23:46 Ticket #1213 (convert updatedd configuration to use new UCI format) created by anonymous
21:20 Ticket #1212 (b44: eth1: BUG! Timeout waiting for bit 80000000 of register 428 to ...) created by oconnor
Hi, I compiled the Kamikaze Firmware r6109 with target brcm-2.6. After …
19:58 Changeset [6128] by pavlov
bring in fixes, primarily for the fixed sata support. see …
16:52 Changeset [6127] by nico
fix dhcp6 unpacking
16:21 Ticket #1165 (x86-2.6 image doesn't boot) closed by florian
16:14 Changeset [6126] by nico
fix pcmcia-cs install (remove previous PKG_INSTALL_DIR)
15:58 Ticket #1200 (Small windows registry editor) closed by florian
invalid: OpenWrt is intended to run on routers, not PC, even if a x86 target …
15:57 Ticket #1148 (target install error, no build_mipsel/root) closed by florian
worksforme: I cannot reproduce the bug, I think you should try with a recent revision …
15:55 Ticket #1188 (Quagga packages in RC6-backport built with incorrect --localstatedir ...) closed by florian
fixed: We will rebuilt this backport with the correct option.
15:43 Ticket #1173 (configuration of wep encryption with atheros chipset fails) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6125]
15:43 Changeset [6125] by florian
Fix wep encryption setting with madwifi (#1173)
15:23 Ticket #1184 (NAT (network address translation) is not enabled by default?) closed by florian
15:13 Ticket #1205 ([PATCH] initscripts, configs, etc. for Shell.FM) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6119]
15:12 Ticket #1201 (aiccu stop working, needs to be updated) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed in [6124], backport coming soon.
15:11 Ticket #1211 (aiccu version problem, wrong version) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6124]
15:10 Changeset [6124] by florian
Update aiccu to 20070115 (#1211)
13:48 Ticket #1211 (aiccu version problem, wrong version) created by anonymous
the version aiccu_20070107 is not availible, and the patch for …
01:45 Ticket #739 (patch tc and maybe kernel for DSL traffic shaping) reopened by brainuse@…
Sorry if I'm wrong, but I can't find any trace of the patches, neither in …


22:35 Ticket #1156 (dns and gateway options ignored) closed by nbd
fixed: default gateway issue fixed in [6123]
22:30 Ticket #1153 (Default gateway works only sometimes in Kamikaze on WL-HDD) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [6123]
22:29 Changeset [6123] by nbd
Fix the issue where the default gateway is not set in static mode most of …
22:09 Changeset [6122] by nbd
fix shell-fm installation
21:44 Changeset [6121] by nbd
update miniupnpd to 1.0-rc2
21:42 Changeset [6120] by nbd
shell-fm requires automake
21:36 Changeset [6119] by nbd
oops... forgot the files :)
21:36 Changeset [6118] by nbd
add shell-fm init script and default config (patch by Ondrej Novy)
21:25 Ticket #960 (Dropbear config files have no effect on SSH Port) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [6117], thanks.
21:24 Changeset [6117] by nbd
fix dropbear config (#960)
20:40 Ticket #1203 (arp command) closed by florian
wontfix: Is this really a bug ? I mean, why run ash inside an existing ash ?
20:31 Ticket #1052 (Add ntpclient a config file) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6116], thanks !
20:31 Changeset [6116] by florian
Add ntpclient config files by Carlos Sobrinho, thanks ! (#1052)
18:14 Changeset [6115] by nbd
Add two patches by Oleg I. Vdovikin: - nvram_crc_check: runs a CRC check …
17:55 Ticket #1206 (wifidog update) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6114]
17:54 Changeset [6114] by florian
Update wifidog to 1.1.3-beta6, (#1206)
17:48 Ticket #1210 (iptables limit don't work) closed by florian
17:20 Changeset [6113] by nbd
add kismet bugfix for linux 2.4 (from dragorn)
16:13 Ticket #1210 (iptables limit don't work) created by anonymous
14:27 Ticket #1209 (whiterussian RC6 does not set static routes) created by brett.maxfield+openwrt@…
whiterussian RC6 does not set static routes, the following needs to be …
12:40 Ticket #1208 (strongSwan support) created by kcody@…
Add strongSwan package. I have a build in the works, but it seems like a …
07:08 Changeset [6112] by pavlov
bring in procps 3.2.7 utilities


23:51 Ticket #1207 (target brcm-2.4 not working on Asus WL-500g) created by rufus
r6111 from 16.1.2007 Firmware compiled with target brcm-2.4 is not …
19:13 Changeset [6111] by malbon
Use nbd's fix for Zip files.
17:31 Ticket #311 (IPSec using Debian patches) closed by florian
wontfix: Not sure it is really worth the try, since there is only one 2.4 target, …
16:27 Changeset [6110] by nbd
add new kismet version, thanks dragorn
12:51 Ticket #1206 (wifidog update) created by jeff
the new wifidog is available. wifidog_1.1.3_beta6. thank you
03:16 Changeset [6109] by nbd
remove bogus part of the broadcom target descriptions
00:14 Changeset [6108] by nbd
fix unpacking of the dhcp6 package


22:37 Ticket #1205 ([PATCH] initscripts, configs, etc. for Shell.FM) created by Ondrej Novy <onovy@…>
Here, thx: http://www.ondrej.org/shell-fm.patch
17:33 Ticket #1204 (Busybox fdisk is unable to change partition type) created by jr
It's not possible to change partition type using busybox built-in fdisk. …
15:44 Changeset [6107] by nico
update parprouted to 0.64, add dependency on libpthread
14:44 Changeset [6106] by nico
update miniupnpd to 20070112
14:39 Changeset [6105] by nico
update aiccu to 20070107 (should close: #1201)
11:51 Ticket #1203 (arp command) created by anonymous
03:16 Ticket #1202 (uclibc++ is broken) created by anonymous
Ubuntu: 6.06.1 -- Kamikaze: r6104 -- Target: x86-2.6
01:48 Ticket #1201 (aiccu stop working, needs to be updated) created by anonymous
i just found that ipv6 stop working, after some checks i get this in the …
01:10 Changeset [6104] by nbd
fix a small typo
00:49 Changeset [6103] by nbd
show package list on make info in the image builder
00:37 Changeset [6102] by nbd
Fix config checks for Image Builder and SDK - only build them when …
00:12 Changeset [6101] by nbd
remove BIN_DIR on make clean in the image builder
00:11 Ticket #1200 (Small windows registry editor) created by lukas@…
We use openwrt for our refresh system for PCs. It runs in x86 mode. We are …


23:59 Changeset [6100] by nbd
fix x86 image builder
23:29 Changeset [6099] by nbd
add checks for {ip,ip6}addr in the network config
23:27 Ticket #1199 (zabbix 1.3 agent and server package) created by lukas@…
Feel free to use and send bugreports to lukas@… !
23:25 Ticket #889 (cron does not execute jobs) reopened by anonymous
22:44 Changeset [6098] by nbd
include the default profile in target.mk as well - required for the image …
20:11 Ticket #1198 (Support for Asus WL-700gE) created by jr
Support for Asus WL-700gE (and other Broadcom 4780 based NAS devices) …
18:58 Changeset [6097] by nbd
move another DEFAULT:=y and fix a dependency bug
18:56 Changeset [6096] by nbd
move several instances of DEFAULT:=y to profile preselections (easier for …
18:16 Ticket #1197 ([patch] add net-tools package) created by openwrt@…
add original net-tools package. The original package has many advantages, …
14:33 Ticket #1196 (rc.common is twice longer) created by anonymous
. . . boot) boot;; shutdown) shutdown;; enable) …
14:29 Ticket #1195 (miniupnpd, dynamic port forwards don't work) created by anonymous
masq, pppoe link
14:20 Changeset [6095] by nico
fix dependency on libnotimpl, which has no package, so make it a build …
13:21 Changeset [6094] by nbd
include section name in the package metadata
11:49 Changeset [6093] by nbd
include .targetinfo in the image builder, and allow direct calls to the …
10:12 Ticket #1194 (fdisk from util-linux package doesn't work on Kamikaze, fails with "Unable ...) created by jr
Running Kamikaze 6089 on Asus WL-700gE (Broadcom 2.4). Attempt to …
02:16 Ticket #1193 (add qc-usb 0.6.5 package) created by anonymous
This adds the qc-usb 0.6.5 package. Not sure if everything is correct. …
01:38 Changeset [6092] by nico
fix dependency on libnotimpl, which has no package, so make it a build …
00:20 Ticket #1180 (libupnp + linux-igd package) closed by nico
fixed: I chose to copy the upstream config file and just change the …
00:12 Changeset [6091] by nico
add a custom configuration file (from: #1180), remove trivial comments …


20:55 Ticket #1190 (Scrambled characters when using Weechat inside Screen) closed by florian
wontfix: That is quite weird. I had a talk with the weechat developpers and they …
20:54 Ticket #1192 (Configuration file ./files/igmpproxy.conf is missing from [6087]) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [6090]
20:53 Changeset [6090] by florian
Really add the configuration file #1192
19:49 Ticket #1192 (Configuration file ./files/igmpproxy.conf is missing from [6087]) created by nico
[6087] was supposed to provide a custom configuration file for igmpproxy, …
15:09 Changeset [6089] by nbd
add maintainer to package metadata
15:05 Changeset [6088] by nbd
merge the scripts dealing with package/target metadata to remove some …
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