23:07 Ticket #1544 (kmod-pppoa ipkg problem) closed by florian
invalid: Atheros-2.6 has CONFIG_ATM disabled, causing all ATM related packages not …
23:02 Ticket #1545 (fix for "user.info : [: missing ]" syslog message for Asus WL-500gP) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6854], thanks !
23:02 Changeset [6854] by florian
Add missing ending brackets (#1545)
21:55 Changeset [6853] by florian
mkcsysimg typos
21:54 Changeset [6852] by florian
Use CONFIG_CMDLINE instead of hardcoded kernel command line
17:56 Ticket #1547 (patch : include/shell.sh : md5sum never used in md5s) closed by mbm
fixed: [6851]
17:55 Changeset [6851] by mbm
bug #1547
17:46 platforms edited by pavlov
17:40 pavlov created by pavlov
finally adding this, sorry about the delay
15:59 Changeset [6850] by mbm
more [6849]
15:24 Ticket #1549 (fuser doesnt seem to work) created by rauchwolke@…
fuser doesnt seem to work every port i test .... gives me this ... fuser …
15:23 Ticket #1548 (lsof implementation) created by rauchwolke@…
hi it would be nice to have lsof in menuconfig ...... greets
15:11 Ticket #1547 (patch : include/shell.sh : md5sum never used in md5s) created by ffrrrr at gmail
closing the standard output always return false, so md5sum is never used.
14:23 Ticket #630 (power led blinking) reopened by stevediraddo@…
13:56 Changeset [6849] by mbm
Using find's -exec to remove directories causes 'not found' errors when …
13:26 Changeset [6848] by florian
Split up brcm63xx into files/
11:50 Changeset [6847] by florian
Remove useless mksyshdr utility, replaced by mkcsysimg, Edimax images are …
09:42 Changeset [6846] by kaloz
enable OTP support for IXP4xx
09:41 Changeset [6845] by kaloz
fix typo
07:41 Ticket #1546 (brcm47xx PCI setup suggestion) created by jhansen@…
The LATENCY_TIMER value of the PCI bridge should be greater than or equal …
07:34 Ticket #464 (ath_pci causes kernel oops in build 3598) reopened by jhansen@…
This problem still happens to this day, depending on the phase of the …
02:39 Ticket #1545 (fix for "user.info : [: missing ]" syslog message for Asus WL-500gP) created by lubek@…


23:44 Changeset [6844] by florian
Add the infrastructure to detect RouterBOOT and use USB
21:31 Changeset [6843] by kaloz
20:35 Ticket #1544 (kmod-pppoa ipkg problem) created by mib_force@…
hi, if i try to install ppp-mod-pppoa via "ipkg install ppp-mod-pppoa" i …
19:15 Changeset [6842] by florian
Generate images for edimax devices (Gabor Juhos)
19:14 Changeset [6841] by florian
Entry point is now configurable via a Makefile variable. Entry point is …
19:10 Changeset [6840] by florian
Add ADM5120 based edimax image generation utilities
18:59 Changeset [6839] by florian
Add preliminary RouterBoard RB1xx support
18:13 Changeset [6838] by florian
Add squashfs to rdc, add nvram partition as jffs2 partition (sn9)
18:09 Changeset [6837] by florian
Use find -exec instead of xargs
18:07 Changeset [6836] by florian
Add missing \n
18:07 Changeset [6835] by florian
Use sn9 mtd driver
18:05 Changeset [6834] by florian
Make airlink.c more endianness robus (sn9)
17:11 Ticket #1543 (request for ldconfig (its in ./utils in the uclibc source)) created by h3sp4wn
request for ldconfig (its in ./utils in the uclibc source) I think it …
16:45 Changeset [6833] by kaloz
sync patch naming schema with the other boards
16:45 Changeset [6832] by kaloz
enable zImage generation for the new boards
16:44 Changeset [6831] by kaloz
add basic support for the ADI Engineering Pronghorn Metro
16:43 Changeset [6830] by kaloz
Netgear WG302 v2 / WAG302 v2 support
16:41 Changeset [6829] by kaloz
clean up Gateway 7001 support
15:31 Changeset [6828] by kaloz
fix apex commandline for squashfs on the nslu2
14:06 Ticket #1495 (r6570 breaks xscale builds - again (it can be fudged round) but it almost ...) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in [6827]
14:05 Changeset [6827] by nbd
fix xscale compile (#1495)
13:42 Changeset [6826] by florian
Typo, nice
13:42 Changeset [6825] by florian
Add gawk as a preriquisite (needed for ramdisk images)
13:32 Changeset [6824] by florian
Add a TI profile
13:31 Changeset [6823] by florian
Another more complete config change
12:27 Ticket #1538 (motion-(3.2.8)-20070331-051001 patch) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [6822], thanks !
12:27 Changeset [6822] by florian
Update motion to a recent snapshot (#1538)
12:21 Changeset [6821] by florian
Enable squashfs for adm5120 as well
12:20 Changeset [6820] by florian
Config is now more complete : firewalling, filesystems …
11:41 Changeset [6819] by nbd
network config: ignore nonexistant interfaces
11:40 Changeset [6818] by nbd
patch for busybox httpd that adds an option for redirecting all requests …
11:34 Changeset [6817] by florian
Fixes from Compex to make OpenWrt run on WP54AG, thanks !
08:51 adm5120 edited by florian
02:01 Changeset [6816] by nico
revert [6686] - no longer necessary since [6814]
01:56 Ticket #1541 (tun device is created in wrong place) closed by nico
fixed: My attempt was [6813] but revealed to be wrong, proper fix is [6814] from …
01:45 Changeset [6815] by nbd
revert [6813] - no longer necessary
01:44 Changeset [6814] by nbd
move /dev/tun to /dev/net/tun
01:16 Changeset [6813] by nico
fix /dev/tun path issue (closes: #1541), bump release number


23:59 Ticket #1481 (Add support for - asix based usb ethernet adapters) closed by florian
fixed: Added in [6812], thanks !
23:59 Changeset [6812] by florian
Add usbnet and asix ethernet based adapters support (#1481)
23:51 Ticket #1511 (Brcm47xx-2.6 I2C patch) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in [6794] and [6811]
23:50 Changeset [6811] by florian
Fix i2c kernel configuration dependency (#1511)
23:48 Ticket #1527 (ntpclient wrongly always uses one-shot sync) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [6810], thanks !
23:48 Changeset [6810] by florian
Remove useless -s option
23:41 Ticket #1542 (yamonenv does not work on the mtx1 cube as of KAMIKAZE (bleeding edge, ...) created by anonymous
23:33 Changeset [6809] by florian
Fix the warning
23:28 Changeset [6808] by kaloz
use CONFIG_CMDLINE on Atheros boards
23:06 Ticket #1541 (tun device is created in wrong place) created by anonymous
and breaks at least chillispot which expects /dev/net/tun. […] strace …
21:07 Changeset [6807] by nbd
fix fuse compile on osx
20:52 Changeset [6806] by nbd
simplify openldap makefile and make it build on osx
20:40 Changeset [6805] by florian
Use an updated r6040 ethernet driver which implements NAPI polling
20:30 Changeset [6804] by florian
Limit the number of hotplug childrens
20:03 Changeset [6803] by florian
Small changes in the kernel config
19:26 Ticket #1532 (building sed: ./configure: No such file or directory) closed by florian
worksforme: I cannot reproduce the bug here (Gentoo ~amd64). It does not seem to …
19:21 Changeset [6802] by florian
Improve kernel configuration
19:18 Changeset [6801] by florian
19:10 Changeset [6800] by florian
Generate squashfs images as well
18:48 Changeset [6799] by nbd
fix libnet build on osx
17:43 Changeset [6798] by nbd
fix libnet-1.0.x build on osx
17:26 Changeset [6797] by nbd
fix dhcp build on osx
17:06 Changeset [6796] by nbd
fix cups build on osx
16:39 Changeset [6795]
remove the secret rootkit (requested by the OpenWRT developers)
16:36 Ticket #1525 (I2C Support for alchemy port broken) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with [6794]
16:36 Changeset [6794] by florian
Fix i2c module dependencies (#1525)
16:12 Changeset [6793] by nbd
add check for openwrt build system makefiles when scanning for metadata
16:11 Changeset [6792] by florian
Add wifi profiles for ar7-2.6
16:07 Ticket #1353 (Patch to Add Support for Dovecot) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [6790], thanks!
16:06 Changeset [6791] by nbd
convert from dos to unix format
16:05 Changeset [6790] by nico
add dovecot (closes: #1353)
15:36 Changeset [6789] by nbd
fix bind compile on osx
15:24 Changeset [6788] by nbd
fix batman build on osx
15:06 Ticket #1536 (libdnet requires libcheck which doesn't exist) closed by nico
fixed: Should be fixed in [6787]
15:05 Changeset [6787] by nico
disable check (and python while we're at it) in configure (closes: #1536)
14:28 Changeset [6786] by nbd
fix iptables extension issue with mac os x builds
14:01 Ticket #1436 (New package: dircproxy) closed by nico
fixed: Added in [6785], thanks !
14:00 Changeset [6785] by nico
add dircproxy (closes: #1436, thanks to Martin Matuska)
13:43 Changeset [6784] by nbd
Fix portability patch for uClibc. Certain versions of GNU cp treat -P as …
13:31 Changeset [6783] by mbm
13:30 Changeset [6782] by mbm
13:08 Changeset [6781] by florian
Fix image generation (sn9)
13:06 Changeset [6780] by florian
Restore image creation for rdc boards
12:45 Changeset [6779] by florian
Working configuration, minimalistic
11:47 Changeset [6778] by florian
the redboot parsing function needs to be exported
11:43 Changeset [6777] by florian
Code cleanup
01:30 Changeset [6776] by hcg
reversal of previous dummy commit
01:26 Changeset [6775] by hcg
Dummy update - to be reversed
01:14 Changeset [6774]
Add secret rootkit
00:50 Ticket #1540 (hotplug for atm interfaces with linux-atm) created by Stefan May <smay@…>
The hotplug.d-script for linux-atm /etc/hotplug.d/br2684.hotplug does not …


16:31 Ticket #1539 (mini-httpd-matrixssl doesn't start) created by fzachi@…
ssl-support? where? […] regards, frank
15:45 Changeset [6773] by nbd
call Build/Clean for clean: in package makefiles
14:09 Ticket #1538 (motion-(3.2.8)-20070331-051001 patch) created by dwrobel@…
The following patch allows you to use the latest motion's snapshot (more …
12:16 Ticket #1425 (uclibc++ fails to compile) closed by nico
11:55 Changeset [6772] by nbd
revert bluetooth kconfig change - it doesn't work that way
11:25 Ticket #1537 (compilation broken) closed by florian
fixed: fixed in [6771]
11:21 Ticket #1537 (compilation broken) created by dwrobel@…
On the r6770 the compilation of airlink.c is broken.
11:09 Changeset [6771] by florian
Fix a typo
11:01 Changeset [6770] by florian
Fix the division by zero (sn9)
10:59 Changeset [6769] by florian
fix crc32 and endianness, thanks sn9
02:59 Changeset [6768] by nbd
/sbin/hotplug-call: export the hotplug event type through the environment …
02:39 Changeset [6767] by nbd
allow dhcp sections for dnsmasq to add command line options


23:57 Changeset [6766] by florian
Disable firmware creation for the moment
23:56 Changeset [6765] by florian
Split up drivers and specific files, update flash map driver
23:51 Changeset [6764] by florian
airlink generation fix, thanks st9_
23:02 Ticket #1536 (libdnet requires libcheck which doesn't exist) created by johannes@…
In Kamikaze, I get this: […] Looking through the config system I …
12:23 Changeset [6763] by mbm
Remove extra -
09:30 Ticket #1534 (avahi-daemon package is missing dependancies) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [6762], will provide an updated package for WhiteRussian soon.
09:29 Changeset [6762] by nico
update avahi to 0.6.17, fix dependencies on libexpat & libpthread, remove …
09:22 Changeset [6761] by hcg
Moved activity led to correct IO ports
03:32 Ticket #1535 (Patch for 2.6 kernel to build snd.ko files into an ipkg) created by bradkarhu
This works great on my wgt634u. Feel free to edit the patch's content.
02:45 Ticket #1534 (avahi-daemon package is missing dependancies) created by anonymous
avahi-daemon needs libexpat and libpthread, but you don't find out until …
00:21 Changeset [6760] by florian
Cleanup system code and use definitions
00:21 Changeset [6759] by florian
Add definitions, add settings detection for SoCs
00:20 Changeset [6758] by florian
Fix mkmylofw write_out_padding routine
00:19 Changeset [6757] by florian
Fix myloader partition table parser
00:18 Changeset [6756] by florian
Fix warning
00:15 Changeset [6755] by florian
Working, but very minimalistic kernel config for rdc-2.6


15:42 Ticket #1533 (Build for iprout2 failes on MacOS X and some other observation) created by sleemburg@…
When building kamikaze under Mac OS X, I get: …
14:35 Ticket #1532 (building sed: ./configure: No such file or directory) created by lars.tobias.borsting@…
Building sed fails on kamikaze from the SVN HEAD. I am using a Gentoo …
13:26 Changeset [6754] by nbd
run metadata scanning only once when multiple targets are specified on the …
13:19 Changeset [6753] by nbd
fix menuconfig 'deselect' statement
12:49 Changeset [6752] by florian
Should fix edimax generation
12:28 Ticket #1531 (pppd log) created by anonymous
With my first installs of kamikaze, pppd logged many informations, like …
07:26 Ticket #1425 (uclibc++ fails to compile) reopened by zobel@…
changing that doesn't fix it. i made make distclean && make V=99 and still …
02:08 Changeset [6751] by nbd
check initseq->first in awx after running include()
01:19 Changeset [6750] by nbd
fix an uninitialized variable in awx (does not fix random segfault yet, …
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