22:18 Changeset [6265] by nbd
update atheros 2.6 port - add support for the older chip generation
22:15 Changeset [6264] by nbd
add extra netfilter xt stuff to config-template
20:36 Changeset [6263] by nbd
Minor kernel build changes: Change '[ -d ... ] && cmd' to 'if [ -d ... ]; …
18:24 Ticket #1323 (upgrade freetype to 2.3.1) created by bradkarhu
The current freetype (version 2.1.9) freezes at compile time when it hits …
17:17 Ticket #1320 (Patch to allow OpenNTPD to save the frequency skew to a file) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [6262]
17:11 Changeset [6262] by florian
Add support for saving frequency skew to a file (#1320)
14:53 Ticket #1322 (Enable usb-hid and input layer) created by des@…
I made a couple of patches to be able to read from a keyboard. I tried …
09:42 Ticket #1268 (Busybox 1.4.0 compilation error) closed by nbd
fixed: Looks like it's fixed by [6261]
09:41 Changeset [6261] by nbd
upgrade to busybox 1.4.1
07:33 Ticket #1321 (patch: extend network/config.sh to support mtu and mac per bridge member) created by framer99
Basically, this patch extends the macaddr and mtu options to apply to …
04:28 Changeset [6260] by nbd
fix madwifi compile for atheros 2.6
04:27 Changeset [6259] by nbd
get rid of the get_system_type() dependency for atheros 2.6
03:31 Changeset [6258] by nbd
force MII access in AR2313 ethernet to KSEG1 instead of physical addresses …
01:49 Ticket #1320 (Patch to allow OpenNTPD to save the frequency skew to a file) created by Grimson
I have created a patch for the OpenNTPD package that saves the frequency …


22:56 Ticket #1319 (patch: typos in /sbin/ifdown prevent downing and clearing ip from bridge ...) created by framer99
Some unfortunate typos in /sbin/ifdown prevent looping over the members of …
18:36 Ticket #1318 (ppp interface name may change from ppp0 to ppp1 at reconnect -> breaks ...) created by dustpuppy0001@…
(This applies to White Russian RC6, and probably earlier versions) When …
17:50 Ticket #1317 (add e1000 NIC support and the creation of VMware x86-2.6 images (patches ...) created by anonymous
To build the VMware images: - Checkout Kamikaze buildroot. Apply the …
16:50 Changeset [6257] by nbd
when adding vlans, not only use vlan*hwaddr, but check vlan*hwname as well …
14:25 Changeset [6256] by nbd
add missing defaults for vlan*ports
14:12 Ticket #1291 (kamikaze buildroot broken) closed by nbd
worksforme: Can't reproduce. Try rm -rf tmp Reopen and attach the relevant part of …
14:07 Ticket #1288 (Buildroot-ng uClibc small fix) closed by nbd
worksforme: Cannot reproduce. Probably something wrong on your system. Reopen if you …
14:05 Ticket #1292 (gmediaserver 0.9 (rc6 backports) working?) closed by nbd
wontfix: The backports are not officially supported.
14:03 Ticket #796 (Port empty to whiterussian) closed by nbd
wontfix: whiterussian is 'frozen'. no new packages will be added
14:03 Ticket #1283 (miniupnpd for white russian) closed by nbd
wontfix: whiterussian is 'frozen'. no new packages will be added
13:59 Ticket #1304 (Wrong default outgoing interface on WRTG54G3G) closed by nbd
worksforme: The default connection method is dhcp on the wan interface. The nvram is …
13:33 Ticket #1168 (dhcp mask check) closed by florian
wontfix: Stupid thing, that is right, but another user could also want to set a …
13:09 Changeset [6255] by nbd
add workaround for problems with the missing /dev/console
11:53 Changeset [6254] by nbd
backport failsafe changes from kamikaze - the whiterussian implementation …
09:04 Ticket #1316 (Busybox usage_compressed can't autogenerate file on Mac OS X (od(1) output ...) created by matt@…
On Mac OS X, a kamikaze busybox compile fails in applets/ with hundreds of …
05:04 Ticket #1315 (pppd fails to reconnect with persist option) created by MMCM
When the connection is broken, for whatever reason, pppd (client side) …
04:33 Ticket #1314 (Typo in asterisk modules.conf) created by chris@…
There is a typo in the names of one of the modules, in modules.conf the …
03:28 Ticket #1313 (add zip and unzip packages (patches included)) created by anonymous
See patches.


16:47 Ticket #1312 (Kamikaze's kernel crashes at boot on WGT634U) created by jhansen@…
I get the following crash when attempting to boot any kernel generated by …
15:24 Changeset [6253] by nbd
fix compat hacks for init_work
15:20 Ticket #1311 (patch: add postinst to openssh-server makefile to create user/group sshd) created by framer99
Add a openssh-server postinst that works like quagga's postinst and …
15:16 Changeset [6252] by nbd
upgrade miniupnpd to 1.0-RC3
15:02 Ticket #1310 (patch: make /init for initramfs mount sysfs and fix typo in devpts mount ...) created by framer99
/init used in an initramfs image build does not mount sysfs. Also, I …
12:41 Ticket #1309 (add xmail 1.24 package (patches included)) created by anonymous
Something must be wrong with the binaries. E.g. /usr/bin/XMail I can't run …
11:00 Ticket #1305 (Add libmad optimizations for arm - diff included) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [6251], thanks!
10:59 Changeset [6251] by nico
add arm optimizations (closes: #1305)
05:41 Ticket #1308 (6 libs (libmpcdec, libvorbis, libogg, taglib, libsamplerate, libao)) created by noeoeh@…
libvorbis is broken - trys to access /usr/lib/libogg.so on the …
03:57 Changeset [6250] by nbd
sync whiterussian sdk with kamikaze
01:32 Ticket #1307 (update aircrack-ng to version 0.7 (patch included)) closed by nico
fixed: Updated in [6249].
01:32 Changeset [6249] by nico
update aircrack-ng to v0.7 (closes: #1307), thanks to olg!
00:48 Changeset [6248] by nico
fix some misuses of the recently added EXTRA_{CFLAGS,CPPFLAGS,LDFLAGS} …
00:41 Changeset [6247] by nico
add dibbler package (thanx to forum2006)
00:36 Ticket #1307 (update aircrack-ng to version 0.7 (patch included)) created by olg
sucessfully tested on the atheros platform…
00:28 Changeset [6246] by nico
remove annoying recursive symlink
00:22 Changeset [6245] by nico
use target optimizations, makefile cleanup
00:02 Ticket #1306 (broadcom.sh option monitor) created by anonymous
broadcom.sh option monitor


23:32 Changeset [6244] by nico
disambiguate PKG_CONFIG_PATH, it is used for pkgconfig scripts while …
23:26 Changeset [6243] by nico
mark pwc as broken (at least on brcm-2.6 & x86-2.6)
22:35 Changeset [6242] by nbd
disable block2mtd page readahead (patch from #1058)
22:06 Changeset [6241] by nbd
update d80211 to latest wireless-dev version
21:26 Ticket #1305 (Add libmad optimizations for arm - diff included) created by h3sp4wn
20:43 Ticket #1304 (Wrong default outgoing interface on WRTG54G3G) created by Piotr Gardy <pogar@…>
Hello. By default in these files: […] as WAN is used wan_ifname, …
20:41 Changeset [6240] by nbd
fix typo
20:34 Ticket #1303 (A few changes for PCMCIA) created by pogar@…
Hello. May I ask for: 1. a newer version of comgt 2. a newer version of …
20:18 Changeset [6239] by nbd
fix typo
19:00 Ticket #1302 (No ability to set hostname) created by anonymous
Kamikaze, needs to be able to set the hostname to something other than …
17:11 Ticket #1301 (insmod not passing parameters to imq.o) created by anonymous
Apparently insmod is not passing parameters to modules correectly. The …
17:02 Changeset [6238] by nbd
unbreak cgis with custom headers on busybox httpd
10:44 Ticket #1300 (patch: rc.common start() function call doesn't pass positional parameters ...) created by framer99
With no keys in /etc/ssh, the current sshd initscript only manages to …
02:07 Changeset [6237] by pavlov
clean up the x86 image build a bit, fixing unconditional copy of grub …


21:17 Changeset [6236] by mbm
print package name when prereq fails
20:58 Changeset [6235] by nbd
enable httpd sighup config reload by default
20:51 Ticket #1294 (kernel oops with on ASUS WL-500g Premium) closed by mbm
duplicate: Duplicate of #1131
19:33 Changeset [6234] by mbm
move "make symlinks" to "make package/symlinks"
18:18 Changeset [6233] by nbd
fix rb532 image build
12:03 Ticket #1299 (update ruby to new upstream version) created by anonymous
See patch.
09:46 Ticket #1298 (broadcom-diag module support for WL-500W (patch inside)) created by anonymous
Please add support for WL-500W to diag.c Below is the patch which adds …
07:42 Ticket #1297 (pppd error) created by Weedy <weedy2887@…>
really not sure how this happened or even it its repeatable […]
05:30 Ticket #1296 (patch: modify /etc/profile to not clobber /bin/more, /sbin/arp, and to ...) created by framer99
If you enable applets "more" and "arp" in busybox config, you probably …
01:11 Changeset [6232] by mbm
basic pxa support; likely broken
00:27 Ticket #1295 (astrisk database is in flash - should be ram) created by chris@…
I have just discovered that the astrisk database, used to hold phone …


20:37 Ticket #1294 (kernel oops with on ASUS WL-500g Premium) created by tneumann@…
I get a reproducible kernel oops when running the kernel on an …
19:55 WikiStart edited by mbm
19:30 Changeset [6231] by mbm
fix colors when compiling with some newer versions of bash
19:07 Ticket #1284 (Data bus error, NO WIFI) closed by mbm
duplicate: Appears to be a duplicate of #1131
17:14 Changeset [6230] by nbd
Backport GCC changes to fix integer overflow detection and enable -fwrapv …
11:55 Ticket #1293 (ncurses error when compiling.... trunk v. 6229) created by dreamer_zl@…
Compiling for ASUS WL-500gd... kernel 2.4.... If I deselect PPP, i get …
09:53 Changeset [6229] by nbd
add a limit on the number of new connections per second to prevent hosts …
09:22 Ticket #1292 (gmediaserver 0.9 (rc6 backports) working?) created by binderda@…
The last time I tried "gmediaserver_0.9.0-1_mipsel.ipk" with RC6 on my …
08:41 Ticket #1291 (kamikaze buildroot broken) created by egonlebt
After updating to 6227/6228 I have the following error in make after …
07:43 Ticket #1290 (OpenWRT compile error) created by slavon
[…] bug in toolchain_build_mipsel/linux/include/asm/uaccess.h this …
00:20 Ticket #1289 (pptp sometimes don't work) created by anonymous
i'm using pptp mppe through nat. sometimes i couldn't connect to the …
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