23:11 Changeset [5428] by nbd
fix typo
23:03 Changeset [5427] by nbd
rename the <boardname>-<kernelversion> directories of base-files to just …
22:58 Changeset [5426] by nbd
port new diag driver to kamikaze
22:57 Changeset [5425] by nbd
add config option for autostart of network interfaces
22:54 Ticket #912 (automount of usb disk is not successful (no /dev/sd* entries?)) created by MMCM
R5423 output from log: Jan 1 00:29:30 (none) user.info kernel: usb 4-2: …
22:49 Ticket #911 (error while starting /etc/init.d/dnsmasq after flashing) created by MMCM
R5423 Output from log: Jan 1 00:00:21 (none) cron.notice crond[650]: …
22:16 Changeset [5424] by nbd
use irq sharing on the serial line
22:14 Ticket #910 (prereq-build.mk does not check for automake-1.4 (needed by ...) created by anonymous
prereq-build.mk does not check for automake-1.4 (needed by …
22:14 Ticket #909 (prereq-build.mk does not check for automake-1.4 (needed by ...) created by harald
prereq-build.mk does not check for automake-1.4 (needed by …
22:10 Ticket #908 (prereq-build.mk does not check for automake-1.4 (needed by ...) created by harald
* include/prereq-build.mk 2006-11-03 22:58:13.685094750 +0100 --- …
19:43 Changeset [5423] by nbd
fix we800g hardware detection
19:38 Changeset [5422] by nbd
fix very nasty gpio button crash issues
19:35 Changeset [5421] by florian
Update diag to support Motorola WE800G (#503)
15:32 Ticket #900 (openntpd: clock adjustment fails when ntp servers are not available at ...) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with [5420]
15:32 Changeset [5420] by florian
Add an hotplug script, so that if network is not up, time will be …
14:58 Ticket #775 (Any chance of adding IPMenu (netfilter/iptables console interface) to the ...) closed by florian
wontfix: Looks like too painful to integrate all the more as the dependencies …
14:46 Changeset [5419] by florian
Revert [5418] change since it does not make sense, sorry :/
14:36 Ticket #842 (Update support for WHR-G54S) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed now with latest diag rewrite and [5418]
14:36 Changeset [5418] by florian
Update buffalo routers support (#842)
12:56 Changeset [5417] by nbd
make sure that diag doesn't call hotplug from interrupt context
11:42 Changeset [5416] by florian
Fix URL for dowloading, referering to
11:40 Changeset [5415] by florian
Upgrade openntpd to 3.9p1
11:26 Changeset [5414] by nbd
add full button and led support for the wrt54g3g, pressing the 3g button …
11:16 Ticket #905 (/etc/sysctl.conf references invalid tcp/udp timeout meta keys - has no ...) closed by florian
fixed: Confirmed, removed in [5413]
11:15 Changeset [5413] by florian
Remove unknown sysctl keys (#905)
11:10 Ticket #907 (/etc/config/firewall not used) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [5412], thanks !
11:10 Changeset [5412] by florian
export WAN variable so that firewall works (#907)
11:06 Changeset [5411] by nbd
run /sbin/ifdown.<proto> from /sbin/ifdown
11:03 Ticket #906 (Wireless kernel modules packages do not include autoload script) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [5410], thanks !
11:02 Changeset [5410] by florian
Fixes module autoloading for Wireless devices (#906)
10:22 Changeset [5409] by nbd
use resolv.conf.auto when setting the temporary dial on demand nameserver
10:22 Changeset [5408] by nbd
ignore the failed if_valid check for ppp protocols except for pppoe (fixes …
10:20 Changeset [5407] by nbd
add missing backslash
08:30 Ticket #907 (/etc/config/firewall not used) created by vdanjean.ml@…
Please, apply this patch : Index: package/iptables/files/firewall.init …
08:26 Ticket #906 (Wireless kernel modules packages do not include autoload script) created by vdanjean.ml@…
A typo in Makfile makes generated kernel modules packages for some …
06:48 Changeset [5406] by nbd
fix defaults
06:46 Changeset [5405] by nbd
add missing dependency
06:40 Changeset [5404] by nbd
fix insmod for ifup.wwan
06:10 Changeset [5403] by nbd
use /dev/console instead of /dev/tts/0
05:58 Changeset [5402] by nbd
move post-failsafe code back to preinit again, spawn failsafe console …
05:38 Changeset [5401] by nbd
export initial vlan port settings in preinit, so that rcS can set them …
05:28 Ticket #905 (/etc/sysctl.conf references invalid tcp/udp timeout meta keys - has no ...) created by db90h
These two meta keys are NOT valid in OpenWrt and have NO effect: …
05:26 Changeset [5400] by nbd
move the post-failsafe code from preinit to rcS, so that the serial …
05:06 Changeset [5399] by nbd
wl-500gp ses gpio is a button, not an led
05:05 Changeset [5398] by nbd
fix wrt54g v1.1 diag - add support for extif gpio
05:04 Changeset [5397] by nbd
add remapping for wl-500gp interface variables
03:13 Changeset [5396] by nbd
fix typo
03:08 Changeset [5395] by nbd
fix missing variable assignment (found by db90h)
01:55 Changeset [5394] by nico
re-enable jpeg shared lib
01:52 Changeset [5393] by nico
fix typo in libtool Build/InstallDev
01:10 Changeset [5392] by nico
install libtool and config.guess in STAGING_DIR
01:08 Changeset [5391] by nico
add build dependency on libnotimpl to mrd6
00:31 Changeset [5390] by florian
Move out autotools touching stuff to a macro
00:30 Changeset [5389] by florian
Remove useless patch, thanks {Nico} !
00:27 Ticket #870 (Linux 2.6.17 uml kernel compilation fails with kernel headers 2.6.18) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [5388]
00:27 Changeset [5388] by florian
Add #870 patch, fixes compilation with newer kernel-headers, also fixes …
00:16 Changeset [5387] by florian
Ok, third round, the right one, touch the file anyway, does not break …
00:01 Changeset [5386] by florian
Update makefiles to use the autotools stuff put in the template, remove …


23:59 Ticket #904 (uClibc compile error if not using large file support (> 2GB)) created by benoit.ganne@…
The patch trunk/toolchain/uClibc/patches/160-glob_use_getdents64.patch …
23:55 Changeset [5385] by florian
Some more stuff
23:44 Changeset [5384] by florian
Move out some generic code to prevent autotools from re-creating files
23:40 Ticket #567 (New Tor version) closed by florian
fixed: Updated in [5383]
23:39 Changeset [5383] by florian
Port tor to (#567)
23:10 Ticket #816 (port sox to buildroot-ng) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [5382]
23:09 Changeset [5382] by florian
Add sox #816
23:08 Changeset [5381] by florian
Add wrapper for other functions (used by sox)
22:36 Ticket #903 (wget cannot deal with & in URLs) created by openwrt-bugs@…
seems like openwrt wget is unable to deal with certain URLs (such as those …
21:47 Ticket #902 (config partition size incorrectly detected) created by Dominic Clifton
Problem: […] IRC Log: […]
20:56 Ticket #561 (adding rdiff-backup and python 2.4 + uClibc?) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [5380], please test !
20:54 Changeset [5380] by florian
Add rdiff-backup (#561)
19:58 Changeset [5379] by florian
Add librsync
19:41 Ticket #901 (bcm43xx causes kernel oops) created by floe@…
In this forum topic, some …
14:46 Changeset [5378] by nico
remove more unneeded python stuff, Makefile cleanup
00:25 Changeset [5377] by nbd
remove old control directory


23:48 Changeset [5376] by florian
Standardize, install headers and libs in staging_dir, tend to reduce …
19:11 Changeset [5375] by nbd
fix dropbear keygen
17:38 Ticket #368 (wgt634u web upgrader file size limit) closed by florian
invalid: I think this information should go in the wiki, because we cannot really …
16:04 Changeset [5374] by nbd
add buffalo whr2-a54g54 information to diag
14:25 Ticket #817 (Image converter for USR5461) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [5373], thank you !
14:24 Changeset [5373] by florian
Add USR5461 image generation and tool (#817), thanks to Dick Streefland !
13:48 Ticket #884 (python doesn't compile (trunk r5291)) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [5372], thanks !
13:48 Changeset [5372] by florian
Prevent hostpython from loading libstdc++ in the STAGING_DIR (#884)
07:27 Ticket #894 (Dns not working - what is the correct fix?) closed by mbm
05:30 Changeset [5371] by nbd
update whr-hp-g54 diag support
02:48 Ticket #900 (openntpd: clock adjustment fails when ntp servers are not available at ...) created by ben-keyword-openwrt.85f0dd@…
When ntpd is kicked off from the /etc/init.d/S55ntpd script, it's run with …
02:09 Changeset [5370] by nbd
fix typos in the diag driver
00:07 Changeset [5369] by mbm
Update motorola 850 leds (please verify!) and added placeholder for belkin


23:53 Changeset [5368] by nbd
fix a small typo
23:49 Changeset [5367] by nbd
fix rootfs partition name for x86 images
22:14 Changeset [5366] by nbd
fix kernel config after r8169 change
22:04 Changeset [5365] by nbd
update hostapd to latest upstream version
20:06 Ticket #891 (Reverse power led for wl500gP) closed by mbm
fixed: [5364] fixes the power led.
20:05 Changeset [5364] by mbm
reverse power led, fixes #891
18:37 Changeset [5363] by nico
resync gpsd with old trunk version
18:31 Changeset [5362] by nbd
move wpa_supplicant to trunk
18:24 Changeset [5361] by nico
fix peerguardian build
18:17 Changeset [5360] by nico
prevent dhcp6 from rebuilding
16:42 Ticket #883 (pppoa.sh missing config_get for atm_vpi and atm_vci) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [5351], thanks for reporting !
16:37 Ticket #795 (Webcam Modul will not be compiled - PWC) closed by florian
duplicate: Same problem as #522
13:44 Ticket #683 (IPv6 forwarding broken in 2.4.30) closed by florian
wontfix: Since 2.4.33 does not fix the bug, we will wait till an upstream fixes …
13:28 Ticket #887 (Export necessary symbol sb_kattach from sbutils.c) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [5359], thanks !
13:28 Changeset [5359] by florian
export skb_attach symbol (#887)
13:12 Ticket #888 (Custom version) closed by florian
13:11 Ticket #897 (SSH daemon creates a new fingerprint on boot in build 5331) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with [5354]
13:09 Ticket #899 (package ctorrent compile failed) closed by florian
worksforme: Looks like you did not included uclibc++, or you have an old symlink to …
12:37 Changeset [5358] by nico
fix rrs build with the SDK
12:35 Changeset [5357] by nico
fix lib link order
12:33 Changeset [5356] by nico
oops, forgot to remove references to libnotimpl
12:29 Changeset [5355] by nico
move libnotimpl to /packages/libs, fix another typo in ./src/math.c
11:29 Changeset [5354] by nbd
fix unnecessary dropbear key generation
11:18 Ticket #899 (package ctorrent compile failed) created by daniel_1016@…
I select openssl and ctorrent package, and compile r5353 broken, and if I …
09:44 Changeset [5353] by nico
Makefile cleanup (lang section)
08:34 Ticket #898 (nas0 not present on DG834 when I do "ifconfig -a" in build 5331) created by anonymous
On an AR7 device, when I do ifconfig -a in build 5331, eth0 exists, lo …
08:29 Ticket #897 (SSH daemon creates a new fingerprint on boot in build 5331) created by anonymous
This is in the AR7 port. Every time I reboot, before I ssh in from a …
01:57 Changeset [5352] by nbd
add a fix for tun/tap related crashes (backported by Carlos Sobrinho)
00:58 Changeset [5351] by nbd
fix vpi/vci setting for pppoa
00:00 Changeset [5350] by nbd
enable pppoa for ar7


14:54 Changeset [5349] by nico
rename and simplify nmap patches, Makefile cleanup
14:51 Changeset [5348] by nico
massive Makefile cleanup, add missing 'svn:keywords' property
14:51 Changeset [5347] by nico
don't depend in libiconv, depend on libpthread, cleanup
12:15 Changeset [5346] by nico
change Build/Package to Build/DefaultTargets: clinkc does not provide …
12:14 Changeset [5345] by nico
fix InstallDev / UninstallDev, cleanup, add 'svn:keywords' property
11:58 Ticket #865 (lighttpd fails to compile: cannot find -lpcre) closed by nico
11:33 Changeset [5344] by mbm
don't bridge ports on bootup
11:21 Ticket #896 (MaraDNS created by frop
Hi ! There is a new maraDNS version, is it possible to update the …
11:15 Changeset [5343] by mbm
turn off all leds at initialization
11:08 Ticket #895 (Bug in lock / pppd check to prevent duplicate pppd instances for pppoe) created by anonymous
On a WGT634U I still got 2 ppp daemons and two ppp interfaces with trunk …
10:52 Changeset [5342] by nico
update freeradius vo v1.1.2
10:50 Changeset [5341] by nico
remove intrusive STAGING_DIR references in the patches, cleanup
10:48 Changeset [5340] by nico
use PKG_UNPACK instead of overriding Build/Prepare, pass target …
10:47 Changeset [5339] by nico
add a patch to use target optimization flags, use PKG_UNPACK instead of …
10:42 Changeset [5338] by mbm
rewrite failsafe mechaism
10:35 Changeset [5337] by nico
rename dhcp6 patches and remove intrusive STAGING_DIR references, Makefile …
10:13 Changeset [5336] by mbm
add blink support to diag module
05:54 Changeset [5335] by nbd
rdc: disable pci serial, remove bluetooth (because usb is disabled)
04:11 Changeset [5334] by nbd
remove mini_fo from image builder lists
04:08 Changeset [5333] by nbd
fix bug in the mini_fo rmdir hack
00:39 Ticket #894 (Dns not working - what is the correct fix?) created by david_s5
Since the last changes to the dns adding resolv.conf.auto all dns request …
00:33 Ticket #893 (2.6.18 patch for broadcom (wrt54g*) target) created by ranma+openwrt@…
It builds and boots on my WRT54GL, other than that I can't promise much. …


23:55 Ticket #892 (busybox - cascading promt after using the more or less commands) created by KillaB
Just as the title states, more and less commands cause the prompt to …
22:43 Changeset [5332] by nbd
remove the mini_fo remount warning
11:26 Ticket #891 (Reverse power led for wl500gP) created by anonymous
It seems to be the wrong value ".polarity = NORMAL" for wl500gP in …
06:53 Changeset [5331] by nbd
sync dropbear init script with whiterussian, fix locking and add config …
04:42 Changeset [5330] by nbd
move mini_fo into the kernel, fix the nasty readdir bug, add hack to …
00:43 Changeset [5329] by nico
use Build/Configure/Default macro, Makefile cleanup
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