19:55 Ticket #1094 (Please add hotplug firmware for EZ-USB microcontrollers (MIDI)) created by anonymous
Please find encosed makefile to compile firmwarehotplug utility for MIDI. …
19:45 Ticket #1093 (Please add fxload EZ-USB firmware load utility) created by anonymous
Please find exclosed tar file containing port of fxload utility to …
19:09 Ticket #1067 (sysfsutils package) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [5902]
19:09 Changeset [5902] by florian
Add sysfsutils (#1067)
18:43 Ticket #1076 (qos-scripts dependancies wrong) closed by florian
fixed: libipt_CONNMARK is provided by iptables-mod-conntrack. We forgot the …
18:43 Changeset [5901] by florian
Forgot kmod-ipt-imq dependency (#1076)
18:32 Ticket #1092 (svn packages: rrdtool needs to depend on libnotimpl) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [5900], thanks !
18:32 Changeset [5900] by florian
Fix libnotimpl dependency (#1092)
18:13 Ticket #1092 (svn packages: rrdtool needs to depend on libnotimpl) created by public@…
Hello, rrdtool is told to compile against libnotimpl ([1]). rrdtool …
10:12 Changeset [5899] by nbd
store the default kernel version for our ports in a single place (target …
09:05 Changeset [5898] by nbd
Add support for Atheros SoC (used in Fonera, Meraki) - Merry Christmas, …


13:05 Changeset [5897] by florian
Add nstx
00:49 Ticket #1056 (uclibc++ fails x86) closed by florian
worksforme: Seems to be working here too.
00:25 Ticket #1091 (usb-uhci) created by zandbelt
adding usb-uchi kernel module Intel-VIA USB driver compilation (in ipkg …
00:09 Ticket #1090 (bluez-libs-2.24) created by zandbelt
adding bluez-libs package to whiterussian first in series of patches …


23:51 Ticket #1086 (fix MSDOS module load) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [5896]
23:50 Changeset [5896] by florian
Fix msdos module loading (#1086)
23:48 Ticket #868 (iproute2/tc compile failed) closed by florian
22:18 Ticket #1089 (ar7: AG241V1 cannot flash original FW -> openwrt-ar7-2.4-squashfs.bin) created by anonymous
AG241 hardware version 1 Kamikaze, Revision 5883 …
21:57 Ticket #1088 (ar7: failsafe/reset broken?) created by anonymous
AG241 hardware version 1 Kamikaze, Revision 5883 …
21:50 Ticket #1087 (ar7: segfault: cat /proc/led/led) created by anonymous
AG241 hardware version 1 Kamikaze, Revision 5883 …
18:06 Ticket #1086 (fix MSDOS module load) created by anonymous
15:27 Changeset [5895] by florian
Also build bzImage for rdc boards
15:06 Ticket #1085 (Asterisk 1.4 package update) created by anonymous
HI NBD, There's new Asterisk 1.4 will be available next friday. I was …
13:58 Ticket #1084 (RC6 imagebuilder with RC5 version) created by anonymous
http://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=8718 What could cause this …
11:28 Changeset [5894] by rwhitby
Fixed typo, it might work now :-)
09:10 Changeset [5893] by rwhitby
Generate a flashable image for the NSLU2
09:09 Changeset [5892] by rwhitby
Utility for creating installable image for the NSLU2.


15:04 Ticket #1083 (openNTPd script enhancement) created by peng
HI Florian, Would that be ok for you to put a bit enhancement on this …
12:58 Changeset [5891] by nbd
remove problematic change that probably broke SoC support
10:14 Ticket #1082 (wierd character in interface `br-lan') created by anonymous
config: revision 5890, kernel brcm-, router WL500gp […] I …
09:06 Changeset [5890] by nbd
move hostapd setup function to wireless-tools package, as it is driver …
09:02 Changeset [5889] by nbd
nuke old madwifi init script, add new /lib/wifi handler (usable for many …
09:00 Ticket #1081 (mtd on openwrt-x86 (cfcard)) created by ryk
I tried upgrading the firmware off my x86 board using mtd -r write …
08:58 Changeset [5888] by nbd
lots of enhancements for the madwifi script (hostapd calls for ap with wpa …
04:52 Changeset [5887] by nbd
update madwifi SoC support patch, add device ids for 2317 (will be …


23:54 Ticket #1080 (Support in broadcom-wl package to choose WEP to be "Shared key" or "Open ...) created by tgabor84 NOSPAM at gmail.com
To support this features, the file /lib/wifi/broadcom.sh should use wl
01:26 Changeset [5886] by rwhitby
Moved netconfig (for ixp4xx only) to S15, so that it can access …
00:12 Ticket #1051 (iface_static_route and iface_dns incompatible due to error in functions.sh) reopened by public@…
What about the line following dns and static_route settings: […] …


23:23 Changeset [5885] by nbd
replace another instance of a relative path to generic-2.* with an …
19:21 Ticket #1079 (Backport changeset 5685) created by anonymous
Please backport changeset 5685 to WhiteRussian.
19:15 Ticket #1078 (busybox "ps" utility broken in kamikaze svn 5884) created by anonymous
Compiled default system from trunk SVN 5884. installed into my WRTSL54GS …
18:48 Ticket #1077 (hotplug usb firmware load requres usbfs to be mounted) created by anonymous
Many usb packages like usbutils require usbfs to be mounted I included the …
18:33 Changeset [5884] by nbd
more cleanup
18:23 Ticket #1076 (qos-scripts dependancies wrong) created by loswillios@…
- libipt_CONNMARK.so not included in iptables_1.3.5-1.ipk (although …
14:17 Changeset [5883] by rwhitby
Initial stab at netconfig for nslu2 and nas100d
11:43 Ticket #985 (package wifidog) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [5882]
11:43 Changeset [5882] by florian
Add libgcc dependency (#985)
10:53 Changeset [5881] by nico
move DEFAULT_foo out of PACKAGE_foo, it was breaking package menus.
10:51 Ticket #1030 (jamvm - i386-pc-linux-gnu not supported) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [5839]
10:33 Changeset [5880] by rwhitby
Compiled the ixp4xx on-board network support into the kernel, so that …
08:00 Changeset [5879] by nbd
remove hardcoded package name
06:58 Changeset [5878] by nbd
prepare for moving part of the firewall to hotplug. created new chains …
06:30 Ticket #1011 (pre-created loop-directories in /tmp/) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [5877]
06:29 Changeset [5877] by nbd
don't try to automount loopback devices (#1011)
06:26 Ticket #1023 (/etc/init.d/<prog> restart doesn't work) closed by nbd
fixed: workaround added in [5876]
06:26 Changeset [5876] by nbd
add a workaround for self-killing init scripts on restart (#1023)
06:19 Ticket #1000 (Request for rebuild-images target in main Makefile) closed by nbd
worksforme: make target/install probably does what you want…
06:18 Ticket #16 (Multiple BSSID feature) closed by nbd
fixed: Multi BSSID is not possible with this driver. Multi SSID is integrated …
06:15 Ticket #571 (Reboots on pptp-traffic) closed by nbd
fixed: Should be fixed by now. Please test …
06:13 Ticket #1071 (ppp script wrong patterns) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed, but in a different way, in [5875]
06:12 Changeset [5875] by nbd
fix ppp keepalive setting (#1071)
06:07 Ticket #1075 (Intel 2200BG can't associate due to wrong spectrum management flag) closed by nbd
fixed: added in [5874], thanks for the info.
06:07 Changeset [5874] by nbd
add wlc commands for setting 802.11d and 802.11h mode, disable both by …
06:04 Ticket #1061 (build WRT54GL image file) closed by nbd
wontfix: This should be a note in the documentation rather than an extra image that …
06:01 Ticket #330 (madwifi-ng: conflicting -mips32 and -Wa,-mips3 options) closed by nbd
fixed: madwifi support for SoC is working, actual SoC support will be added soon, …
06:00 Ticket #902 (config partition size incorrectly detected) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [5873]
06:00 Changeset [5873] by nbd
fix size of config partition on ar7 (#902)
05:53 Ticket #1049 (important FIX: uci_commit w/o full pathname yields error (i.e. uci_commit ...) closed by nbd
05:52 Ticket #958 (YAFFS issues) closed by nbd
fixed: should be fixed by the kernel upgrade in [5789]
05:52 Ticket #1051 (iface_static_route and iface_dns incompatible due to error in functions.sh) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [5872], thanks.
05:51 Changeset [5872] by nbd
reorder setting static routes and dns, because the static route assignment …
05:49 Ticket #1064 (with WHITE RUSSIAN (RC5) on WRT54GL v1.1 - no wifi) closed by nbd
05:48 Ticket #1050 (WTG634U) closed by nbd
05:47 Ticket #965 (cf2nand patch to make it support 64 and 128Meg RB 512's) closed by nbd
fixed: should be fixed by the kernel upgrade in [5789]
05:27 Changeset [5871] by nbd
backport functions.sh from kamikaze
05:15 Changeset [5870] by nbd
add a variable to keep track of the list of sections when loading uci …
05:01 Changeset [5869] by nbd
backport ash export -n flag to whiterussian
00:48 Changeset [5868] by florian
Add image generation for ar525w
00:23 Changeset [5867] by rwhitby
Not sure why ixp4xx-2.6 config has HWMON set, but because it does, then …
00:19 Changeset [5866] by rwhitby
Enabled RTC (compiled in) for NSLU2 and NAS100d, and PATA (modules) for …
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