox.


22:51 Changeset [4872] by nbd
disable mini_fo until the weird issues are sorted out


20:57 Changeset [4871] by nbd
use -f option when calling trx (osx build works now)
20:53 Changeset [4870] by nbd
add -f option to make adding files to the trx command line explicit …
19:33 Changeset [4869] by nbd
fix ppp compile on osx
19:18 Changeset [4868] by nbd
fix stdint include patch
19:03 Changeset [4867] by nbd
add portability fixes for toolchain/tools (full tools/toolchain build …
16:06 Changeset [4866] by nbd
move tools from toolchain/ to tools/
15:11 Changeset [4865] by nbd
fix GNU_HOST_NAME for non-linux machines
14:20 Changeset [4864] by nbd
fix lxdialog cc/ldflags check script for darwin/osx
14:09 Changeset [4863] by nbd
disable gettext in menuconfig
14:04 Changeset [4862] by nbd
use 'false' instead of '/bin/false'
13:35 Changeset [4861] by florian
Commit Airlink101 AR525W documentation, yeah baby
13:21 Changeset [4860] by florian
Copy hardware docs from trunk to a general docs/ repository
11:17 Ticket #798 (buildroot-ng kernel 2.6 broken on WRT54GSv4) created by anonymous
I compiled the buildroot-ng image with kernel version 2.6 but after …
07:54 Changeset [4859] by nico
fix alsa on 2.6 (some arches need specific includes)


16:00 Changeset [4858] by nbd
sync firewall script with whiterussian changes


23:51 Changeset [4857] by mbm
fix grep's -C option
18:34 Ticket #797 (Patch for building modules needed by ipsec (IPv4) on 2.6) created by fabian.deutsch@…
hey, a patch to build kernel modules for ipsec (ipv4) support, needed by …
05:01 Ticket #796 (Port empty to whiterussian) created by netprince (at) vt (dot) edu
Empty is a utility sort of like expect, but simpler and smaller. From …


23:49 Ticket #776 (Package descriptions not used in menuconfig, neither in ipkg control files) closed by nico
fixed: Changed in [4856], please give it a try…
23:17 Changeset [4856] by nico
fix DESCRIPTION use in menuconfig and ipkg control files
22:49 Changeset [4855] by nico
new (last?) attempt at standardizing Makefiles
21:29 Ticket #795 (Webcam Modul will not be compiled - PWC) created by ares321
Hi all, i have tried, different trunk versions 47xx till the newest 48xx. …
15:46 Changeset [4854] by nbd
clean up and really fix bogus build_ directory
15:34 Changeset [4853] by nbd
update docs for the last commit
15:32 Changeset [4852] by nbd
use absolute paths in include() shell function
13:24 Changeset [4851] by nbd
disable mirror1.openwrt.org for now - doesn't seem to be active
13:19 Ticket #794 (iptraf - cannot get out of config menu) closed by florian
duplicate: Ticket #496 already reports this bug, thanks anyway !
04:14 Changeset [4850] by nico
add BOARD and KERNEL to tgz image file name
04:09 Changeset [4849] by nico
add CXXFLAGS and PKG_CONFIG_PATH in Build/Configure/Default, add …
02:34 Ticket #774 (Using PPPoE with bridged device breaks bridging) reopened by biker_pat
while the binaries sure seem to work, the routing functionality of this …
01:45 Ticket #794 (iptraf - cannot get out of config menu) created by bugs.openwrt.org@…
Hi, it is not possible to quit the configure menu of iptraf. Normally, …
00:03 Changeset [4848] by nbd
add some notes about the network scripts
00:03 Changeset [4847] by nbd
clean up filesystem selction
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