21:35 Changeset [5317] by nico
use target optimizations
21:34 Changeset [5316] by nico
fix conflicting optimization flags set by configure
21:32 Changeset [5315] by nico
override AM_CFLAGS holding conflicting optimization flag, remove unneeded …
21:14 Changeset [5314] by nico
use target optimization flags for madwifi tools
18:51 Changeset [5313] by nico
rename pptpd patches, add a patch to use target optimization flags, tidy …
17:48 Changeset [5312] by nico
add target optimization flags
14:32 Changeset [5311] by kaloz
add redboot parsing and rtl8169 fixes, enable r8169 and add the free …
12:26 Changeset [5310] by kaloz
rename the xscale target to ixp4xx for the forthcoming iop target, add gcc …
09:45 Changeset [5309] by nbd
add diag rewrite
07:23 Changeset [5308] by nbd
extend X86_GRUB_ROOTPART selection to jffs2 images
07:22 Changeset [5307] by nbd
revert to hda2
07:13 Changeset [5306] by pavlov
this should have been sda not hda
03:53 Ticket #890 (nvram dump and gpio settings for wr850g v3) created by h3sp4wn
03:47 Changeset [5305] by nbd
change the way resolv.conf is being created, so that it also works when …


20:05 Changeset [5304] by pavlov
bring in floorf so that postgres server will compile by default, package …
20:04 Changeset [5303] by pavlov
grab the package from the real location
19:16 Changeset [5302] by pavlov
add a configuration option to enable full c99 math in libm. this is …
10:28 Ticket #889 (cron does not execute jobs) created by openwrt-bugs@…
Hi, might be related to bug 886 I already reported. Cron is not …
04:15 Changeset [5301] by nbd
add protection against running cf2nand from yaffs2
04:09 Changeset [5300] by nbd
add cf2nand script for copying a cf card installation to nand flash …
03:35 Changeset [5299] by nbd
add lookup function for mtd parts
03:33 Changeset [5298] by nbd
use lock to remove race conditions in bringing up ppp and dhcp that would …
03:32 Changeset [5297] by nbd
reduce the possibility of race conditions when using the lock utility
03:08 Changeset [5296] by nbd
Add NAND flash/YAFFS2 patches for RB532 by David Goodenough Read the …
03:01 Changeset [5295] by nbd
fix dropbear init script
01:52 Changeset [5294] by pavlov
some minor cleanup
01:51 Changeset [5293] by pavlov
fix partition issue with x86, leveraging the default size on the second …


21:47 Changeset [5292] by nbd
ignore mtd erase errors (will probably be required for nand flash)
20:04 Ticket #888 (Custom version) created by jrez2001@…
We need a customized version can someone create one for us? Cost?
19:49 Ticket #887 (Export necessary symbol sb_kattach from sbutils.c) created by cfharr@…
sb_kattach() is an essential part of the Broadcom "silicon backplane" api …
18:42 Ticket #886 (Weird handling of crontab (dir creation)) created by openwrt-bugs@…
Well, I am still new to OpenWR, but the startup of crontab looks weird. …
15:25 Ticket #885 (SDK compile failed gcc problem) created by nicola.arnoldi@…
Hello everybody. I am trying to build a customized click router module for …
12:26 Ticket #884 (python doesn't compile (trunk r5291)) created by tristan@…
Thought I would try out the new python package, but I can't get it to …
02:30 Changeset [5291] by nbd
use gcc 4.1.1 for rb532 by default
01:59 Changeset [5290] by nbd
make network scripts more robust, prevent multiple instances of pppd and …
00:33 Changeset [5289] by pavlov
code to bring in the following for x86: X86_GRUB_ROOTPART: …


21:53 Changeset [5288] by mbm
fix irq issue (ap70 eth1)
21:17 Ticket #883 (pppoa.sh missing config_get for atm_vpi and atm_vci) created by gjohnson@…
I think /lib/network/pppoa.sh is missing config_get atm_vpi "$cfg" …
20:51 Ticket #882 (modification to netconfig for the wl500gP) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [5287]
20:51 Changeset [5287] by nbd
add netconfig fix for wl-500g premium
20:42 Ticket #882 (modification to netconfig for the wl500gP) created by TheCompWiz
2 changes... on line 31, where it adds values to the nvram array, add also …
20:36 Changeset [5286] by nbd
add e1000 driver, remove references to LINUX_2_4_X86
20:11 Changeset [5285] by nbd
turn target runtime check of mtd into a compile-time check
20:05 Ticket #866 (brcm-2.6 does not boot, devfs problem?) closed by nbd
fixed: Added in [5284], thanks for the patch.
20:05 Changeset [5284] by nbd
add fix for samsung flash chips
19:27 Changeset [5283] by nbd
add extra autoload for ppp modules
19:20 Changeset [5282] by nbd
add python package (contributed by Pavlov Media)
16:19 Ticket #881 (missing kernel modules ipks on kamikaze brcm-2.6) created by acoul <alex@…>
when selecting ieee80211, airo, hostap, bcm43xx as modules on the …
16:17 Ticket #873 (Patch for quagga for adding users post installation.) closed by nbd
fixed: added in [5281]
16:17 Changeset [5281] by nbd
add patch from #873
16:15 Changeset [5280] by nbd
remove an obsolete function
16:02 Ticket #878 (kamikaze 2.6 & madwifi module dependencies) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [5279]
16:02 Changeset [5279] by nbd
fix dependencies on the virtual kernel package (fixes #878)
15:57 Ticket #880 (translation improvement of webif in whiterussian) closed by nbd
fixed: Added in [5278], thanks for the patch.
15:57 Changeset [5278] by nbd
add dutch translation improvement from #880
15:54 Ticket #872 (build 5252 is missing the CP MAC for AR7) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [5276]
15:52 Changeset [5277] by nbd
convert ar7-atm to KernelPackage template
15:49 Changeset [5276] by nbd
convert ar7-net to KernelPackage template
15:45 Ticket #875 (build 5252 AR7 tiatm.o and /etc/modules.d/) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [5275]
15:42 Changeset [5275] by nbd
fix tiatm compile
12:42 Changeset [5274] by nico
backport [5261] to whiterussian sdk


22:57 Changeset [5273] by nico
don't check for enabled packages in the sdk, build'em all by default
22:27 Changeset [5272] by nbd
oops... typo :)
22:26 Changeset [5271] by nbd
fix ipkg.sh wrapper
21:50 Ticket #880 (translation improvement of webif in whiterussian) created by mortis.adeadman@…
While browsing the SVN repository I encountered a translated common.txt …
21:13 Ticket #879 (Please add nth and random match modules and iptables support to the ...) created by gormot
Please add nth and random match modules and related iptables support to …
20:56 Ticket #671 (possible openswan error disconnects router from internet) reopened by anonymous
Tried the packages from link with White Russion (RC5): tried old openswan …
20:49 Ticket #878 (kamikaze 2.6 & madwifi module dependencies) created by anonymous
I am forced to use the package/base-files/Makefile file from svn #4855 in …
19:48 Ticket #824 (wpa_supplicant fails to compile if configured with madwifi driver support) closed by florian
18:38 Changeset [5270] by nbd
fix typo
16:52 Ticket #850 (mtd checks TRX file, even with -f option) closed by nbd
16:52 Changeset [5269] by nbd
improve mtd image check - don't check trx header if the target partition …
16:40 Ticket #877 (iptables connmark and iproute fwmark no longer work correctly) created by netprince (at) vt (dot) edu
I have tested the release of whiterussian RC5, and everything works well. …
13:59 Ticket #832 (ide-generic added, for qemu support) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [5255]
12:16 Ticket #876 (Tinyproxy does not perform filtering) created by stuffa
Tinyproxy does not correctly implement filtering. It does not matter if …
00:55 Changeset [5268] by florian
Change licence to something shorter :-)
00:28 Changeset [5267] by nico
update avahi to v0.6.14, add avahi-autoipd package, use …
00:25 Changeset [5266] by nico
prefix package names with howl-, use Build/Configure/Default macro


23:33 OpenWrtPackageToDo edited by nico
php5 ported (diff)
23:32 Changeset [5265] by nico
port php5 to -ng
23:31 Changeset [5264] by nico
fix libmcrypt-config, use Build/Configure/Default macro
23:22 Changeset [5263] by nico
update libtool to 1.5.22, use Build/Configure/Default macro, standardize
23:16 Ticket #874 (Incorrect timeout in AMD/Fujitsu flash driver) closed by nbd
fixed: Thanks for the patch, added in [5262]
23:16 Changeset [5262] by nbd
fix a timeout on amd flash chips (patch from #874)
23:15 Changeset [5261] by nico
strip third arg (dir name) to Build/Configure/Default macro
23:09 Changeset [5260] by nico
add alsa-utils
23:09 Changeset [5259] by nico
update alsa-lib to v1.0.13, add pkgconfig/alsa.pc, standardize
23:06 Changeset [5258] by nico
remove obsolete ipkg and Config.in
22:35 Changeset [5257] by nbd
enable mini_fo by default again
22:33 Changeset [5256] by nbd
use getdents64 in the uClibc glob function
19:18 Ticket #875 (build 5252 AR7 tiatm.o and /etc/modules.d/) created by frop
strange problem: […] also, are this files "right"? […]
19:01 Changeset [5255] by nbd
add generic and via ide support to x86-2.6
17:57 Changeset [5254] by nbd
add missing autoload options
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