14:54 Changeset [5349] by nico
rename and simplify nmap patches, Makefile cleanup
14:51 Changeset [5348] by nico
massive Makefile cleanup, add missing 'svn:keywords' property
14:51 Changeset [5347] by nico
don't depend in libiconv, depend on libpthread, cleanup
12:15 Changeset [5346] by nico
change Build/Package to Build/DefaultTargets: clinkc does not provide …
12:14 Changeset [5345] by nico
fix InstallDev / UninstallDev, cleanup, add 'svn:keywords' property
11:58 Ticket #865 (lighttpd fails to compile: cannot find -lpcre) closed by nico
11:33 Changeset [5344] by mbm
don't bridge ports on bootup
11:21 Ticket #896 (MaraDNS created by frop
Hi ! There is a new maraDNS version, is it possible to update the …
11:15 Changeset [5343] by mbm
turn off all leds at initialization
11:08 Ticket #895 (Bug in lock / pppd check to prevent duplicate pppd instances for pppoe) created by anonymous
On a WGT634U I still got 2 ppp daemons and two ppp interfaces with trunk …
10:52 Changeset [5342] by nico
update freeradius vo v1.1.2
10:50 Changeset [5341] by nico
remove intrusive STAGING_DIR references in the patches, cleanup
10:48 Changeset [5340] by nico
use PKG_UNPACK instead of overriding Build/Prepare, pass target …
10:47 Changeset [5339] by nico
add a patch to use target optimization flags, use PKG_UNPACK instead of …
10:42 Changeset [5338] by mbm
rewrite failsafe mechaism
10:35 Changeset [5337] by nico
rename dhcp6 patches and remove intrusive STAGING_DIR references, Makefile …
10:13 Changeset [5336] by mbm
add blink support to diag module
05:54 Changeset [5335] by nbd
rdc: disable pci serial, remove bluetooth (because usb is disabled)
04:11 Changeset [5334] by nbd
remove mini_fo from image builder lists
04:08 Changeset [5333] by nbd
fix bug in the mini_fo rmdir hack
00:39 Ticket #894 (Dns not working - what is the correct fix?) created by david_s5
Since the last changes to the dns adding resolv.conf.auto all dns request …
00:33 Ticket #893 (2.6.18 patch for broadcom (wrt54g*) target) created by ranma+openwrt@…
It builds and boots on my WRT54GL, other than that I can't promise much. …


23:55 Ticket #892 (busybox - cascading promt after using the more or less commands) created by KillaB
Just as the title states, more and less commands cause the prompt to …
22:43 Changeset [5332] by nbd
remove the mini_fo remount warning
11:26 Ticket #891 (Reverse power led for wl500gP) created by anonymous
It seems to be the wrong value ".polarity = NORMAL" for wl500gP in …
06:53 Changeset [5331] by nbd
sync dropbear init script with whiterussian, fix locking and add config …
04:42 Changeset [5330] by nbd
move mini_fo into the kernel, fix the nasty readdir bug, add hack to …
00:43 Changeset [5329] by nico
use Build/Configure/Default macro, Makefile cleanup


23:52 Changeset [5328] by nico
use Build/Configure/Default macro, don't check for libusb - it doesn't …
23:42 Changeset [5327] by nico
use Build/Configure/Default macro, move binaries from /sbin to /usr/sbin
23:01 Changeset [5326] by nico
oops, forgot those 2 lines from [5323]
22:56 Changeset [5325] by nico
add pptpd url
22:54 Changeset [5324] by nico
use target optimization flags, Makefile cleanup
22:48 Changeset [5323] by nico
add a patch to use target optimization flags, change to build-dep on …
16:56 Changeset [5322] by nbd
backport change from trunk
15:37 Changeset [5321] by nico
use target optimization flags, Makefile cleanup
15:36 Changeset [5320] by nico
rename patch and use EXTRA_ flags instead of intrusive the STAGING_DIR …
15:30 Changeset [5319] by nico
fix opt flags in cross-compile patch, remove volatile dirs (in /var) from …
02:40 Changeset [5318] by nbd
reset CONFIG_SECTION when calling config_load


21:35 Changeset [5317] by nico
use target optimizations
21:34 Changeset [5316] by nico
fix conflicting optimization flags set by configure
21:32 Changeset [5315] by nico
override AM_CFLAGS holding conflicting optimization flag, remove unneeded …
21:14 Changeset [5314] by nico
use target optimization flags for madwifi tools
18:51 Changeset [5313] by nico
rename pptpd patches, add a patch to use target optimization flags, tidy …
17:48 Changeset [5312] by nico
add target optimization flags
14:32 Changeset [5311] by kaloz
add redboot parsing and rtl8169 fixes, enable r8169 and add the free …
12:26 Changeset [5310] by kaloz
rename the xscale target to ixp4xx for the forthcoming iop target, add gcc …
09:45 Changeset [5309] by nbd
add diag rewrite
07:23 Changeset [5308] by nbd
extend X86_GRUB_ROOTPART selection to jffs2 images
07:22 Changeset [5307] by nbd
revert to hda2
07:13 Changeset [5306] by pavlov
this should have been sda not hda
03:53 Ticket #890 (nvram dump and gpio settings for wr850g v3) created by h3sp4wn
03:47 Changeset [5305] by nbd
change the way resolv.conf is being created, so that it also works when …


20:05 Changeset [5304] by pavlov
bring in floorf so that postgres server will compile by default, package …
20:04 Changeset [5303] by pavlov
grab the package from the real location
19:16 Changeset [5302] by pavlov
add a configuration option to enable full c99 math in libm. this is …
10:28 Ticket #889 (cron does not execute jobs) created by openwrt-bugs@…
Hi, might be related to bug 886 I already reported. Cron is not …
04:15 Changeset [5301] by nbd
add protection against running cf2nand from yaffs2
04:09 Changeset [5300] by nbd
add cf2nand script for copying a cf card installation to nand flash …
03:35 Changeset [5299] by nbd
add lookup function for mtd parts
03:33 Changeset [5298] by nbd
use lock to remove race conditions in bringing up ppp and dhcp that would …
03:32 Changeset [5297] by nbd
reduce the possibility of race conditions when using the lock utility
03:08 Changeset [5296] by nbd
Add NAND flash/YAFFS2 patches for RB532 by David Goodenough Read the …
03:01 Changeset [5295] by nbd
fix dropbear init script
01:52 Changeset [5294] by pavlov
some minor cleanup
01:51 Changeset [5293] by pavlov
fix partition issue with x86, leveraging the default size on the second …


21:47 Changeset [5292] by nbd
ignore mtd erase errors (will probably be required for nand flash)
20:04 Ticket #888 (Custom version) created by jrez2001@…
We need a customized version can someone create one for us? Cost?
19:49 Ticket #887 (Export necessary symbol sb_kattach from sbutils.c) created by cfharr@…
sb_kattach() is an essential part of the Broadcom "silicon backplane" api …
18:42 Ticket #886 (Weird handling of crontab (dir creation)) created by openwrt-bugs@…
Well, I am still new to OpenWR, but the startup of crontab looks weird. …
15:25 Ticket #885 (SDK compile failed gcc problem) created by nicola.arnoldi@…
Hello everybody. I am trying to build a customized click router module for …
12:26 Ticket #884 (python doesn't compile (trunk r5291)) created by tristan@…
Thought I would try out the new python package, but I can't get it to …
02:30 Changeset [5291] by nbd
use gcc 4.1.1 for rb532 by default
01:59 Changeset [5290] by nbd
make network scripts more robust, prevent multiple instances of pppd and …
00:33 Changeset [5289] by pavlov
code to bring in the following for x86: X86_GRUB_ROOTPART: …
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