23:01 Ticket #1530 (shfs fixes (taken from gentoo) - fixes) created by h3sp4wn
These patches seem to fix shfs (at least on armeb 2.6) The one to stop it …
20:26 Changeset [6749] by nbd
make sure tmp/info gets created
20:14 Changeset [6748] by florian
Fix the irq request
20:13 Changeset [6747] by nbd
add PKG_NAME to prereq-build.mk so that failed checks show a proper prefix …
20:06 Changeset [6746] by nbd
detect changes in package/kernel/modules/*.mk when scanning the package …
20:01 Changeset [6745] by nbd
nuke some unnecessary complexity in the metadata scanning - simply call …
19:52 Changeset [6744] by nbd
Nuke lots of obsolete compiler versions Make gcc4 depend on !LINUX_2_4 - …
19:43 Ticket #1529 (Build failure on adm5120 with bluetooth) created by anonymous
Hi When compiling the target adm5120 with bluetooth as module (like …
19:39 Ticket #1528 (linux-2.4-bcrm fails with softdog) closed by nbd
19:05 Changeset [6743] by nico
fix freeradius SDK builds
16:57 Ticket #1523 (Modules for nfsd not available in menuconfig (or the kernel config for ...) closed by nico
worksforme: Just issue a […] before rebuilding
16:41 Ticket #1523 (Modules for nfsd not available in menuconfig (or the kernel config for ...) reopened by anonymous
There may still be some problems with nfsd, I get the following errors …
13:14 Ticket #1528 (linux-2.4-bcrm fails with softdog) created by anonymous
make[7]: Entering directory …
12:49 Changeset [6742] by florian
Fix warnings
12:42 Changeset [6741] by florian
Bluetooth depends on USB for 2.6 kernels also
12:10 Changeset [6740] by florian
Bluetooth modules also depend on USB
12:09 Changeset [6739] by florian
Enable kmod-sched for adm5120
12:02 Changeset [6738] by florian
Add ioc constants for other targets as well, should fix buildbot errors
11:10 Changeset [6737] by florian
Use myloader parser in the adm5120 mtd driver. Do not use EXPORT_SYMBOL in …
11:08 Ticket #1527 (ntpclient wrongly always uses one-shot sync) created by andreas@…
The ntpclient initscript /etc/hotplug.d/iface/10-ntpclient always sets the …
10:35 Changeset [6736] by florian
Add myloader partition table parser
03:25 Ticket #1526 (unable to bridge wifi and ethernet on la fonera) created by tobias@…
i'm running kamikaze r6733 on my lafonera. after leaving everything to …
02:35 Changeset [6735] by nico
replace common -I and -L search flags with TARGET_CPPFLAGS and …
02:29 Changeset [6734] by nico
cleanup ntfs-3g makefile (remove kernel.mk include, unused configure …
02:21 Ticket #1207 (target brcm-2.4 not working on Asus WL-500g) closed by nbd
duplicate: seems to be a dupe of #861
02:06 Changeset [6733] by nico
tweak isakmpd & keynote makefiles
01:47 Ticket #1473 (ASSERTION FAILED: src != NULL at fs/mini_fo/mini_fo.h:399 ...) closed by nbd
fixed: Please reopen if the problem shows up again. I believe it was fixed by …
01:44 Ticket #1521 (usb-uchci not loaded autumatically after package installation) closed by nbd
fixed: You need to pick the other uhci kmod package. I added the correct …
01:43 Changeset [6732] by nbd
add dependency info for linux 2.4 specific kmod package (related to #1521)
01:41 Ticket #1523 (Modules for nfsd not available in menuconfig (or the kernel config for ...) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [6731]
01:41 Changeset [6731] by nbd
clean up nfsd kernel config entries (#1523)
01:35 Ticket #1524 ([FIX] NFS kernel server support - Kamikaze Milestone) closed by nbd
fixed: fixes added in [6729] and [6730]
01:35 Changeset [6730] by nbd
add nfs-kernel-server package fixes from #1524
01:34 Changeset [6729] by nbd
add nfs kernel server kmod package (patch from #1524)
01:17 Changeset [6728] by nbd
remove bogus dependencies
01:15 Changeset [6727] by nbd
fix flash buswidth detection
00:00 Ticket #1525 (I2C Support for alchemy port broken) created by andreas@…
during loading of the modules ii2c_algo_bit i2c_algo_pcf and i2c_algo_pca …


18:49 Ticket #1524 ([FIX] NFS kernel server support - Kamikaze Milestone) created by anonymous
Patch fix missing NFS kernel server support options for Kamikaze Milestone …
18:45 Changeset [6726] by nbd
fix a problem with the firewall script (multicast traffic could produce …
17:27 Changeset [6725] by ejka
Add missing svn:keywords
17:19 Changeset [6724] by ejka
ar7: cpmac: use fixed-size ringbuffers for rx/tx descriptors, use single …
16:56 Changeset [6723] by ejka
ar7: speed up irq handlers, fix asm/ar7/ar7.h
13:25 Ticket #1435 (respawn start-stop not function) closed by florian
wontfix: It is pretty simple : […] Then : […]
12:39 Ticket #1523 (Modules for nfsd not available in menuconfig (or the kernel config for ...) created by h3sp4wn
[…] I will attempt to sort this out properly (not sure exactly what …
08:54 Ticket #1435 (respawn start-stop not function) reopened by andrewchan01@…
If I really want to use the start-stop-daemon for nocat then how can I …
03:56 Ticket #1522 (add something like a toolchain dependency) created by noeoeh@…
if you try to build some package right after a fresh checkout this way …
00:12 Changeset [6722] by florian
Fix edimax image generation
00:09 Changeset [6721] by florian
Add some more clean targets
00:01 Changeset [6720] by florian
Add a symlinkclean target to remove symlinks


22:26 Changeset [6719] by florian
Also forgot adding the adm5120_info file
22:17 Changeset [6718] by nbd
fix the sdk
21:54 Changeset [6717] by florian
Disable YAFFS and NAND by default
21:42 Changeset [6716] by florian
Move the yaffs patch to be generic, shared between rb532 and adm5120
21:09 Changeset [6715] by florian
Forgot adding infos header
19:55 Ticket #1521 (usb-uchci not loaded autumatically after package installation) created by anonymous
Package usb-uhci-iv introduced in ticket #1091 has small problem with …
16:33 Changeset [6714] by florian
Change tspc download URL
13:50 Ticket #1520 (Ethernet device on WGT634U not working (SIOCGETCPHYRD failed from ...) created by s.risser@…
Hello, i just installed todays snapshot (2007-03-26, r6698) on my WGT634U …
12:35 Ticket #666 (USB Storage error on WGT-634u with Buildroot-ng) closed by nbd
worksforme: Should be fixed with the new brcm47xx-2.6 code
12:34 Ticket #1456 (Hotplug not working with WGT634U usb storage) closed by nbd
12:32 Ticket #1457 ("Illegal instruction" during boot - system can't boot and work!) closed by nbd
09:37 Changeset [6713] by florian
Rewrite of the bootloader runtime detection (Gabor Juhos)
09:34 Changeset [6712] by florian
Add myloader definitions
09:32 Changeset [6711] by florian
Preserve fw_arg0-3 to allow runtime bootloader detection (Gabor Juhos)
09:31 Changeset [6710] by florian
Add definitions to myloader thanks Gabor Juhos
08:44 Changeset [6709] by nico
tweak snort & snort-wireless makefiles
08:11 Ticket #1233 (packages/net/netstat-nat compilation error) closed by nico
fixed: Should be fixed in [6708]
08:10 Changeset [6708] by nico
fix pmacct (closes: #1233)
08:02 Ticket #1492 (update asterisk and enable chan_oss module) closed by nico
fixed: Updated in [6707], thanks!
08:01 Changeset [6707] by nico
update asterisk to 1.2.16, add chan-oss subpackage (closes: #1492)
07:06 Ticket #1182 (Recent openssl patch causes problems) closed by nico
fixed: Should be fixed in [6706]
07:04 Changeset [6706] by nico
enable dso support back in openssl, needed to use shared zlib compression, …
06:24 Ticket #1519 (privoxy_3.0.3-1_mipsel.ipk package do not work at all) closed by nico
fixed: Should be fixed in [6705], thanks for reporting!
06:23 Changeset [6705] by nico
Various privoxy fixes: * use Build/Configure/Default * add missing …
06:04 Ticket #1425 (uclibc++ fails to compile) closed by nico
invalid: Well, it seems you have enabled […] and disabled the C++ support …
05:08 Ticket #1490 (New Package - tcptraceroute () closed by nico
fixed: Added in [6704], thanks!
05:08 Changeset [6704] by nico
add tcptraceroute (closes: #1490)
04:59 Changeset [6703] by nico
misc Build/UninstallDev fixes
04:58 Changeset [6702] by nico
add reiserfsprogs
04:51 Changeset [6701] by nico
add sscep, a Simple SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol) client
04:07 Ticket #1519 (privoxy_3.0.3-1_mipsel.ipk package do not work at all) created by fsterusky@…
Hello i have noticed that installing OpenWrt privoxy package fail on …
02:10 Ticket #1518 (batman start script: wrong parameter for visualization server) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [6700], thanks!
02:09 Changeset [6700] by nico
fix typo in init-script (closes: #1518)
01:56 Ticket #1462 (update miau to 0.6.3) closed by nico
fixed: Updated in [6699], thanks!
01:55 Changeset [6699] by nico
update miau to 0.6.3 (closes: #1462)
01:01 Ticket #1314 (Typo in asterisk modules.conf) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [6698], thanks!
01:00 Changeset [6698] by nico
fix typo (closes: #1314)


22:24 Ticket #1518 (batman start script: wrong parameter for visualization server) created by blaxwan
Sorry for the typo, the flag to specify the visualization server is "-s" …
18:25 Ticket #1516 (Typo in brcm47xx pcicore.c) closed by nbd
fixed: thanks. added in [6697]
18:25 Changeset [6697] by nbd
add fix from #1516
18:22 Changeset [6696] by nbd
add prereq check for pkg-config (required by ntfs-3g)
16:46 Ticket #1503 (Compile Fails of NTFS-3G - Wrong version of FUSE package Version 6627) closed by kaloz
worksforme: then do what it says, install pkg-config
16:43 Ticket #1503 (Compile Fails of NTFS-3G - Wrong version of FUSE package Version 6627) reopened by steve@…
Just retested build with latest version of the tree, Removed the …
14:28 Changeset [6695] by nico
disable pam support explicitly
14:19 Ticket #1514 (amwall breaks build) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [6694]
14:18 Changeset [6694] by nico
force the use of bash over dash (closes: #1514)
11:20 Ticket #1517 (r6036 causes kmod-alsa not to build on 2.6 ... wtf?) created by seniorr@…
Why was this patch added? It results in no kmod-alsa for 2.6, which is …
09:23 Ticket #1516 (Typo in brcm47xx pcicore.c) created by jhansen@…
There is a typo in drivers/ssb/driver_pci/pcicore.c, where it just writes …
07:42 Changeset [6693] by ejka
ar7: clocks setup (prerequisite for dsl/usb) and misc cleanups.
01:52 Ticket #1515 (xscale - fails to build jffs2 - once flashed for squashfs bigger than ...) created by h3sp4wn
[…] root@OpenWrt:/# : rm: cannot remove 'base-files': Operation not …
01:38 Changeset [6692] by nbd
blacklist jamvm for mips big-endian (error messages mentioning that a few …
00:01 Changeset [6691] by florian
Requirements cleanup


23:51 Changeset [6690] by florian
Update kernel config
23:08 Changeset [6689] by nbd
fix snort-wireless compile
23:01 Ticket #1503 (Compile Fails of NTFS-3G - Wrong version of FUSE package Version 6627) closed by florian
worksforme: I cannot reproduce the bug here.
22:55 Changeset [6688] by nbd
fix snort compile
22:52 Ticket #1470 (add - mksh from freewrt (no real reason but there is also no reason for ...) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6687]
22:51 Changeset [6687] by florian
Use MiBSD ksh if installed (#1470)
22:48 Ticket #1491 (batman expects tun in /dev/net/tun instead of /dev/tun) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6686], thanks !
22:48 Changeset [6686] by florian
Fix the tun device path (#1491)
22:45 Ticket #1460 (following packages are broken (buidlogs included)) closed by florian
fixed: python fixed in [6676] olsrd fixed in [6675] rp-l2tp fixed in [6679]
22:34 Changeset [6685] by florian
Forgot to define what CFE is
22:34 Changeset [6684] by florian
Typo fix
22:31 Changeset [6683] by florian
Do not register more than 2 ethernet porst for CFE based devices (i.e : …
22:12 Changeset [6682] by nbd
fix rp-pppoe compile
22:12 Changeset [6681] by nbd
22:05 Changeset [6680] by nbd
21:54 Changeset [6679] by nbd
fix rp-l2tp build
21:54 Changeset [6678] by nbd
use recursive variable expansion for CONFIGURE_*, MAKE_* variables in the …
21:10 Ticket #1514 (amwall breaks build) created by anonymous
Host-system: Ubuntu 6.10 Target-system: X86 [2.6] Kamikaze …
20:12 Changeset [6677] by nbd
fix zabbix source url
20:01 Ticket #1455 (python 2.4.4 compilation erors) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [6676]
20:01 Changeset [6676] by nbd
fix python compile error (#1455)
18:58 Changeset [6675] by nbd
fix olsrd compile on 64 bit machines
18:45 Changeset [6674] by nbd
fix miniupnpd compile
18:32 Changeset [6673] by hcg
Added support for BSD pty's
18:16 Changeset [6672] by nbd
fix lcd4linux compile error
18:05 Changeset [6671] by nbd
trigger a kernel module rebuild when the kernel config changes
16:57 Changeset [6670] by nbd
fix a compile error
16:53 Changeset [6669] by nbd
fix gmediaserver compile
16:51 Changeset [6668] by nbd
split libuuid from e2fsprogs and install development files
15:12 Changeset [6667] by nbd
set the DEVICE variable in hotplug events from ppp interfaces
14:43 Changeset [6666] by nbd
rename uci-update.awk to uci.awk and add a few config_* functions
14:42 Changeset [6665] by nbd
fix uci commit
14:42 Changeset [6664] by nbd
move default templates for the kernel build to kernel-defaults.mk (similar …
14:42 Changeset [6663] by nbd
small cleanup
13:54 Changeset [6662] by hcg
Added facility to program entire device from SD-Card Fixed up MAC address …
12:39 Ticket #1502 (target brcm47xx-2.6 not working on Asus WL-500g) reopened by rufus
Sorry, r6656 squashfs (default config - with added pureftpd and ethers …
11:47 Ticket #1513 (Bug in Whiterussion for WRT54G 1.X) created by anonymous
Hi, I think, I found a ugly bug in whiterussian 0.9 for the WRT54G 1.X: …
11:45 Ticket #1500 (httptunnel) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [6661]. Please do not submit packages with the whiterussian …
11:45 Changeset [6661] by florian
Add httptunnel (#1500)
11:30 Ticket #1505 ([PATCH] install asterisk header files to staging dir) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6660], thanks !
11:30 Changeset [6660] by florian
Add include files to staging_dir (#1505)
11:22 Changeset [6659] by florian
Fix potential unligned access with MyLoader based devices, thanks Juhos
11:18 Changeset [6658] by florian
Add a paragraph on how to package kernel modules
11:18 Changeset [6657] by florian
Fix some mistakes and typos
07:12 Ticket #1512 (Mac address on wireless interface) created by mikeyman77@…
I installed Kamikaze r6642 on my wrt54gs v2 and wrt54g v2.1. I found that …
02:03 Changeset [6656] by nbd
don't call wpa_supplicant unconditionally
02:01 Changeset [6655] by nbd
fix wep encryption setting for madwifi
01:43 Changeset [6654] by nbd
fix a small typo


22:27 Changeset [6653] by nbd
mark click as broken for now - fails to build and should be replaced with …
20:19 Changeset [6652] by nbd
improve autorebuild for iptables when the kernel config changes
20:13 Changeset [6651] by nbd
make busybox autorebuild on relevant config changes
18:44 Ticket #1511 (Brcm47xx-2.6 I2C patch) created by bradkarhu
kmod_i2c* files are not building properly. The problem seems to lie with …
17:48 Changeset [6650] by nbd
fix a harmless warning
17:41 Ticket #1502 (target brcm47xx-2.6 not working on Asus WL-500g) closed by nbd
fixed: Should be fixed in [6649]. run svn update; make target/linux-clean world
17:40 Changeset [6649] by nbd
add bcm94710a0 cache workarounds to brcm47xx-2.6 (fix #1502)
16:03 Ticket #1510 (Please add - ethtool patch from - http://www.hohnstaedt.de/ixp_npe/ethtool) created by h3sp4wn
15:48 Changeset [6648] by nbd
some cleanups in the metadata.pl script; allow target profiles to add …
15:03 Changeset [6647] by nbd
add 'deselect' property for menuconfig
13:53 Ticket #1408 (iodined don't work, looks like it's in BSD mode compiled) closed by florian
fixed: We will do it, thanks
13:51 Ticket #1504 (mksyshdr utility not safe on 64bit host (adm5120)) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6646]
13:50 Changeset [6646] by florian
Make mksyshdr safe for 64bits platforms (#1504)
13:41 Ticket #456 (iptraf - cannot exit from configure menu) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6645], thanks a lot !
13:41 Changeset [6645] by florian
Add fix from #456, thanks alasondro !
11:24 Changeset [6644] by hcg
Final image build fixups
09:11 Changeset [6643] by nico
fix typo in UnistallDev
01:13 Ticket #1486 (/etc/init.d/sshd does not contain a START=, so no link produced) closed by nbd
01:09 Ticket #1485 (ps fail in brcm47xx-2.6) closed by nbd
fixed: Added in [6642], thanks again.
01:08 Changeset [6642] by nbd
add more stability fixes for brcm47xx-2.6 on bcm4704 (from #1485)
01:04 Ticket #1478 (R6596 will not recover WGT634U) closed by nbd
00:37 Ticket #1509 (override kernel command line) created by hydra
florian suggests that the kernel command line should be overridden as …
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