23:47 Ticket #1346 (Fix kmod-fuse package build) created by forum2006
Fix kmod-fuse package build on targets with 2.4 kernel. See patch.
22:50 Ticket #1345 (mips linux 2.4.34 missing kernel branch emulation fix) created by b.sander
a missing fix for mips linux kernel fp branch opcodes emulation that is …
18:34 Ticket #1231 (kamikaze/package/base-files/files/etc/init.d/usb script must have execute ...) closed by nbd
18:07 Ticket #1344 (glib fails to build on xscale (kamikaze)) created by h3sp4wn
[…] Running on gentoo amd64 (Some of the ac flags would have to be …
17:25 Ticket #1301 (insmod not passing parameters to imq.o) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [6280]
17:24 Changeset [6280] by nbd
more fixes for rstrip.sh and kernel modules - fixes #1301
15:59 Ticket #1343 (patch: procps package missing libproc, add top/free cmds) created by framer99
add libproc to ipkg files so the procps executables work may not be …


22:28 Ticket #1342 (VGA output on x86) created by fabian.deutsch@…
Currently all output is send to serial ports. The attached patch activates …
18:34 Changeset [6279] by kaloz
add NTFS-3G
14:19 Changeset [6278] by kaloz
fix mac handling, thanks to Kestutis Kupciunas
13:43 Changeset [6277] by kaloz
upgrade FUSE to v2.6.3, make fuse-utils depend on libfuse and kmod-fuse
12:28 Ticket #1341 (Please port flow-tools to Kamikaze) created by blackcat.
08:02 Ticket #1340 (Kamikaze brcm-2.4 target (as of r6250 and probably much earlier) fails to ...) created by jhansen@…
This is a patch that allows current Kamikaze for brcm-2.6 to correctly …
03:34 Changeset [6276] by nbd
update work in progress rewritten bcm947xx code. wifi and usb seem to be …
02:25 Changeset [6275] by nbd
port [6229] to kamikaze


22:05 Ticket #1339 (WR850G White Russian 0.9) created by anonymous
I upgraded from RC3 to 0.9 using tftp and recieved an invalid flash error …
21:54 Ticket #1338 (add iptables classify module to config options) created by lschweiss
The iptables classify module is already being built for iptables. Please …
21:49 Ticket #1337 (Unable to access WE800G when upgrading to 0.9.) created by Ivoshiee
I suspect the hardware detection code is broken, again. The device will …
18:51 Ticket #1336 (fix typo in Samba config file) created by anonymous
See patch.
15:21 Ticket #1335 (Wrong KCONFIG for KernelPackage/usb-audio) created by des@…
According to the kernel .config this: KCONFIG:=$(CONFIG_USB_AUDIO) should …
14:09 Ticket #1334 (Kernel panic on Dlink DWL-2100) closed by kaloz
invalid: We only support devices with RedBoot. If you send me a mail with the size …
05:57 Changeset [6274] by pavlov
fix miniupnpd.. please be careful merging in changes…


21:20 Ticket #1334 (Kernel panic on Dlink DWL-2100) created by anonymous
17:56 Ticket #1301 (insmod not passing parameters to imq.o) reopened by ffrrrr
In fact, "__mod*" symbols are kept by "--strip-unneeded". For a …
17:45 Changeset [6273] by pavlov
merge olsrd changes with freifunks code changes. compiles completely, but …
17:44 Ticket #1333 (Update vsftpd to 2.0.5) created by anonymous
Replace corresponding lines in vsftpd makefile to compile version 2.0.5 …
09:03 Ticket #1304 (Wrong default outgoing interface on WRTG54G3G) reopened by Piotr Gardy <pogar@…>
But the scripts does not change theese rules.. wan_ifname is set to vlan1, …
02:06 Ticket #1325 (atheros2.6: Build stops at "Machine selection") closed by nbd
02:02 Ticket #1319 (patch: typos in /sbin/ifdown prevent downing and clearing ip from bridge ...) closed by nbd
fixed: applied in [6272]
02:02 Changeset [6272] by nbd
fix typos in ifdown (patch from #1319)
01:59 Ticket #1324 (Multi SSID) closed by nbd
01:56 Ticket #1301 (insmod not passing parameters to imq.o) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [6271]
01:56 Changeset [6271] by nbd
fix overzealous kmod stripping - it killed kernel module parameters …
00:29 Ticket #1332 (patches to asterisk 1.2.14 for SIP codec negotiation and transconing ...) created by chris@…
I have ported the patches described …


22:56 Changeset [6270] by nbd
change target description
22:55 Changeset [6269] by nbd
add profile for the wgt634u
22:31 Ticket #1331 (freeradius update) created by jeff
just to announce you that The latest version of freeradius is 1.1.4 good …
22:17 Ticket #1330 (strongswan package) created by Kevin Cody Jr <kcody@…>
Adds support for strongswan-2.8.2. Very neatly integrated to kamikaze. …
21:59 Milestone 0.9/rc6 completed
OpenWrt 0.9 (codename WhiteRussian) * support for BCM47xx/53xx …
21:53 Ticket #1329 (ntpd doesn't always start/restart correctly) created by Kevin Cody Jr <kcody@…>
The existing init and hotplug scripts for ntpd do not deal effectively …
21:36 Ticket #1328 (more robust cron configuration) created by Kevin Cody Jr <kcody@…>
The strongswan patch I'm working on, and presumably many other things, …
21:18 Ticket #1327 (updated default iptables configuration) created by Kevin Cody Jr <kcody@…>
Vastly reworked firewall.init and firewall.user. Highlights: * …
20:55 Ticket #1326 (init.d/boot does not set hostname) created by Kevin Cody Jr <kcody@…>
original tries to read wan_hostname, but does not initialize it from …
20:35 Changeset [6268] by nbd
tag whiterussian 0.9
13:04 Ticket #1325 (atheros2.6: Build stops at "Machine selection") created by anonymous
Hi, developers. Thank you for supporting atheros old chip. …
05:12 Ticket #1324 (Multi SSID) created by anonymous
I found that after I apply Multi SSID, I can see that both SSID is using …
00:18 Changeset [6267] by nbd
oops... typo
00:18 Changeset [6266] by nbd
fix rootfs detection


22:18 Changeset [6265] by nbd
update atheros 2.6 port - add support for the older chip generation
22:15 Changeset [6264] by nbd
add extra netfilter xt stuff to config-template
20:36 Changeset [6263] by nbd
Minor kernel build changes: Change '[ -d ... ] && cmd' to 'if [ -d ... ]; …
18:24 Ticket #1323 (upgrade freetype to 2.3.1) created by bradkarhu
The current freetype (version 2.1.9) freezes at compile time when it hits …
17:17 Ticket #1320 (Patch to allow OpenNTPD to save the frequency skew to a file) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [6262]
17:11 Changeset [6262] by florian
Add support for saving frequency skew to a file (#1320)
14:53 Ticket #1322 (Enable usb-hid and input layer) created by des@…
I made a couple of patches to be able to read from a keyboard. I tried …
09:42 Ticket #1268 (Busybox 1.4.0 compilation error) closed by nbd
fixed: Looks like it's fixed by [6261]
09:41 Changeset [6261] by nbd
upgrade to busybox 1.4.1
07:33 Ticket #1321 (patch: extend network/config.sh to support mtu and mac per bridge member) created by framer99
Basically, this patch extends the macaddr and mtu options to apply to …
04:28 Changeset [6260] by nbd
fix madwifi compile for atheros 2.6
04:27 Changeset [6259] by nbd
get rid of the get_system_type() dependency for atheros 2.6
03:31 Changeset [6258] by nbd
force MII access in AR2313 ethernet to KSEG1 instead of physical addresses …
01:49 Ticket #1320 (Patch to allow OpenNTPD to save the frequency skew to a file) created by Grimson
I have created a patch for the OpenNTPD package that saves the frequency …
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