21:47 brcm-2.6 edited by mbm
19:39 Changeset [6543] by mbm
more devfs related bugs
19:20 Changeset [6542] by nbd
fix up the netconfig script after the devfs=>hotplug2 migration
15:58 platforms edited by florian
15:55 rdc edited by florian
15:53 x86 created by florian
15:51 Ticket #1446 (Routes for wireless cards do not work) created by david.goodenough@…
If routes are added to /etc/config/network which refer to wireless …
15:51 people edited by florian
09:58 Changeset [6541] by mbm
fallback when devfs names aren't found
07:03 Ticket #1445 (Nintendo Wii cannot connect to WRT54G v1.1 AP) created by namarrgon@…
The Wii can see the broadcast SSID, but cannot connect to it. Tried WEP, …
04:18 Ticket #412 (pptp module automation) reopened by Jamey Elgin <jamey@…>
I still have trouble with this: on my system (WRT54GS w/ 0.9-pptp) I want …
04:16 Ticket #1444 (AR7Port. qos scripts depends to tc, tc should depend on CONFIG_C99_MATH) created by ctype
The qos-scripts with default other setting don't work at AR7 (dsl 524T), …


21:58 Ticket #1342 (VGA output on x86) reopened by forum2006
changeset:6530 does not work for me. in vmware i get: "Warning: unable to …
14:46 Ticket #1439 (Asterisk does not build with ppc target) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6540]
14:46 Changeset [6540] by florian
Fix powerpc compilation errors with asterisk codecs (#1439)
14:23 Ticket #1440 (amwall-0.1.0 wrong makefile) closed by florian
09:23 Ticket #1443 (Installing SableVM ipk package on wrt54gl with DD-WRT firmware and a 512MB ...) closed by mbm
08:18 Ticket #1443 (Installing SableVM ipk package on wrt54gl with DD-WRT firmware and a 512MB ...) created by Narendra
03:04 Ticket #1442 (AR7Port broken. rev. 6503 boot properly, but latest (6536) not) created by ctype
I has compiled rev 6503 default config+br2684+qos scripts and flashed at …


23:34 uml created by nico
23:32 Changeset [6539] by hcg
Changed default compiler for 2.6 kernels to 4.1.2
23:29 platforms edited by nico
23:07 nico created by nico
Initial version
16:50 Changeset [6538] by pavlov
cp python to python24 in prop to migrate to 2.5, if 2.5 succeeds …
16:46 Changeset [6537] by pavlov
dialog for graphical prompting
16:45 Changeset [6536] by pavlov
forgot to set eol-style
16:38 Changeset [6535] by pavlov
split out scsi module support and add ata piix support
13:27 platforms edited by florian
13:11 au1000 created by florian
13:11 brcm63xx created by florian
13:09 rdc created by florian
12:46 Changeset [6534] by hcg
Added GPIO driver
12:15 rwhitby created by rwhitby
Initial version
12:13 platforms edited by rwhitby
Added myself to ixp4xx-2.6 platform. (diff)
08:25 magicbox created by kaloz
08:23 atheros created by kaloz
08:18 ixp4xx created by kaloz
08:08 Kaloz created by kaloz
06:37 mbm edited by mbm
03:02 brcm-2.6 edited by mbm
02:51 brcm-2.6 edited by mbm
02:50 brcm47xx created by mbm
02:50 brcm-2.6 created by mbm
02:45 brcm-2.4 created by mbm
00:49 hcg edited by hcg
00:13 Changeset [6533] by malbon
Fix config, set directory block to -1 for redboot.


23:47 Ticket #1441 (dnsmasq.conf is not used by default) created by terhorst@…
dnsmasq it set to read its configuration from nvram by default, despite …
23:39 florian edited by florian
23:38 florian created by florian
23:32 platforms edited by florian
22:29 Ticket #1438 (small patch to allow setting your hostname instead of getting it through ...) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [6532]
22:29 Ticket #1302 (No ability to set hostname) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [6532]
22:28 Changeset [6532] by nbd
add new config option for the hostname in /etc/config/system (fixes #1302, …
21:52 platforms edited by nbd
21:40 Changeset [6531] by hcg
Add support for LED drivers (clock tick and CPU activity) Removed …
21:18 platforms edited by kaloz
21:05 platforms edited by hcg
21:05 platforms edited by hcg
21:04 at91 edited by hcg
21:01 platforms edited by hcg
21:00 people edited by florian
20:49 platforms edited by thepeople
20:43 at91 created by hcg
20:40 platforms edited by hcg
20:39 hcg created by hcg
20:27 people edited by hcg
20:17 platforms edited by nbd
20:14 Ticket #1342 (VGA output on x86) closed by nbd
fixed: support for vga consoles added in [6530]
20:14 Ticket #840 (Generic IDE and VT support for x86-2.6) closed by nbd
fixed: support for vga consoles added in [6530]
20:13 Changeset [6530] by nbd
add vga console support for x86-2.6 images (fixes #1342, #840)
19:56 sibyte created by mbm
19:55 pxa created by mbm
19:50 mbm edited by mbm
19:48 mbm created by mbm
19:44 platforms created by mbm
12:28 Ticket #1440 (amwall-0.1.0 wrong makefile) created by Goshawk <vincenzo.ampolo@…>
On 06/03/07 (today) i did a checkout of the kamikaze/trunk and tried to …
08:48 Ticket #1439 (Asterisk does not build with ppc target) created by florian
The codec part of asterisk still tries to use k6 optimisations.
02:31 Ticket #1433 (Recent Kamakaze snapshots for WGT634U brick router) closed by mbm
duplicate: see #1312


20:16 Ticket #1437 (build r6529 failed.) closed by nbd
worksforme: yes, that will fix the build directory. only necessary after svn update
19:04 Ticket #1435 (respawn start-stop not function) closed by florian
invalid: start-stop-daemon is not enabled by default in OpenWrt's busybox. Either …
15:03 Ticket #1438 (small patch to allow setting your hostname instead of getting it through ...) created by radu.anghel@…
small patch to llow setting your hostname instead of getting it through …
14:27 Ticket #1437 (build r6529 failed.) created by daniel_1016@…
I try build Kamikaze r6529, but failed as following: [root@kang trunk]# …
14:20 Ticket #1436 (New package: dircproxy) created by martin@…
This patch adds the dircproxy package, version 1.2.0-beta2. Its an …
12:40 Ticket #1435 (respawn start-stop not function) created by andrewchan01@…
NC:2345:respawn:start-stop-daemon -S -c nocat --exec /usr/sbin/splashd I …
11:30 Changeset [6529] by hcg
Modified partition table to support jffs2
10:15 Changeset [6528] by hcg
Chaged kernel config so default builds cleanly
02:38 Changeset [6527] by pavlov
trunk.. same deal as changeset:6526
02:34 Changeset [6526] by pavlov
patch file cleanup... ick.. kaloz you owe me some love
02:28 Ticket #1434 (update to php 5.1.6 breaks the build) closed by pavlov
fixed: should be resolved in changeset:6525 be nice next time, or dont work off …
01:52 Changeset [6525] by pavlov
fixes compile for ldap module in php5
01:47 Changeset [6524] by kaloz
fix squashfs for ixp4xx
01:47 Ticket #1432 (Several flash/jffs2 issues, router hangs during ANY fs operation) closed by nbd
invalid: "jffs2: Too few erase blocks (2)" your image is too big, so jffs2 has no …
01:38 Changeset [6523] by nbd
add missing init=/etc/preinit cmdline parameter
01:21 Changeset [6522] by nbd
add squashfs support for ixp4xx
01:17 Ticket #1431 (freeradius: missing libradius-1.1.2.so) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [6521]
01:17 Changeset [6521] by florian
libradius is expected to be in /usr/lib/
00:55 Changeset [6520] by florian
Fix compilation when modules are selected or not, should fix buildbot spam …
00:55 Changeset [6519] by nbd
more hotplug2/mdev/devfs related fixups, this time for broadcom
00:34 Changeset [6518] by nbd
fix a compile error caused by the devfs removal


22:25 Changeset [6517] by nbd
enable ne2k-pci by default
22:17 Changeset [6516] by kaloz
22:07 Changeset [6515] by nbd
fix metadata scan for profile split
21:43 Changeset [6514] by nbd
reorder target profiles
21:39 Changeset [6513] by nbd
add some missing deps for the metadata files
21:31 Changeset [6512] by nbd
nuke mdev and replace it with hotplug2 :)
21:15 Changeset [6511] by nbd
make hotplug2 depend on udevtrigger
20:55 Changeset [6510] by nbd
add hotplug2
20:49 Changeset [6509] by nbd
upgrade udev to latest version and add separate package for udevtrigger …
18:29 Changeset [6508] by hcg
Added initial support for at91 plaform (HCG)
17:33 Ticket #1434 (update to php 5.1.6 breaks the build) created by anonymous
it's getting really annoying now. please test your patches before …
17:27 Changeset [6507] by nbd
add a crlf workaround similar to the one from freewrt
17:02 Changeset [6506] by nbd
disable the automatic config reset if 'Advanced configuration options' is …
16:34 Ticket #1433 (Recent Kamakaze snapshots for WGT634U brick router) created by anonymous
I have tried loading kamikaze snapshots in the last week and they all …
16:08 Ticket #1432 (Several flash/jffs2 issues, router hangs during ANY fs operation) created by calavera@…
Hi, wl500gx, kernel 2.6, no-wifi, I see several strange errors during boot …
15:42 Ticket #1429 (can't ping from openwrt) closed by nbd
fixed: should be fixed in [6505]
15:36 Changeset [6505] by nbd
hopefully fix ping bugs introduced in [6443]
15:27 Changeset [6504] by nbd
only mount sysfs once (thx, ejka)
15:04 Changeset [6503] by nbd
force a config reset when the user changes the target platform in …
13:29 Ticket #1431 (freeradius: missing libradius-1.1.2.so) created by anonymous
Hello, I can't start freeradius because of a missing libary: […] …
12:15 Ticket #1428 (Change MAC address causes interface to not respond to pings, etc.) closed by florian
duplicate: I consider it as duplicate of #1429
12:05 Ticket #1430 (compex interface config doesn't start the WAN) created by chris@…
I am running pppoe on the wan (eth0.1), however my configuration is more …
11:50 Ticket #1429 (can't ping from openwrt) created by chris@…
I have just compiled build r6475, and I find that I cannot ping "out" from …
05:57 Changeset [6502] by pavlov
more propsets... i'm done for now.
05:41 Changeset [6501] by pavlov
same propset here as changeset:6500
05:19 Changeset [6500] by pavlov
huge propset, fixes eol-style on everything and sets keywords and …
05:10 Ticket #1265 (wol (wake on lan) ported to kamikaze) closed by pavlov
fixed: added in changeset:6499
05:10 Changeset [6499] by pavlov
wol contributed by mpapamanz@… -- ticket: 1265
04:55 Ticket #1245 (smartmontools broken) closed by pavlov
worksforme: sudo apt-get install automake1.9 This will resolve your issue. […]
04:50 Ticket #1237 (packages/utils/smartmontools compilation error) closed by pavlov
invalid: dupe of ticket:1245 resolution: install automake 1.9
04:24 Changeset [6498] by pavlov
update python to 2.4.4 -- security fix
04:14 Changeset [6497] by pavlov
update osiris to 4.2.3, eliminates the need for mod_if as it has been …
04:03 Changeset [6496] by pavlov
add md5sum for zabbix
03:51 Changeset [6495] by pavlov
update syslogng to 1.6.12 and libol to 0.3.18 -- bugfixes
03:27 Changeset [6494] by pavlov
update monit to 4.9 from 4.6
03:17 Changeset [6493] by pavlov
update openssh from 4.4p1 to 4.5p1 -- bugfixes
03:04 Changeset [6492] by pavlov
update lighttpd from 1.4.11 to 1.4.13
03:02 Changeset [6491] by pavlov
trivial update to eliminate the fuzz on the patch and update the file …
02:44 Changeset [6490] by pavlov
move from php 5.0.5 to php 5.1.6... compiles but not tested on a platform
00:12 Changeset [6489] by kaloz
upgrade the ixp4xx ethernet driver to v0.3.1, split the Gateway 7001 …
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