21:41 Changeset [4970] by nbd
rewrite the olsrd init stuff to have a sane default config
21:16 Changeset [4969] by nbd
fix a small bug in the parse-config script
21:01 Changeset [4968] by nbd
fix openswan init script
20:55 Ticket #823 (qos-scripts: Makefile & control fixes) closed by nbd
fixed: changed in [4967]
20:55 Changeset [4967] by nbd
rename qos_scripts to qos-scripts in the makefiles (#823)
20:06 Changeset [4966] by nbd
add parse-config.awk for -ng compatibility
19:04 Changeset [4965] by nbd
rename olsrd patches, add fixes and optimizations from sven-ola
19:01 Ticket #825 (ez-ipupdate patch for everydns) created by opewrt@…
I've hacked ez-ipupdate to support everydns. …
18:41 Changeset [4964] by nbd
osiris compile fix for new openssl library
18:07 Changeset [4963] by nbd
enable jffs2 by default on x86-2.6
17:48 Changeset [4962] by nbd
add grub based images for x86-2.6 - still a bit hackish, but works with …
17:43 Changeset [4961] by nbd
add a fix for the block2mtd init
17:33 Changeset [4960] by nbd
add ext2 to the x86-2.6 kernel by default
16:15 Ticket #824 (wpa_supplicant fails to compile if configured with madwifi driver support) created by MMCM
buildroot-ng R4927 If I edit files/config.mipsel in the wpa_supplicant …
15:14 Ticket #689 (ipkg can not install packages on br-ng/xscale) closed by nico
fixed: Should be fixed in [4959]
15:10 Changeset [4959] by nico
fix unknown arch in ipkg: use our ARCH instead of busybox's TARGET_ARCH …
14:26 Ticket #823 (qos-scripts: Makefile & control fixes) created by anonymous
I had few problems to build the package: …
11:39 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
php4 ported (diff)
11:37 Changeset [4958] by nico
port php4 to -ng
05:44 Changeset [4957] by nbd
add block2mtd by default in x86-2.6
05:40 Changeset [4956] by nbd
fix ettercap package description
04:50 Changeset [4955] by nbd
add rc.common from ng to whiterussian for package compatibility
04:35 Changeset [4954] by nbd
fix unnecessary package rebuild


23:05 Ticket #822 (Kamikaze (brcm-2.6) not building with gcc 4.1.1) created by Vladdy
Current linux v2.6.17 is broken on brcm-2.6 platform and on gcc 4.1.1: …
21:11 Changeset [4953] by nbd
implement stop() function for dropbear init script
20:18 Changeset [4952] by nbd
remove x86-2.4
19:46 Changeset [4951] by nbd
rename patch
18:38 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by florian
18:37 Changeset [4950] by florian
Port tinyproxy to -ng, use the new rc.common stuff
18:03 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by florian
17:57 Ticket #723 (br-ng: port OpenVPN package) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [4949]
17:56 Changeset [4949] by florian
Port openvpn to -ng, may need some rework to modularize a bit more, …
15:15 Changeset [4948] by florian
Fix dsniff compilation
14:51 Ticket #810 (gdbserver is looking for gdb in the wrong place (buildroot-ng)) closed by nbd
fixed: Applied in [4947], thanks.
14:51 Changeset [4947] by nbd
fix path to toolchain build directory (patch from #810)
14:50 Changeset [4946] by nbd
move gdbserver to buildroot-ng, since it uses the toolchain build …
14:48 Ticket #809 (gdb doesn't install to the correct directory (buildroot-ng)) closed by nbd
fixed: Applied in [4945], thanks for reporting.
14:48 Changeset [4945] by nbd
fix gdb installation (patch from #809)
14:44 Ticket #812 (wgt634u vlan port reversal) closed by nbd
fixed: Fixed in [4914]
13:57 Changeset [4944] by nbd
move old kamikaze out of trunk - will put buildroot-ng in there as soon as …
13:55 Ticket #821 (buildroot-ng strace doesn't follow forks, as of r4902) closed by nbd
duplicate: duplicate of #668
13:40 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
asterisk ported (diff)
13:40 Ticket #789 (patch on asterisk-1.2.0-Makefile-cdr.patch) closed by nico
fixed: Asterisk has been ported to buildroot-ng in [4943] with your fix in. …
13:39 Ticket #717 (asterisk chan_bluetooth patch does not work for v1.2.x) closed by nico
fixed: Asterisk has been ported to buildroot-ng in [4943] with your fix in. …
13:36 Changeset [4943] by nico
port asterisk to -ng, add fixes from zandbelt (closes: #717 & #789)
12:53 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
mark weechat as ported (diff)
12:11 Changeset [4942] by nico
fix default ARCH setting
11:59 Changeset [4941] by nico
fix typo
03:08 Ticket #821 (buildroot-ng strace doesn't follow forks, as of r4902) created by seniorr@…
When executing: […] I find that strace.log does not show forked …
01:06 Ticket #820 (about Kamikaze r4940 in my netgear WGT634u, if wan ifname is eth0.1, pppoe ...) created by s10123 <daniel_1016@…>
Hi nbd we talk in irc, I try Kamikaze r4940 in my netgear WGT634u, it do …


23:10 Ticket #818 (Problem with vlan > 9) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [4940], thanks for reporting
23:10 Changeset [4940] by nbd
fix vlans > 9 in the network config (#818)
23:08 Ticket #807 (password in webif) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [4936]
22:54 Ticket #819 (Russian codepage) created by lo@…
Sorry! This is not ticket. Can you add support for russian codepage and …
22:24 Changeset [4939] by nbd
minor cleanup
22:10 Changeset [4938] by nbd
restructure webif similar to x-wrt
22:06 Changeset [4937] by nbd
remove the crappy firewall page - no time to get it fixed before rc6
20:52 Changeset [4936] by nbd
really fix webif password access patch for busybox
19:38 Changeset [4935] by nbd
add qos-scripts package port for buildroot-ng
19:33 Changeset [4934] by nbd
remove obsolete file
19:32 Changeset [4933] by nbd
port kmod-sched to new kernel packaging system
19:14 Changeset [4932] by nbd
add libncurses dependency to minicom
19:09 Changeset [4931] by nbd
add the qos-scripts package
19:01 Changeset [4930] by nbd
add minicom
18:41 Changeset [4929] by nbd
fix pcmcia-cs dependencies
14:28 Changeset [4928] by florian
Update siprodx to 0.5.13 (latest)
11:09 Ticket #818 (Problem with vlan > 9) created by simkim@…
I'have setup a vlan with id 15 on a wrt54GLv1.1 with whiterussian RC5 but …


23:40 Ticket #817 (Image converter for USR5461) created by dick@…
Attached is a patch that adds a new utility to convert a TRX firmware …
14:39 Changeset [4927] by nbd
speed up package prereq check (only run make on those directories that …
14:19 Changeset [4926] by nbd
update xsupplicant to latest upstream version and fix a compile error
13:57 Changeset [4925] by nbd
put quotes around the CC variable in wknock (fixes ccache build)
13:08 Changeset [4924] by nbd
fix gmp ccache breakage again (previous fix was removed in a cleanup)
12:50 Changeset [4923] by nbd
remove ccache directory on distclean
09:43 Ticket #814 (after flash r4905 in WGT634u, I can not use pppoe as default) closed by nbd
09:19 Ticket #720 (croatian webif common.txt bad latin2 character substitution) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [4922], please check
09:18 Changeset [4922] by florian
Update croatian croatian and substitue characters to their html …
08:20 Ticket #816 (port sox to buildroot-ng) created by seniorr@…
I am working on adding usb-audio to my wgt634u stumbler and would like …
00:46 Changeset [4921] by nbd
hide enable/disable functions, not active yet
00:23 Changeset [4920] by nbd
fix firstboot checks for files to copy instead of symlink (ported from …


23:38 Ticket #808 (Whiterussian: reset WDS on wifi initialization) closed by nbd
fixed: applied in [4919], thanks for reporting
23:38 Changeset [4919] by nbd
always reset the wds list in wificonf (#808)
23:20 Ticket #813 (ettercap build failure, buildroot-ng r4902) closed by florian
worksforme: Please checkout to latest revision and try to see if it works. I …
23:04 Changeset [4918] by nbd
port over more init scripts
22:57 Changeset [4917] by nbd
port lots of init scripts over to rc.common (more to come)
22:09 Changeset [4916] by nbd
fix displayed name in init script help text
22:05 Changeset [4915] by nbd
add new rc.common for standardized init scripts, convert existing init …
22:03 Changeset [4914] by nbd
move arch specific base-files install call to the end of the generic one - …
21:07 Changeset [4913] by nico
fix build on recent gcc (>= 4.1.1) by statically linking against libstdc++ …
20:31 Ticket #640 (Wrt 54G 5.1 crashes on reboot) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [4912]
20:31 Changeset [4912] by nbd
don't mess with the sdram settings on hacked cfe (v5) (fixes #640)
20:14 Changeset [4911] by nico
don't depend on host openssl headers installed, use our own, standardize …
19:13 Changeset [4910] by nico
override cflags (not honored by ./configure)
19:11 Ticket #815 (Bug in S45firewall and S50dnsmasq) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [4909]
19:11 Changeset [4909] by nbd
fix missing update for include() api change (#815)
19:10 Changeset [4908] by nico
help ./configure find libnet-config
19:09 Changeset [4907] by nico
update lilo to latest version (missing source), move files in ./files
18:32 Changeset [4906] by nbd
fix dependencies
12:36 Ticket #815 (Bug in S45firewall and S50dnsmasq) created by anonymous
In S45firewall and S50dnsmasq, it like this ". /etc/functions.sh include …
11:48 Ticket #814 (after flash r4905 in WGT634u, I can not use pppoe as default) created by anonymous
after flash r4905 in WGT634u, I can not use pppoe as default. I used …
04:26 Changeset [4905] by nbd
clean up more endianness checks
01:20 Changeset [4904] by nbd
fix package description
00:43 Ticket #813 (ettercap build failure, buildroot-ng r4902) created by seniorr@…
Here's the end of the make V=99 messages: […] I have checked …


21:38 Changeset [4903] by nbd
don't recreate the resolv.conf file from the dhcp script if no dhcp server …
21:35 Ticket #812 (wgt634u vlan port reversal) created by J4k3
Appears the vlan assignments have turned 'backwards' on the wgt634u again. …
21:26 Changeset [4902] by nbd
add libltdl dependency to libgphoto2 now that the built-in one is disabled
21:11 Changeset [4901] by nbd
clean up endianness selection
21:09 Changeset [4900] by nbd
move BIG_ENDIAN selection to arch configs
20:19 Ticket #811 (Kernel panic after wlanconfig destroy + wlanconfig create) created by tomek@…
KAMIKAZE (bleeding edge, r4855) ------------------- root@OpenWrt:/# …
19:33 Changeset [4899] by nico
fix conflicting libnet versions mess
19:30 Changeset [4898] by nico
cleanup Makefile
19:25 Changeset [4897] by nico
don't use included ltdl lib, standardize
19:20 Changeset [4896] by nico
only remove gd stuff on UninstallDev (broke libgdbm)
19:18 Changeset [4895] by nico
fix prereq
19:10 Changeset [4894] by nico
fix weechat depends on gnutls
19:10 Changeset [4893] by nico
mark peerguardian as broken
16:29 Changeset [4892] by nico
fix prereq
14:46 Changeset [4891] by nbd
rename libgphoto2 patch, add patch to remove the tests/ build - should fix …
14:29 Changeset [4890] by nbd
ignore kernel and base-files depends, both don't install anything into the …
14:25 Changeset [4889] by nbd
set the sdk default to y if CONFIG_ALL is set
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